My UKPC Parking Charge

PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of my blogging/videoing my experience with UKPC trying to fine me is to show my readers and the public both sides of this story; from both a customer and company perspective. I feel that I have been treated unfairly by UKPC and therefore wish to leave it to you to decide who is right or wrong in this instance. I have used audio and video recording evidence to show the development of my case, capturing the responses from the staff and myself; in discreetly recording my communications with UKPC staff I can be sure that I am given an honest answer to my questions that I would not have achieved if I had informed them beforehand. When I am happy that this matter has been dealt with accordingly I hope to speak to and inform an authoritative member of UKPC of my actions and give them a fair chance to respond. Should this matter be brought to court I will use all contents that I have collected as evidence of UKPC’s customer service.

Well on the 27th January 2013 I had a fandabbydosey little day off when I parked in the Aylesbury Shopping Park in Cambridge Close at 11:04am with Luca, and we mosied around the stores whilst my two-hours-free-parking ticket nestled sweetly in my car windscreen ready for our return. And a whole forty-two minutes into my parking duration at 11:46am I received a lovely bright yellow fine under my window wiper because my parking ticket had unknowingly blown over when I closed the car door and my ticket had been unreadable.

After returning to my car ten minutes later at 11:56am with my parking ticket still one hour and eight minutes within it’s cover I was horrified to see the fine on my car. So I scoured the car park for the UKPC attendant on duty who had been sat inside his lovely little warm car in the far corner of the car park because he was cold. I explained that I had my ticket still in the vehicle but he had issued the fine only minutes ago. He walked back over to the car with Luca and I and said he had issued it because he couldn’t see the time on my ticket. So I took the ticket out, turned it over and showed him it was in date and in time still. He apologised for issuing the ticket, but informed us that we should complete the form attached to the fine and post it in the envelope provided along with the ticket as proof of parking and the staff would consult the CCTV cameras to see that I had gone to the machine for a ticket and match up the reference numbers to see that I was innocent and remove the fine against my vehicle.

Hey UKPC, Here's My Proof Of Parking With A Valid Ticket

Hey UKPC, Here’s My Proof Of Parking With A Valid Ticket

So I pulled out my book of first class stamps and a pen from my handbag, filled out the paperwork and posted it with my ticket as proof in the post box on the corner of the car park before leaving the facility and thought nothing more of it until on the 20th March 2013 a £90.00 fine arrived on my doorstep from UKPC.

first fine

Oh Dear, My Proof Of A Valid Ticket Was Lost In The Post And Never Received? A £90.00 ‘Invoice’ Seems Reasonable For Free Parking… On Which Planet?

What. The. Fuzzyduck? A whole seven and a half weeks after I sent off my parking proof I suddenly end up with a fine and photographic ‘evidence’ of my car with a parking ticket displayed on the dashboard. Riiiight? So I called the contact number on the letter for ‘Customer Services’ on 0870 174 0074 and a lady advised me that after checking my reference number no post had ever been received, and so the valid parking ticket I provided was no more! Luckily I had taken a photo of the parking ticket and the fine which threw her, and I requested another form of contact to provide my evidence.

I was told to visit UKPC Appeals to submit my details online and upload a file containing my proof, which I did and I expected that to be the end of it as I had provided sufficient evidence that I indeed had a valid ticket.

Fast forward to the 5th April 2013, two and a half weeks after providing my evidence for the second time and ten weeks since the fine was issued and I receive ANOTHER letter from UKPC regarding my evidence. It seems despite providing them with proof of valid parking, and the actual parking attendant telling me the ticket was proof enough and they would remove the fine, they have now decided as a goodwill gesture that they will reduce my fine from £90.00 to £15.00 if I pay within thirty-five days. After providing them with the valid parking proof I’d always had!? And if I didn’t pay the reduced parking charge within the allotted time then it would go back up to £90.00 again, with the additional charge of £60.00 added for the services of a debt recovery agent (which I’ve researched and discovered that a debt recovery agent can’t even peel a banana against you based on a parking fine unless a debt is proven through court but no company will take you to court for the damages of £1.00 for the cost of a ticket instead of their inflated £90.00 scare tactic invoices they send) taking the ridiculous total to £150.00 of empty threats for having a valid ticket. Hmmm. This smells fishy.

After Receiving My Proof Of A Valid Ticket Via Upload To Appeals You Reduce My £90.00 Fine To A £15.00 Goodwill Gesture? For Being Innocent?

After Receiving My Proof Of A Valid Ticket Via Upload To Appeals You Reduce My £90.00 Fine To A £15.00 Goodwill Gesture? For Being Innocent?

The jargon behind my not paying UKPC’s Parking Charge Notice:
CONTRACT: UKPC has no ownership of the private land in question and so they are not legally entitled to form a contract between myself and themselves for the purposes of charging for incorrect parking. Legal precedent is set here in the case of Vehicle control services limited vs the commissioners for her majesties revenue and customs.

NO LOSS OF BUSINESS SUFFERED IN A FIRST-TWO-HOURS-FREE CAR PARK: If the above point is considered invalid, and a contract exists, the charge levied represents a fine and not a valid charge for loss of business or damage caused. In this case no claim is made for damage caused so perhaps a loss of business is being claimed, as the car park does not charge for the first two hours of parking for customers of the shopping park, the only possible charge that could be levied is £0.00 for my occupying a single space.

Therefore I have a basket of fruitful wonder-nuggets for fighting my case should I want to; although I can also choose to ignore all correspondence and they will continue to send several threatening letters before giving up and chasing other unsuspecting members of the public for money:

1. I dispute there is a contract. Inadequate, poorly located and unclear signage mean a reasonable motorist could not be expected to see the terms prior to parking – as such the requirements of forming a contract (a meeting of minds, agreement, certainty of terms etc) and the matter of defining an offer with subsequent acceptance and consideration, have not been satisfied and thus no contract exists.

1.1 As there is no contract, I would be at most guilty of the tort of trespass. Were this the case, my sole liability would be damages in favour of the landowner. As the car park was not in full occupation throughout the alleged trespass, I dispute that the landowner incurred any losses.

2. If a contract does exist, and that contract is between myself and UKPC, for such a contract to have been created UKPC must have (and prove):
an ownership interest in the land
; or,
authority (probably in the form of a lease or licence) from the landowner granting the PPC the rights of occupation or possession of the land [per VCS -v- HMRC 2012]

3. Absent the above, any contract would in fact be between myself and the landowner. UKPC may be able to create this contract as the landowner’s agent, but they would not be able to represent the landowner in court, nor bring action in their own name to re-coup damages or monies owing to the landowner.

4. If a contract exists, and that contract is between myself and UKPC, the terms are unfair because the charge does not represent a genuine pre-estimate of UKPC losses, and is thus a penalty.

The law covers this situation adequately with the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 which clearly provides under group 5 para 1(e)** that “Terms may be unfair if they have the object or effect requiring any consumer who fails to fulfil his obligation to pay a disproportionate high sum in compensation“. In other words, the company owning or managing the parking space can only charge a penalty which accurately reflects the loss of income they suffered arising from that breach. If the driver arrived 11 minutes late the penalty, if any, should be the cost of an 11 minute ticket. If there were several other parking spaces available, then no loss was suffered.

I think for the purpose of concluding this blog post that I would like to confront and address this matter with UKPC directly and share with you all my journey into the belly of the cowardly beast that is UK Parking Control. So here starts my battle and I hope that you’ll join me and share your experiences with me as I refuse to be bullied by such cowboys. I will keep you up to date with all correspondence received and record my call to them in the morning to read them their rights.

After shaming the UKPC staff who were very unhelpful, had no managers or senior staff available for discussion and could only advise me to pay my fine – funnily enough – I declared that I would not pay the fine until I had first spoken to a manager as they had the power to remove it along with my proof of parking, and asked the call centre staff ‘BeffaKnee’ in no uncertain terms where she would like me to stick this fine and discovered that she takes it up the proverbial! How very interesting.

As was expected I could not get through to a UKPC manager any of the many times that I called, no matter how politely I asked or how insistent I was to speak to higher staff; so by default on their part I have now received a letter from Debt Recovery Ltd. demanding I now pay £150.00 because of UKPC. I telephoned UKPC who advised it was out of their hands now and Debt Recovery can deal with it all.

Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. Have Been Instructed To Fine Me £150.00 On Behalf Of UKPC

Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. Have Been Instructed To Fine Me £150.00 On Behalf Of UKPC

I telephoned Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. and surprise surprise, they couldn’t do anything, only take payment! Wow, that smells just like BS/catch22 to me. I offered to provide my proof of parking to Debt Recovery Ltd. so that they could see it was a falsely issued fine and therefore not a valid debt in my name, but they advised they can only act on the instructions of UKPC which is to fine me £150.00. Needless to say I informed them that I would not be paying the fine, debt recovery or no debt recovery, to which they retorted with the information that I would be taken to court. And my response to such a threat? So long as I don’t have to drive! Maybe then somebody will bloody listen to me because every member of staff I have spoken to have been as helpful as a chocolate teapot on a wilting summers day, and the ticket inspectors have told me twice now to ignore them and they’ll go away. How very professional and utterly disgusting.

And so begins my investigation into the legalities of UKPC’s actions with the help of one of my beloved blog readers from Pepipoo who made contact and kindly offered me some advice along with Parking Cowboys. I will fight this case to the very end, seek justice and challenge UKPC for every godforsaken penny that they demand from my hard earned purse. I would rather stick pins in my eyes than hand over the money that I use to put food on the table for my children. And if that means going to court over this then pass me my lipstick and high heels because I am ready for war! UKPC you don’t scare me!

UPDATE: 18/06/13 Parking Attendant Youtube Video

Today I was asked to remove the video-footage of me speaking to a UKPC parking inspector in the car park where my fine was issued which I was happy to comply with, editing my Youtube video description accordingly:

My Parking Inspector Video Footage On Youtube

My Parking Inspector Video Footage On Youtube

I have been asked to protect the identity of the UKPC ticket inspector in the car park for which I have hidden-camera video footage of them talking to me that I have now removed from the end of this video. However, even though you are unable to see the footage (as of today) of us speaking I will now summarise the UKPC ticket inspectors advice to me:

-Tell Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. that I do not accept the debt and to pass the case back to UKPC.
-Speak to UKPC again and ask for a cancellation notice for my fine.
-Continue to fight my side.
-Ignore the letters that are sent out demanding money as these are computer generated.
-Even though my ticket blew over I should not be fined by UKPC.

I shall retain the video evidence of the UKPC inspector for legal use, but I cannot share it with you on Youtube. The reason I used a hidden-camera device to capture this evidence was for honest and unbiased staff advice from the actual company that issued the parking fine. If I had informed the parking inspector of my recording they would possibly not have answered me as honestly or being as open to give me further advice.

I am compliant with the law in removing this footage from the end of my video, and am not looking to get the member of UKPC staff into trouble; I respect and appreciate their help and advice during this stressful and unjust time, I simply seek polite and patient justice for the parking fine that was issued to me by UKPC and I do this by proving that I have a valid parking ticket and that the staff have confirmed my authenticity on camera. As of yet UKPC management (who are completely unreachable) have failed to acknowledge my proof of valid parking or close my case, they continue to aggressively threaten me with escalating debt collectors and court proceedings which I refuse to be bullied into paying.

Thankfully I now have all of the evidence that I need to prove my parking legally in abundance and will continue to cover the details of this case through my Youtube channel and blog whilst protecting the identity of the staff. Once again, I appreciate and respect the staff members help in confirming my innocence and now look again to the management of UKPC to put into action these steps. I have been very patient with UKPC and completely reserved in all communications to peacefully deal with the matter at hand; it’s a shame that UKPC have failed to respond to me in the same manner, but it does not deter me in seeking justice.

Thank you to my viewers, contributors and the UKPC staff that I have spoken to, who have provided me with the evidence and following that I need, those of you whole have shared your thoughts online, your experience and opinions in dealing with UKPC.

UPDATE: 26/06/13 Press Coverage Of My UKPC Case

Earlier in the week I spoke to the Bucks Herald Newspaper about my UKPC parking fine saga and a few hours later it made front page news. I feel so strongly about seeking justice for not only my case but others too who have fallen victim to such an impossible company as UKPC. These parking companies MUST be regulated, they MUST answer to a higher governing body and be held accountable for their underhand and unfair bullying actions. Too many innocent people suffer in this day and age, fearful of a worser reprimand if they do not pay the initial extortionate fine without question. How ridiculous!

Well I’m making it my position to fight for justice and shed light on the severely flawed system that allows this kind of behaviour to happen, address the faults and demand change. Together we are stronger and I welcome you to share your experiences of UKPC, but rest assured I shall take them on single-handed if I have to! Here’s a nice moody-faced newspaper picture to demonstrate my frustration – oh look the signage has fallen in the parking machine! How embarrassing for UKPC!

My Car Park Woe Makes Front Page News

My Car Park Woe Makes Front Page News

The Bucks Herald Report On My UKPC Case

UPDATE: 28/06/13

I would like to say a huge thank you to the residents of Aylesbury, the Bucks Herald and all of their fabulous readers for their involvement with my UKPC case. Your comments (and hilarious/non-publishable private emails) about your dealings with UKPC are both heart-warming and horrific at the same time. I am so pleased to hear of your success stories, of telling UKPC where to go and refusing to give them money for their ill-appointed ‘invoices’. Your guts and determination drive me to see my case through and publish my findings for the world to see in a warts and all blog of my battle with UKPC. But at the same time, on the other side of it all, it breaks my heart to hear how so many good and honest people are bullied and ripped off by UKPC on a daily basis, worried and chased by their aggressively appointed debt collectors for an unjust and insane fine from a free to park (for the first two hours) car park. I feel sick for you and my heart goes out to those who have cruelly been made to suffer when they already have enough of a struggle on their hands without needing the added concern of parking fines. I will get justice for you, and I will stop this from happening to others.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and I hope you will continue to do so. Now as UKPC have fallen silent surprisingly – perhaps as they reload the paper in their rented office printer in preparation for their next batch of automatically generated threats/increased fines/court summons – I shall keep one eye on their actions whilst now addressing the DVLA.

I have since the age of sixteen, and my first naive years of driving, bowed down to the almighty powers of the DVLA as a seemingly God-like motoring body and always returned paperwork and documents required by them with the utmost importance and enthusiasm so as not to break the law or impose any fines. But since my dealings with UKPC and their involvement with the DVLA – as is the case with all private land ticketing companies – my opinion and approach to the DVLA has greatly shifted and I now see them in an entirely new light.

The views I am about to express concerning the DVLA are strictly down to the way that my case has been handled by them and UKPC concerning the usage of my private data and personal details as a motorist and UK citizen and you are free to form your own judgements about each ‘company’ as you see fit from the correspondence that I am about to share with you. I am simply showing you my experience and welcome the DVLA to respond to and justify their actions here if they wish. I will not censor anything, other than my personal information of my full name, vehicle registration and address.

My first mission is to establish if UKPC received my proof of parking when I posted my valid ticket along with my fine BEFORE my ticket had expired as the inspector advised so that the staff could check the reference number on the ticket off against the fine and realise I had indeed parked legally. After I received a £90.00 fine from UKPC I telephoned them to query why they had issued it and they said they didn’t receive my ticket. Which would also mean they didn’t receive my contact details either, so how did they find me?

For the purpose of blogging my DVLA correspondence and sifting through their jargon, I will provide the emails/letters sent and received between myself and the DVLA followed by a red summary of what I interpret it to mean below. PLEASE NOTE: Quite clearly this is my light-hearted straight to the point take on the content and abbreviated in a round-about way as I obviously cannot speak on behalf of the DVLA but simply give my thoughts and feelings which are understandably quite aggravated after what UKPC and the DVLA have put me through so far.

My email to the DVLA:

Dear Mr Evans,

Your ref: FOI request
My Ref :Vehicle Reg No xxxxxxx

As your records will confirm, I was the registered keeper of the above vehicle at the date of the alleged parking contravention. Please find attached a Notice to Keeper that was recently sent to me by UKPC. You will note that UKPC are seeking to pursue the parking charge under Sch 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA)

PoFA imposes strict time limits against which registered keeper’s data may be requested. The Data Protection Act obliges the DVLA to process data lawfully. Accordingly I would be grateful if you could confirm the following in respect of the attached ‘Notice to Keeper’:-

(a) the date and time that the DVLA received a request for my personal data
b) The name of the requesting company
(b) the date and time that the DVLA made that data available.

Please note that I am not seeking personal data so my enquiry is not a subject access request. I merely seek details of actions taken by the DVLA. I would be grateful if you could reply asap as I have limited time in which to appeal against the parking charge.

Tracy Kiss

AKA: Hello DVLA, who, what, when and how have you shared my private information without my consent?


The response I received from the DVLA:

Dear Miss Kiss,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the release of information from the vehicle records held at DVLA Swansea. As Mr. Evans is currently on leave as his deputy this has been passed or my attention. Please be advised that the information you request does not fall under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, personal data continues to be protected under the Data Protection Act 1998 and your request has been dealt with as day to day business.

All request for this type of enquiry has to be applied for in writing containing a signature directly to the Driver Vehicle Record Enquiry section at DVLA, Longview Road Swansea SA99 1AJ. The administration fee for this type of enquiry is £5.00 per vehicle. All cheques or Postal orders should be made payable to DVLA Swansea. Please note the administration fee is to enable us to access your vehicle record.

If you wish you may mark your request for my personal attention and I will ensure it get immediate attention upon receipt.

Kind regards,
Letitia Lloyd on behalf of Gregory Evans

AKA: Hello Miss Kiss, Gregory is on holiday so I’m not going to tell you, but you can pay me £5.00?


My response to the DVLA:

Dear Letitia

Thank you for your email of 7th June 2013 at 13.50. I would be grateful if you would review your decision and provide the information as requested. You will have noted that the ‘Notice to Keeper’ that accompanied my initial request does not comply with the statutory requirements of Sch 4 Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and therefore UKPC cannot seek to hold the registered keeper liable.

Nevertheless, despite clear evidence of that non-compliance the DVLA has released my personal and private data to UKPC who have then sought to pursue the parking charge under Sch 4 PoFA – which legally they cannot. My reasons for asking you to review your decision are as follows:-

a) It is not reasonable to expect a registered keeper to have to pay £5 simply to ascertain whether or not the DVLA released my data within the PoFA statutory timescales.

b) I would refer you to an earlier enquiry of the same nature where your colleague, David Dunford did indeed provide the necessary information under the FOIA and I would therefore expect the DVLA to act consistently. Your reference in that case is Ref:- DVRE3_AO D7 and the data was supplied by return in an email at 9.34am on 3rd April 2013.

I would be grateful if you could reply within the next seven days as you will be aware that I have limited time in which to challenge the legality of this parking charge.

Tracy Kiss

AKA: Hello Latitia, you realise there is a law against your actions and you have given the information I’m asking for to others previously so you have no reason to decline my request. Nice and quickly if you don’t mind!


12/06/13 Email Recieved From [email protected]

Dear Ms Kiss,

Thank you for your recent email regarding the release of data from the records held at DVLA.

It may help if I explain that previously, the DVLA has not enforced it’s ability to request the administrative fee for providing information from the vehicle record. Following internal discussions, the DVLA is now requesting this fee before undertaking any investigative work.

I note from your email that you state UKPC are trying to enforce keeper liability. For keeper liability to be applicable, certain provisions of Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act must be met. If you can provide me with a copy of the Notice to Keeper which clearly states that UKPC are holding the keeper liable and also details of how the initial parking incident was identified (ANPR or a ticket placed on the vehicle), I will be able to investigate this matter further.

If you still require the information from the vehicle record, you must follow the instructions as given in my colleagues email dated 7th June 2013.

Kind regards
David Dunford

Vehicle Data Customer Assurance and Compliance Practitioner

AKA: Ms Kiss, we ask for money from the public who query us but we’re not allowed to enforce it. Please send me the UKPC ‘fine’ so that I can look for a reason to deny you again.


My response to the DVLA:

Dear David Dunford,

Formal Complaint Against The DVLA

Motor Vehicle registration number XXXXXX – Black Ford Fiesta TDCi Zetec

Further to your email of 12th June 2013 at 09.48am I now wish to lodge a formal complaint against the DVLA relating to the unlawful release of my personal data to UKPC sometime between the 27th January 2013 and 20th March 2013.

On the 27th January 2013 I found attached to my vehicle a ‘Notice to Driver’ issued under the terms of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2013. I have a photograph of this NtD (attached) which includes an accompanying image of the parking permit which was clearly displayed in my vehicle. In fact it is even visible in the evidential photograph that was taken by the parking warden to show his NtD affixed on my vehicle (image also attached).

I no longer have the original NtD because, acting on the advice of the parking warden (who had mistakenly issued the NtD), I immediately posted it off, along with the parking permit to UKPC appeals department. UKPC have since claimed that they never received my correspondence and accompanying documents and are now threatening me with debt collectors and further legal action.

My initial enquiry with the DVLA was simply to establish whether or not UKPC had requested my data, and if so when. If it was established that no such request had been made of the DVLA then that would tend to suggest that UKPC had received my letter and harvested my name and address to send out the subsequent ‘Notice to Keeper’.

I then asked the DVLA to review its decision on requesting a fee for this information; unfortunately it would appear that the ‘review’ has amounted to nothing more than a restatement of the DVLA’s original position. I rather suspect that this recent ‘policy’ decision that you refer to has taken no account or consideration of the statutory provisions of PoFA and the timescales therein.

Moving on, I will now set out the basis of my complaint against the DVLA

The initial NtD does not comply with the statutory requirements of PoFA, and being non-compliant is the same as it not having been served.

The Protection of Freedoms Act, which the DVLA obliges UKPC to adhere to (under the BPA AOS Code of Practice), indicates that to exercise the “right” in the Act, UKPC must comply with paragraph 6 which indicates an “either or” scenario. Either the service of a Notice to Driver which meets the requirements of paragraph 7 or the service of a Notice to Keeper in accordance with paragraph 9.

The non compliant NtD means that UKPC has not met the first or “either” option. Accordingly, if UKPC were to serve a NtK it can only do so provided that it has applied to the DVLA for my data within 14 days of the date of the alleged contravention. The date of the subsequent NtK shows that it was served out of the relevant period in contravention of paragraph 11(b).

Furthermore, you will note that the NtK also fails to meet the strict conditions set out in Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2013, namely.

1. It fails to indicate the identity of the “Creditor” as required by para (9)(2)(h)

2. It fails to provide sufficient evidence to enable me to know whether the claim was valid

3. The notice reads “Your vehicle was recorded on our client’s property”. It then reads “UK Parking Control Ltd do not know the name and current address of the driver”. Paragraph (9)(2)(e) of Schedule 4 of the Act requires a Notice to Keeper to indicate that the Creditor “does not know both the name of the driver and a current address for service for the driver” . It appears from the content of this Notice that the “client” owner of the land may be the Creditor. Under the strict conditions in paragraph 9 of Schedule 4 to the Act, it matters not what may or may not be in the knowledge of a management company.

4. Paragraph (9)(2)(f) indicates that the warning to be given must be that the Creditor will have the right to recover any unpaid parking charges. In this Notice to Keeper UKPC states that “you, the Registered Keeper…..will be liable to pay the unpaid parking charge”.

5. The notice clearly indicates that UKPC is pursuing a contractual parking charge under para 19.6 of the BPA CoP (rather than ‘damages’ under para 19.5). If a contractual parking charge is properly due then that charge has to include VAT. Thus the actual “parking charge” is £108.00. Paragraph (9)(2)(d) requires a Notice to Keeper to “specify the total amount of those parking charges”. Thus this Notice does not specify the total amount of the parking charge.

It is clear that therefore that the NtK fails to meet the strict conditions set out in the Act.

According to the information supplied by the DVLA at

The DVLA checks, what you called in that response, the “tickets” issued by Private Parking Companies (PPCs) in order for it to be accepted onto the British Parking Associations ‘Approved Operator Scheme’.

This is emphasised again at where it mentions that the DVLA checks the parking charge notices issued by PPCs.

As part of the “robust arrangements”, the DVLA claims to have in place for the Approved Operator Scheme, an examination of the parking charge notices issued by PPCs cannot simply be a cursory examination.

Where a PPC seeks to enforce a parking charge under Sch 4 PoFA the DVLA examination of the PPCs parking charge notices must be to the standards of due diligence expected of a public body to ensure that they comply with the strict conditions in the Act. To say otherwise would be perverse.


1. The DVLA has not checked the UKPC Notices to Keeper being issued under Sch 4 PoFA, or

2. It has checked those notices but failed to identify the extent to which they do not comply with the Act

In either case the DVLA has failed in its duty to the data subject and conducted itself in a manner which amounts to maladministration.

Further, I would submit that the DVLA has unlawfully exercised the discretionary power to make data available. UKPC is only entitled to registered keeper data if it can show reasonable cause. Where UKPC fail to comply with the Act it follows that it cannot exercise the rights in the Act against a registered keeper. The DVLA knew or should have known of the defects in the Notice to Keeper.

If the DVLA requires UKPC to comply with the Act, and, if it knows or should have known that UKPC fails to do so, then the DVLA has to recognise that that UKPC has no need, or reasonable cause, for registered keeper data to pursue the parking charge under Sch 4 of PoFA.

The DVLA cannot undertake its business in isolation of the statutory requirements of the Act and any failure on the part of the DVLA to conduct its business in accordance with the requirements of that Act would be irrational and perverse.

Accordingly, I expect the DVLA to undertake the following

1. To provide me with an apology

2. To prohibit UKPC from access to the DVLA database for PoFA purposes until such time as it can satisfy the DVLA, (that is the DVLA acting with due diligence), that it can meet the strict conditions in Schedule 4 of the Act

Yours faithfully,
Tracy Kiss

AKA: David, you’re not helping me at all and I’m now making a formal complaint against the DVLA for giving out my personal details to a company that is wrongly trying to rob me of my hard earned money. The UKPC ‘invoice’ does not meet legal standards yet you’ve given them my private information so that they can pursue me for money. Now say sorry and stop handing out the publics personal details so that these cowboy companies will no longer be able to operate.


The response from the DVLA:

Dear Miss Kiss,

Thank you for your further email regarding this matter.

I will provide a full response to the points raised in due course, however, to fully investigate this matter, I will need to involve the British Parking Association as the issues raised relate to potential breaches of their Code of Practice. Can you confirm whether you are happy for the information you have provided to be shown to the British Parking Association?

Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the DVLA.

Kind regards
David Dunford
Vehicle Data Customer Assurance and Compliance Practitioner

AKA: Miss Kiss, I’ll tell you something if I can share all of your information again with a PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY that has nothing to do with the government and knows about as much as Tesco’s about car parking. These are my ‘friends’ with an official sounding name and we’re all in cahoots. 


My response to the DVLA:

Dear David Dunford,

Thank you for your email reply of 13th June at 8.01am. Unfortunately your statement of “as the issues raised relate to potential breaches of their Code of Practice” is too vague and coded for me to act upon in the manner that you suggest.

The DVLA therefore does not have my authorisation to pass my private and personal details to the BPA or any other third party (at this stage) – other than the office of the ICO.

My complaint is case specific against the DVLA and I would draw your attention to the DVLA’s public commitment given here and in particular the following statement “Be assured, we will investigate all complaints”.

Furthermore, the various items of correspondence used by UKPC are generic in nature and both the BPA and the DVLA will already hold copies of identical versions of the NtD and the NtK that UKPC used in my case.

I would have thought that an obvious first line of enquiry would be a re examination of UKPC’s generic NtDs and NtKs in any event by the BPA and the DVLA against the PoFA compliance failures that I have highlighted and the ‘appropriate action’ taken.

Please note that as from the date and time of my initial complaint (12th June 17.28) the DVLA are now on notice that the UKPC NtDs and Ntks are not compliant with the statutory provisions of PoFA. Therefore if the DVLA continues to service UKPC requests for data without regard to the fact that UKPC cannot enforce under Sch 4 PoFA then that would amount to maladministration on your part.

In summary, there is no reason why my complaint cannot be fully investigated by the DVLA in accordance with the DVLA’s public commitment on it’s website.

Kind regards
Tracy Kiss

AKA: David you do not have my permission to tell your friends anything about me. Now please investigate my complaint because the DVLA have stated they do so on their website which is free for the world to see.


The response from the DVLA:

Dear Miss Kiss,

Thank you for your response. The DVLA will investigate this matter, however, to investigate this, I will need to make the British Parking Association aware that an issue has been raised. The British Parking Association will then need to investigate this matter with UKPC directly to determine whether the documentation in use by UKPC complies with the British Parking Associations Code of Practice and where relevant Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act.

A full reply to your complaint will be issued once a response is received from the British Parking Association.

Kind regards
David Dunford

Vehicle Data Customer Assurance and Compliance Practitioner

AKA: Miss Kiss, if my friends aren’t allowed to play then I’m not going to talk to you. You’re not really going to tell the teachers on me, you’re bluffing!


My response to the DVLA:


Dear David Dunford

Thank you for your email reply of 13th June at 10.29am.

Like yourself no doubt, I am extremely busy and this matter is starting to take up a disproportionate amount of my time.

Furthermore, I shall shortly be undergoing medical treatment and having to repeatedly clarify what my complaint is about and my reasonable level of expectation from the DVLA in response to that complaint is starting to wear me down.

In your latest response you have indicated that the DVLA is abdicating the interpretation of UKPC’s compliance or otherwise with Sch 4 of PoFA to the BPA Ltd.

From my own position this is not acceptable. Whilst the BPA Ltd may be responsible for having oversight of the AOS Code of Practice (currently) they are certainly neither suitable or appropriate arbitrators in matters concerning apparent breaches of PoFA.

It is a public expectation that the DVLA (acting reasonably) will decide whether or not NtDs and NtKs are PoFA compliant not least because that is an absolute prerequisite in determining which method of enforcement a parking company can lawfully undertake when the registered keeper data is requested and made available by the DVLA.

My complaint (at this stage) is solely against the DVLA and therefore those are matters that either the DVLA should investigate or forward to the Office of the Information Commissioner in accordance with the public assurance on the DVLA’s own website.

If the DVLA chooses to disregard and act contrary to it’s own publicly stated policy then that would be acting unreasonably and amount to maladministration.

I hope that I have finally now made my position abundantly clear and I look forward to receiving the DVLA’s full reply to my complaint in due course.

However, please take note that I do however hold a reasonable expectation that the DVLA will afford me the opportunity to challenge or respond to any issues raised or otherwise seek clarification on such matters from myself before concluding the investigation.

Kind regards
Tracy Kiss

AKA: David man up and just answer my question already, you’re acting just like UKPC!


The postal response I received from the DVLA:

I Received A Letter From The DVLA By Post

I Received This Letter From The DVLA

AKA: Tracy we’re not going to get our ‘friends’ into trouble but the DVLA gave them all your information on the 25th February 2013. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Boo hoo.

So after receiving a PCN (parking charge notice) on my car from UKPC, the issuing inspector directly told me to post my ticket as proof and I wouldn’t be fined, which I did instantly before leaving the car park at the post box on site with a first class stamp. I have never had mail go missing, nor has the Royal Mail ever failed to deliver any documents I have ever sent in my existence of twenty-five years on this earth. Despite this UKPC still contacted the DVLA to request my details, in my eyes this was to deny that they had ever received any proof of my parking by post in the hope that it was my only evidence so that they could fine me £90.00 in a win win situation for them.

Well I’m sorry to say UKPC but you underestimated me. I kept photographic proof of my parking when I sent you my pay and display ticket, I wrote a blog about your underhand actions and the public and parking experts are assisting me in bringing you to justice. Now what do YOU have to say about it? Or would you like your debt collectors to say it for you? I’ll give you 50p as a gesture of goodwill if you can guess what my next response to you will be.

And to the DVLA, you are freely handing out the public’s private information that you hold, knowingly allowing these cowboy companies to ‘invoice’ innocent people with the threat of debt recovery agents and legal proceedings from parking on private land. You are aware of these underhand actions and you fob public queries off with unjustified investigation fees, jargon and correspondence filled with waffle. Have you no shame? Face up to your irresponsible actions and make your associated dealings transparent.

And I call on my wonderful readers once again now, the general public and my parking experts to please make your views about the DVLA known here. Regardless of how the DVLA have treated me and my case I ask you to give your own opinion: Do you think it is fair for the DVLA to give YOUR private information to parking cowboys who issue these shameful fines on private land? Do you feel that your personal details are safe in the hands of the DVLA? And do you think the private land ticket inspectors would have a job if the DVLA did not provide them with your vehicle details and address at the drop of a hat? Are the DVLA serving the best interests of the public or just lining the pockets of private limited companies which have absolutely nothing to do with the law, Council or Government? I welcome you all to leave your comments below.

And if you fancy some light reading about the facts behind cowboy parking companies and those who regulate them then this cleverly titled Phoney Fines And Dodgy Signs can teach you a lot!

UPDATE: 20/07/13

I was delighted to come across this gem of a petition online targeted at changing the law on how the DVLA hand out our private details to private parking companies who in turn fine the public. Every signature makes a massive difference and as the numbers grow so does the attention caused in Government to address this issue. So please take thirty seconds to click on the link, with your name, email address and postcode and make a difference to the justice on our roads!

Here is the write up from the e-petition:
Stop DVLA selling our private information

Responsible department: Department for Transport

The government should stop the DVLA selling our vehicle information to private parking companies (PPC’s) like Civil Enforcement Ltd who fine motorists with extortionate fee’s (£75 fee within 14 days or £150 after) and threaten you with debt collectors and further fee’s.
Further to this, DVLA could be encouraging theft by selling the location of some rare and desirable vehicles.

I Signed An e-petition To Stop The DVLA Selling Our Personal Details To Private Parking Companies Issuing Fines

You Can Sign The e-petition Quickly For Free Online By Clicking Here!

UPDATE: 03/08/13 Filming With The NoToMob

I have had a fantastic couple of days with the NoToMob in London filming for a UK Documentary on parking fines and the law. It’s amazing that the Council and private companies fining motorists are so concerned about public road safety that they purposely wait for motorists to commit an offence and then fine them to generate millions of pounds rather than correct the inadequate signage or unclear markings to avoid any mishaps happening in the first place. Surely it’s only common sense that safety on the roads is paramount and these signage issues could be easily addressed at very little cost rather than ignored simply to generate income from the public?

Filming A Documentary With The NoToMob: Tracy Kiss

Filming A Documentary With The NoToMob: Tracy Kiss

The NoToMob patrol and assist the Council’s camera (cash)cars to advise the public on the correct route to take on unclear roads and motoring mishaps to avoid; as a result of their work thousands of pounds have been saved and returned in public fines and the Council incredibly receive 100% road safety compliance on the days when the NoToMob are on site. Thank you to the NoToMob for keeping our roads safer and public fining down, I salute you all!

Filming With The NoToMob In London

Filming With The NoToMob In London

The BBC are airing the start of their coverage on councils raking in millions of pounds from illegal parking tickets, a must see for every motorist!

BBC Inside Out London: Parking Fine Documentary

BBC Inside Out London: Parking Fine Documentary

UPDATE: 13/01/14

I just wanted to post a little update on my progress with UKPC to let you all know how I’m getting on. They issued my ‘ticket’ on the 27th January 2013, which in two weeks from now will be a year ago. After the threats of the fee increasing if I didn’t pay, dropping the charge to £15 as a gesture of goodwill, and then increasing it to £150 through their sister company Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. They then sent me a couple of debt recovery letters informing me I could be taken to court for not paying. I didn’t pay and I wasn’t taken to court. Well that was the last correspondence I ever had from them both and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I feel that I have been treated incredibly unfairly and passed from pillar to post with no explanation or justice, just an aggressive approach to hand over my hard earned my money before their complete silence when I refused to pay after asking them to justify their actions. I would still love to meet the owners of UKPC and to discuss their policies on camera, to give them a chance to defend their actions and answer the many questions that I, and no doubt you all, have about the way they deal with the public and their appeals process. If you have a parking ticket then drop me a line and I will endeavour to help out or put you in touch with some wonderful parking experts!


Today I was contacted by a previous employee of UKPC who kindly forwarded on this text message they received whilst working as a ticket inspector:

A Text message Sent To UKPC Employees To Motivate Their Xmas Income

A Text message Sent To UKPC Employees To Motivate Their Xmas Income

I am informed that Leroy is the team leader for the UKPC northwest area. This message was sent out to around twenty other wardens as well as the person who received it this Christmas just gone. He is seen here to pep the staff and keep them motivated in order to increase their KPI – Key Performance Indicators and earn themselves an extra special Christmas bonus. How nice!

Further information directly from UKPC insider staff includes the bonus structure for fines issued: “The UKPC warden bonus table is as follows. 1-20 = 0 20-30 = £2 per ticket. 30-40 = £3 per ticket. 40-50 = £4 per ticket. 50 upwards = £5 per ticket.”

They go on to say: “When I was a warden working for UKPC I would receive regular phone calls from our team leader. These call were called motivation calls. Basically they were pressure calls to make us reach our daily targets. All wardens working for UKPC must issue tickets by what ever means possible. We were told not to be to visible. When taking photos for double parking in bays we were told to take the photos at a certain angel to make the contravention look worse. We were told to issue ghost tickets. This is when you issue a ticket place it on the windscreen and take the photo then remove the ticket. The driver is then unaware of the ticket until he receives a letter demanding £90. by doing this the innocent member of the public does not have a chance to appeal and pay within fourteen days. Also if we seen a car not showing a blue badge but we could see the badge on the seat were the driver has forgotten to place it on the dashboard we were told to take a photo of the inside of the car but make sure the badge is not in the photo. The cowboys that own UKPC are only interested in targets. I could not take this deceitful work practice anymore and resigned last December. I cant stress enough. If you get a ticket from these cowboys of any other private parking firm. DONT PAY A PENNY and take no notice if you have a letter from there debt collector. Bin all letters and never reply back to them. The only parking tickets that must be paid are council and police.”

I would like to thank this honest person for this invaluable information and for sharing it with us all.

UPDATE: 28/01/14

Here I have for you a news report from the BBC featuring the fantastic NoToMob who I was fortunate enough to meet and shunt with at the end of last year. Here they bring to light the scandalous use of illegal ‘ticket targets’ by London borough councils sparking an investigation by the Minister for Local Government. These amazing people have made an incredible mark on the parking industry so far, saving and refunding the public millions of pounds worth of fines and I am so pleased for and proud of them. Our modern day super heros! You can watch the news report by clicking on the picture below or read the Daily Mail’s article on it here.

Click This Picture To See The NoToMob In Action

Click This Picture To See The NoToMob In Action

UPDATE: 15/02/14

Following changes being made to the way that the parking companies handle their tickets, some companies are now taking members of the public to court in groups in order to make it more cost effective.

The ‘normal’ advice when you receive a parking charge notice is to appeal to the parking company and then to POPLA; but it’s not all clear cut as there are lots of special cases, such as if the person lives in Scotland or if it was a hire car where slightly different tactics apply.

If you think yours could be a special case then this thread is a good overview of the whole process at Money Saving Expert.

Parking Cowboys
is also a very good website dealing with parking tickets. And the Parking Prankster is a website dedicated to helping with Parking Eye court cases, as is Pepipoo.

UPDATE: 01/05/14 BBC Parking Mad Documentary Airs!

So the Parking Mad documentary we filmed last summer aired tonight on BBC1, celebrating the incredible work of the NoToMob in fighting for justice and helping unsuspecting members of the public to avoid underhand fining tactics from the Council camera cars. I had such an amazing time with the NoToMob and am honoured to have joined them on a shunt. They are doing big things in the world of parking that will make a great difference to so many, keeping our roads safer and stopping companies from benefitting from poor signage and inadequate road markings. Check it out on BBC iplayer and share your thoughts below.

UPDATE 14/08/14 The Daily Mail Speak To A Former UKPC Employee

I am extremely proud of a former UKPC employee who contacted me via my blog post to expose the truth about the underhand tactics used within the private parking industry to bleed money out of the terrified public with threats of bailiffs and court. Since speaking to The Daily Mail newspaper to inform them, they have started a Daily Mail campaign against UKPC to show the parking pirates that the public won’t stand for it.

The Daily Mail Publish The Underhand Tactics Of UKPC Via A Former Employee

The Daily Mail Publish The Underhand Tactics Of UKPC Via A Former Employee

And if you’d like to send a message of defiance to the parking pirates then The Daily Mail is here to help with this fantastic sign which you can print out and place in a prominent position in your car windscreen or side window to show that you won’t be tricked or bullied into paying bogus fines. If you’d like a free glossy sticker version simply send your name and address to Parking Pirates, PO Box 5004, Department PCS, Alton, Hants, GU34 9DB and you will receive it within seven days by post.

Print This Daily Mail Sign For Your Car!

Print This Daily Mail Sign For Your Car!

Fear not, the saga does not end here… so watch this space…!

UPDATE: 21/08/15

Howdy parking family, I thought I’d just pop a little update here as it’s been a while since I last caught up with my friends at UKPC. Although sadly I was never able to speak with or meet a manager I had really hoped that a friendship might develop between myself and BeffAKnee as we spent many an hour on the phone together chasing our tails like two plucky puppies. Oh well. Her loss! I had Maltesers and an entire DVD boxset of Friends season one ready and waiting to hit play.

It’s been two and a half years already since I received my parking charge from UKPC and after the several threats of upping my fine and instructing their debt recovery collectors, who I suspect was probably just the owners retired mother with an inkjet printer, UKPC left me well alone and nothing ever came of it. I’ve been amazed at the number of former and current employees and members of the public who have informed me of the underhand tactics of UKPC, and also anonymously gave me the company owners name which is the same as a famous bear, along with his home address which happens to be alarmingly close to me. I have it on good authority that he drives a rented car and his wife resembles a plastic doll with a potty mouth, with his neighbours frequently enjoying posting their parking fines through his letter box in distaste. I had him down as a positive thriving member of the local community, organising tea parties for the elderly and baking cakes for the village fete but my illusions have sadly been shattered.

I have no hard feelings towards UKPC, nor do I feel the need to visit or speak to the owner, unless a camera crew and TV station should like to accompany me of course. I will never share the private information I have received in confidence with others, unlike the DVLA who line their pockets and pay for their staff Christmas meal and bonuses by selling on our home addresses and vehicle information to illegal parking companies allowing them to operate. I simply do not agree with the way that I have been treated by UKPC concerning my case and the many others who have commented and contacted me with similar distressing experiences. My heart goes out to you all, but we can fight these cowboys silently with our feet by not rising to their threats. Let’s hope that customer service will one day be fair, and strict laws will be imposed to stamp out the private companies who mislead and bully the public into parting with their hard earned money. I’m all for public order and safely patrolled parking spaces in busy supermarkets and shopping parks, but there’s a right and wrong way to do business. Although I’m also capable of repeating the words “I don’t know, I don’t know” so I have every hope of securing future employment at UKPC so that I may positively influence the conscience of the invisible managers, all the way from the telephone table to the PO box in a cramped room with no windows. Stay strong my parkees, and if you need my help drop me a line: [email protected]

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  • is that the argos carpark? I got a ticket a few months ago and was informed by several people not to pay it, they r not proper ‘parking attendants’ that r employed by the council but just a wanna company and although they issue a ticket, if u don’t pay it there is absolutely nothing they can do, it never goes any further, never goes to court as they r just an independent company and actually nothing to do with the ‘real’ people that issue parking tickets. I ignored mine as I had been told and heard nothing. I was livid when I received mine as I only pulled up outside carapetright to load a carpet in the car and the bastard got me, I argued with him saying i’d only been there a couple of minutes and he said he took pictures of me and I had been there 6 minutes, was proper narky with me too, poxy jobsworths!

      • I to am experiencing exactly the same as you guys with the same carpark in Aylesbury. Like you Tracy my ticket blew over and they took a photo – you will notice that the tickets have a reference number on both sides, so i sent them a copy of the ticket correct side up with the matching reference number, apparently that wasn’t enough and they wanted the original as proof. I sent the original and then got a letter telling me that a decision had been made and it was a valid parking fine. Needless to say I told them i wasn’t paying and so they told me to appeal through POPLA, they sent me the form. Needless to say that they didn’t send me the right reference number so POPLA can’t deal with this, until I get that number – am still waiting. I have had two letters now from debit recovery asking for £150, I like you rang them and told them that I had a valid parking ticket but apparently this wasn’t enough!!!! I will continue to watch and see how everyone gets on on here. I think its disgusting that this is aloud to happen to all of us/

        • Hi Sarah, it’s certainly frustrating being passed from pillar to post but I’ve done my research and we are within our rights to provide our proof and confirm our innocence. Naturally companies such as this benefit from messing people about and making it hard to appeal, which is why they send debt threats and try to bully you into paying as ‘an easy way out’. Unfortunately for them I am more than happy to ride this out and seek justice, it takes far stronger stuff than UKPC to take money from away from my family!

          • Good for you, I’ll see this through to the end and hope that I can find justice for all who are in our position, it’s good to know I’m not the only one affected by this, but rest assured I’ve gathered enough evidence to fight them in court.

          • I have had three parking tickets from UKPC at Argos in aylesbury and never paid any of them. They are Mickey Mouse tickets. The letters they send you are all just bluff – they will not take you to court so just ignore them. If your respond to them they think that you believe the tickets are real and keep chasing you -you will be on the suckers list.

            If you just ignore them they realise that they are wasting their time and they will leave you alone. Last time I got a ticket there they didn’t even bother chasing me for it.

            Look at MoneySavingExpert forums for more info on all this……….

        • Hi there I took my moped there and they ticketed a bike and told me they do not care about bikers health and safety
          They also left sticky where I was put in danger of serious injury because a car pulled out on me when my foot slipped off
          Also they had no concerns of telling me to use car parking spaces and ticket the bike I am very upset how can a firm wish people hurt or dead

      • Hi Tracy. I have worked for UKPC for two years. they are about to get rid of me because my two years are almost up. I have been team leader for this company and in that time have built up a lot of things to use against them because I found out what they do before two years. after two years an employee as rights. what I have will blow them out of the water. I want to pass this information onto you.

        • Hi Tony I’m sorry to hear that, any information you would like to share can be posted here or submitted on my contact me page. I wish you all the best with your situation.

        • Tony, Please can you advised me, I have received a charge notice from UKPC today stating I was on private land (mac d car park) which I was, got letter with photo picture of my car entering and leaving. I was parked there for 2h 24 minutes. I did not use Mac d on this occasion, I have a reason for it but don’t think they will be bothered to know. I have never noticed a sign saying private car park. I have been told there is a sign in the car park. Is there anything I can do or will I just have to pay it.

          Hope you got sorted, thanks if you reply back.

          • Hi Jogood. with regards to UKPC. first of all its not a charge its an invoice. dont worry yourself about this ticket. the only tickets that must be paid are police and council wardens. UKPC and all other private parking firms work on a percentage. if 100 tickets are issued they hope that 40 will pay without appealing. dont reply back to them and if you have a letter from debt agent in time dont worry about that either. just throw its in the bin. remember I worked for these for two years and know how they work
            We were told to issue tickets to cars. take the photo and then remove the ticket . they will then demand £90 from the owner of the car because they never got in touch within the 14 or 28 days. again dont worry about this invoice

          • And STOP calling these bits of paper invoices – this IS NOT an invoice, it is simply an invitation to pay.
            Legally, it has to have “invoice” written on it, these do not, therefore it IS NOT an invoice.
            STOP calling it an invoice.
            By continuing to call it an invoice, you are giving it some legal weight. it is nothing more than an invitation to pay a fee, a very exhorbitant fee.

    • Hi Tracy
      i got a ticket after my car gave up on me as i entered a car park i pushed it into 1st space it was a disabled bay As were the other 36 and all empty ,i went into halfords asked for help came out there he was taking pictures of my car and had stuck a PT on my car. anyway halfords could not fix my car and i had to get garage out .
      well i thought i shall write to them and explain and that being a honest and over the :nightclub age: also asked them to take into consideration the empty 36 spaces that they would clearly see in the pictures the guy took, they they replied 2 weeks later asking for proof of garage attending and to respond within 14 days and they would ”Consider”it”
      well by this time i had been on my 2 weeks holiday .anyway i got the proof sent it away recorded delivery, today i received a letter from DRPL ltd which i have discovered is in cahoots with UKPC i havent opened it was going to send back return to sender or do you think i should bin it,,,,, Tom Glasgow … OH and well done you

    • Absolutely, the only car parks that can issue fines are the ones with a council logo in the corner of the display board; like the one at the Waterside and Chicago’s pay and display!

      • Anyone can can invoice anyone about anything LOL. It’s not a fine as it’s on private property. It’s an invoice requesting monies, which I could do for answering this post. What the government needs to do is to get a grip over the way PPC format their invoices to look like parking tickets, which means that the vast majority pay up thinking that they are official.

  • I’m getting nowhere with them too. Same car park. Attendant also said that because three machines out of service they would recind the ticket. I had toddler under three with me and she was hysterical after waiting in line at two of the three machines that were out of service. So I took her, went into shop made my purchase and myself and 15 or so other cars with tickets and machines now with paper! After appealing to popla…….waste of time, my fine is now 90 but is due to go to debt recovery any time. Who wants to join me in court if they take me?. Am scared, but feel totally wronged as in Tracy’s case and your other commenter. After all why the heck would I not display a free ticket if I could, it’s blooming free!

    • I’m with you all the way, these monkeys don’t take people to court because it’ll cost more than the tickets and they’ll lose. After several threatening letters they’ll leave you alone I spoke with the carpark attendants twice and they said the office staff have a procedure to follow before giving up. Nothing will come of it if you ignore them.

    • It’s not a fine. Only the Police and Council appointed wardens can issue those. It’s an unenforceable invoice made to look like a genuine parking ticket. They could take you to Court, but in the highly unlikely event that it happens check the web and there are plenty of people who can help you. They can only claim for economic loss caused by your trespass for which there are many mitigating circumstances. Don’t worry!

  • Excellent video. I’ve parked in a disabled bay, but, on this day put my blue badge in the drivers side window. Got a ticket – photographs show nice piccies of my car, inside front window, back, front, back, 3/4 right – not drivers side – they still believe I didn’t display!
    Not paying a penny and written to po box / landlords to tell them what I think, also copied to retailer as I’ve spent thousands there. they claim notices are visible and plenty – but seven feet up on a lamp post – from a wheelchair you can only make out there’s writing on it and a couple of symbols! Stand your ground, the attendants are making it up!

    • Horrendous! Use the car park, display free tickets or pay for parking if you need more than a couple of hours but if for whatever reason you get a fine DO NOT acknowledge, confirm or pay it. Only the council can impose fines to the public on public roads and public car parks not private land owners and scammers. If there isn’t a council logo on it then don’t pay the fine, it’s nothing more than a voluntary invoice.

  • This explains why UKPC, with the exception of a former clamper, have more appeals going to POPLA, than any other company – and by a huge margin.
    They failed to reject the appeal within 35 days as required by the British parking Association’s Code of Practice & POPLA so they are deemed to have accepted it and the matter is closed
    Tell them that if they think differently you want the POPLA validation code so that they can pay the £27 for their stupidity

    • It may have helped my complaint if they actually sent me a POPLA code, I will request it from UKPC and bother them accordingly. Thank you.

  • They’re just crooks. Got a couple over the years from similar companies. Just ignore, you will get escalating letters of threats but after about 5 letters and 3 months they give up.

    They can take you to court to argue to get the £1 back, and strangely they don’t want to do that, or worse to get a precedent set of getting nothing!

    • I look forward to showing how UKPC’s threats achieve sweet F.A and proving to the world what crooks they are. If hopefully they do decide to take me to court I will fight them all the way for all the people they have wronged!

  • All good so far, Tracy. You’ve had the right info so far from Pepipoo and ParkingCowboys. The weasels are making empty threats. One thing I will add is STOP CALLING THEM ON 0870 NUMBERS. Companies that use these prefixes get a slice of the pie from BT so you are inadvertently lining their pockets. saynoto0870dotcom list an alternative (unverified) number for UKPC as 01494 731792.

    If you must send proof of parking, make sure it’s a copy, but I’m sure you have arrived at that conclusion already. Keep sticking it to the bastards, Nice job so far.

    • Thank you, this is great information; it perhaps explains why the staff are happy to hang out the calls and deter you from speaking to a manager as I have clocked up a fair few hours going around in circles with them obviously to their profit, when all along they could have passed me over to a manager to have this dealt with within minutes. I shall use this record of my communications to invoice UKPC accordingly.

  • i found actually contacting the land owner the person who instructs these robbing B$£”$^&^ds to issue tickets its them who are really to blame they employ these cowboys so try taking your fight to them ukpc employ jobs worth people who have no morals and empathy with no body

    • Thank you, I shall look into informing the land owner of UKPC’s behaviour as there is no smoke without fire. I wonder what guidelines they employ for managing the parking agent on their land…

  • I’m also having issues with UKPC at the same car park. My blue badge had slipped out of sight and i was parked in a disabled bay. I appealed and sent a copy of my blue badge and they replied asking for a £15 “fine”. I refused to pay and I have received letters from their other company Debt Recovery Plus. I called them and they said they could only deal with payment. I won’t be paying. The blue badge scheme is only actually valid on council parking areas and anyway I have one! Good luck pursuing this.

    • That is absolutely horrendous and I’m shocked that the police or government have not done something about this, it’s clearly daylight robbery and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. If you’re able to provide proof of valid parking there is no reason to continue the fine. It’s like keeping a receipt for electrical goods as proof of purchase, your badge or pay and display ticket is proof of your parking.

  • Hi Folks – just reading through the threads and I too am in the process of appealing against a parking fine from UKPC. I didn’t fully display my son’s disabled badge when I took him for his regular physiotherapy at the hospital. I have emailed photographic evidence and will keep you updated of the outcome. However, my instincts tell me that I will be asked to pay a “reduced” fee but like you Tracy….I will FIGHT!! UKPC DON’T SCARE ME!!

    • Good to have you onboard Alison, if you have proof of parking it shouldn’t matter the circumstances! Proof is proof! Keep us up to date with how you get on.

      • Hi peeps – just an update on my quest. On the evening of 20th June I emailed UKPC disputing the parking ticket……today 24th June I received their letter through the post of their decision. Surprise surprise…..their appeals manager has personally reviewed and carefully considered the various points I had risen but in their view the parking charge was correctly issued so it will not be waived. However, as I am a valid blue badge holder (actually I’m not…my son is) they will accept a reduced sum of £15 in full settlement if payment is received within 35 days. They have also stated that 10% of this amount will be donated to a charity. They are having a laugh!!!

        I don’t believe “careful consideration” was given due to the length of time it took them to send me a letter. I also now realise their “appeals procedure” is a complete waste of time and energy. The injured party will not win!! Next step is to appeal to POPLA but if I do I loose my right to pay the discounted charge. Further in the letter details about debt recovery, court action and adverse credit ratings. THREATS! THREATS! THREATS! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

        So my conclusion – appealing is a waste of time and wish I never responded to them in the first place. They are a company that rely on scaremongering law abiding members of the public. I will write to complain to the hospital trust and leave it at that. All future correspondence will be ignored as advised by many who have had similar experiences.

        • Hi Alison, it certainly seems UKPC deal with all of their appeals in the same way -by declining them all; you have no way to contact them other than a PO BOX address to the same office where they reject everything they receive despite you providing proof of parking. Please keep us up to date on your progress as I appear to be several weeks ahead of you with the threats of debt recovery already and the ‘fine’ is expected to increase with every letter they send. I’ll continue to document my progress and keep you all informed.

          • Hi Tracy, I thought I would share this with you and other readers as this information is new to me and feel it maybe useful. Since my experience with UKPC (nothing to update you with on this one at the moment), I am now acutely aware of these private parking companies and their so called ‘parking signs’ as previously I was completely oblivious.

            Today I parked at a local store for a scheduled appointment. The store allows 2hrs free parking for customers or a parking charge will incur if you over exceed this time. The parking facilities are monitored via CCTV cameras so a parking charge may not appear through your letterbox until sometime later.

            Now….my appointment took 2 hours exactly so to cover my own back (just in case as parking companies use underhand tactics) I emailed the store manager (the landowner) with my concerns. I now have written confirmation that they CAN and WILL liaise with the parking company to have a parking charge ‘written off’ if issued.

            So…… similar situations it maybe worth considering complaining to the landowner in the first instance. It may prevent a lot of anxiety and stress to some further down the line.

            Keep up the good work Tracy!

      • I have the same problem! appealed all but late but thought OK as had a blue badge for the young person in my care!! UKPC tell me to late to appeal as with Debt Agents, think one lot gave up but now got another. Surprise Surprise they tell me I have missed the appeal deadline of 28 days and they want £90 now otherwise it will go up to £150 and if I don’t pay then Court! waffle on about being illegal to park in a Disabled bay with out displaying a valid badge, OMG this was Tesco’s in Cribs Causeway Bristol which was free parking anyway. I emailed this Debt Agency told them their letter was rude and unreasonable! So I will sit back now and wait, the thing is I have Disabled road tax displayed on the window screen are they stupid or what!

  • Aaarrrrgggghhhh having similar problems with ukpc I appealed my ticket but recieved no further response for 2 months so assumed stupidly had been quashed I was wrong next letter I received was from debt collection agency saying owed 150 pounds. Spoke to ukpc said they had sent me several letters chasing the fine which is a lie I recieved nothing until debt collection letter, if indont pay bymonday goes up to 300! Ukpc response to me not recieving there letters was we dont have to provide proof we sent u letters not there job and I have to take it up with royal mail ha ha but without this letter I cant make a further appeal to poplar stuck between a rock and a hard place! Debt collection agency having none of it saying fine will just keep going up till i pay and they are working on behalf of ukpc so dont need to know any details not there problem. Help! can of fuel and a match any one know the office address lol

    • I have been informed of the office address and owners address although after hearing from my readers and viewers I don’t think it’d be a wise idea to post it online! I believe in seeking justice for wrong doing over that of revenge, but I feel your frustration and hope that we can all get this sorted with quickly and effectively.

    • Jason, with all respect,
      Your comments of setting fire to their offices,
      helps no one at all in this discussion.
      (They have fire insurance)

      You need to take hostages.
      Use Columbian Farc rebels or Somali pirates as both groups
      work on a no “No win – no witnesses” contingency.

      Failing that, I’d recommend chemical weapons.
      (Syria is holding an ‘End of regime’ sale till 1st September)

      You know this makes sense.

  • I have had a similar experience having parked my motorcycle there. They are an absolute disgrace as a company. I have never come across a company that is so unhelpful. They wouldn’t know what customer service is if it hit them in the face. They should be taken to task and i’m so pleased to see that someone is doing this.

    • I’m sorry that you’ve had such a bad experience with UKPC as well, but the only comfort we can take is that we’re all victims of them together. If anything, sharing our cases should hopefully help to bring to light the poor customer service of UKPC and give them the chance to buck up their ideas and address company policies because they are severely flawed and ridiculous.

  • Hi There

    I have bought a property with a car park space with is only allocated to me. Recently UKPC took control over the management of car parking.
    Last night my UKPC car permit must of fell of the windscreen and making it not visible. So this morning i see a lovely parking ticket on my window!

    Now can I appeal against this even though the permit was not displayed on this one instance?

    Legally by UK Land Registry I own that parking space – which is also outlined in the land registry plan.

    Do I need to pay this still? Any Advise?

    • This kind of thing disgusts me. You own the space. UKPC don’t have lawful right to fine you for parking there. Your management company don’t have the right to agree an enforcement contract to manage land that they do not own. There’s a page on my site about this very issue.

      Interestingly a guy recently sued UKPC for harassment on a case very similar to yours. If I were you I’d do the same.

      Fight back. Tell your neighbours, and tell everyone you know.

    • Dear Ali,

      I’m in a similar situation.

      I own a flat with an allocated car park space. 3 years after I purchased it the property managers assigned the parking control to UKPC (there was no management prior to this).

      On October 2013 I received a parking charge notice.

      POPLA agreed with them and I’m waiting to receive the letters from their Debt collection agency and solicitor.

      Did you pay the fine or have to go to court?

  • I was issued with a fine last year. My car does not have a front shelf, so I put the ticket on the child car seat in the front passenger seat. It was clearly visible to anyone, yet I was still issued with a fine. A very nice lady took a couple of photos of my car with the visible ticket and sent them to me, just so I had proof.
    Since then I have ignored all correspondance from them and from their ‘debt collectors’, My fine kept going up with every letter. They seem to have given up now as I’ve not heard anything in ages, not since their ‘Pay now and we’ll reduce your fine’ letter. I don’t owe them anything, so it makes me laugh that they can ‘reduce my fine’.
    Keep your evidence of parking, then just keep ignoring them.
    If you send them letters and proof of parking they’ll just deny all knowledge of having received it. They rely on people being afraid of a CCJ or a bigger fine to get their money. Don’t give in to them. Their debt colelctors can’t issue you with a CCJ. Only a court can do that, and only then if they win the case and you don’t pay.
    Thank you Tracy. I hope your taking a stand will prevent more people from paying UKPC money that they don’t owe.

  • I also received a ticket from UKPC in the same car park in December last year, my ticket had blown of the dashboard when I slammed the door.

    Like you I went through the appeals procedure with no reasonable response and then the debt recovery letter’s came, which I largely ignored as they are just computer generated from the same office as UKPC and are not worth the paper there printed on.

    These Cowboys are trickster’s and there bully boy tactic’s are shameful, but at the end of the day the “Parking Charge” is not a parking penalty notice and at best just a speculative invoice.

    I wrote to them making my position clear that I had no intention of paying the £150 fine and that I was now going to make an appeal with POPLA, this incurs charges to PPC cowboys when P0PLA look into it.

    Their response was that they would accept a good will gesture of £15, so very reluctantly I paid it just to end all the letters and to stop my Wife worrying as it’s her car

    As far as I’m aware UKPC or any of the other PPC idiots have ever successfully taken anyone to court and the occasions they have done it’s been proven that there just stooges, planted to give them credibility.


  • Hi Tracy after seeing the article in the local paper I thought I would tell you about our experience with the junction car park. I refuse to park there anymore. All this trouble must be affecting trade I am surprised the retailers haven complained. Last year My husband parked by Wicks at 7.30 in evening was in there 10 mins tops. The first we knew about a parking ticket was when a reminder came in the post saying our fine was 3 months overdue. When we went online low and behold there were pictures of our car with a huge ticket slapped on the windscreen. No way would my husband of missed that it was straight in his line of vision but apparently he must of according to UKPC because they have photographic evidence and what’s more as we had not paid the fine it had doubled. An emptying car park was obviously an opportunity to allow them to make an extra few quid in my eyes but of course I can not prove it. As you can guess I did not get anywhere with my appeal and ended up paying the fine. What’s more their complaints line is only opening stupid hours another way of not making it easy to get hold of them. The on line appeals process is rubbish. i kept a screen shot thank goodness because after not hearing for 4 weeks i called and they said they had not received it but at least this time they could not argue with my evidence!! did not do me any good though as with all of us it seems the fine was valid.
    I have been back to the car park with friends who have been prepared to take the risk and the attendants appear out of nowhere with their phone cameras before you get a chance to print the ticket from the machine. It is scandalous, something needs to be done about this it can not be lawful especially as the car park is free anyway. Good luck in your quest.

  • Having seen your press coverage in the Bucks Herald I felt compelled to reply. In the past year I have had THREE parking tickets from the attendants at this retail park. On each occasion I had a valid parking ticket displayed on my car dashboard but they still insisted on giving a parking notice. On the first occasion the ticket was displayed on my dashboard but had blown to the opposite side of the dashboard when (I assume) I closed the car door. I appealed the parking notice and supplied my valid ticket. On this occasion they wrote back and said that they were in the wrong in that I would not have to pay anything. The other two occasions I displayed the parking ticket on my dashboard, but the ticket they claimed was partially obscured by the black trim that goes round the very edge of my windscreen. The ticket however, in my opinion, was still fully visible from the door window and indeed the time and date was still visible from the windscreen. On both of these occasions I appealed and submitted my valid ticket as evidence. On both of these occasions they wrote back and said that they admitted that I was in possession of a valid parking ticket but that they were still correct in their issue of a parking charge notice; and as a goodwill gesture I could pay £15 administration costs to them. My other option was to contest this where it was likely the parking charge would then be enforced. Naturally I paid the £15 on each of these two occasions as I did not want any more hassle with them.

    My view is if they want to ensure that the tickets do not get blown across dashboards or for them to slip into places where it might be difficult for them to see, then they should supply the tickets from the machine with a sticky back to them so they can be stuck down.

    I look forward to hear what happens with your quest!

    • Hi Paul, I couldn’t agree with you more. They firmly fix their ‘parking notice’s to the drivers windscreen in a sealed sticky envelope so that we are ensured to receive their ‘invoice’ and give them our hard earned money; yet they do not take the same care and consideration to provide us with adhesive pay and display tickets to put inside our vehicles because they want to trick us in any way that they can but disputing the position or view of the ticket. Surely if they didn’t think we needed sticky tickets then they wouldn’t stick their invoices to our windscreen, but instead tuck it under the window wiper or leave it on the car bonnet to chance like we have to ourselves.

  • To all contributors: I too have had a similar experience, receiving an erroneous car parking fine for apparently not displaying a valid car parking ticket. I was displaying a valid ticket, albeit the attendant was careful to take photos that did not show my ticket! I too took a photocopy of my parking ticket and sent it to UKPC who acknowledged receipt and yet claimed that the fine had been issued correctly but offering to receive £15 in lieu of the £50 amount. My appeal to POPLA was a complete waste of time – whose side are they on anyway? -and I was asked to pay the £90 or be pursued by debt collectors. Despite telephone conversations with POPLA and UKPC I was given no alternatives. I paid the £90 but now realise that I never should have done so. What recourse do I have now?

    I feel that this whole affair needs to be raised to a higher level – I consulted a solicitor via my legal cover in my house insurance, but they were pretty hopeless and certainly did not advise me to ignore UKPC and their bullying tactics. I even commented to them that it felt very similar to the clamping scandal that legislation had put an end to.

    Given that this is happening predominantly at the Cambridge Close car park, is this something that needs to be taken to our local trading standards department? It is nothing short of extortion in my view and I cannot believe that the way UKPC are operating is legal. I am not sure that bad publicity will be sufficient to stop it continuing.

  • hi tracy, my story with ukpc is as follows. two years ago while at the junction i realised my ticket only had 15 mins to go so i sent my son to put another ticket on, i was in wickes and my car the other side of park, my son went to machine nearest to my car but it was not working, as were all the others bar one which was back on the other side of park and there was a queue. he bought a ticket but too late i had already been fined. there were no attendants to be seen and 3 of us tried the contact no. for ukpc but no answer. i filled in the appeal and waited. surprise, surprise appeal failed, i ticked the box to appear in court but that was ignored. so far my fine has been halve then doubled and now is £280.00. i have two debt recovery companies involved and both have been told that i will not be paying. i have already been contacted by 7 other people who have had a problem with ukpc, they have not paid and 4 of these fines date back over 4 years. i hope all goes well with you. mike.

  • If you read the Tax office v Excel there’s a good insight to how these things work. IN this case a major supermarket objected to the bully boy tactics of the parking company it went into contract with. It seems the contract agrees that the Parking Cowboys can send four letters then drop the case, its the supermarket or landlord that has to tek the case to court and they cant be bothered, they make no money as they leave the cash made to the parking company as part of the contract so why would they spend out to go to court. Check up and see how many cases have actually gone to court.

  • I got a ticket from UKPC for parking by Wickes in Aylesbury. And my advice is:


    Search UKPC parking fines on the Money Saving Expert website by Martin Lewis and a lot of experts will tell you not to pay!

    I didn’t pay the fine and the result?? Nothing came of it. You get a lot of letters with threats of bailiffs but its just threat. They are actually the same company.

    People should protest with plaquards and make customers aware that if you do get a ticket don’t pay it.

    You should only pay parking tickets that are from the police or government/council.

    Here is the thread that I wrote on, on the MSE site:

    Parking Eye are another con!

    Contact me if you need any more info.

    Claire xx

  • Hi tracy
    I too had a parking fine from them, i had never been in the carpark before that day, and i did not see any signs about pay and display,
    (where i had moved from the parking in carprks were free) so off i went to the shops came back and got a fine stuck to my window, I appealed but like everyone else did not win the appeal, and like a fool paid the fine, I am now disabled and have a blue badge, i asked one of the carperk blokes last week if a disabled bay is full can i park anywhere and use my blue badge , his reply was, “NO you can only park in a disabled bay” that sounds very wrong to me, surely as long as i display my blue badge i should be able to park anywhere in the car park ,

    • Hi,

      Please post your story here:

      There is a chance you can take them to court and recover whatever you have paid them.

      Further, the blue badge scheme is only for public roads, and doesn’t mean anything on private land. However, if you are disabled whether you have a blue badge or not, you are protected by law. Companies must provide extra consideration, such as extra parking time, and spaces close to the shop doors.

  • By the way the UKPC office is just above KFC. They near enough have a birds eye view of people walking to and from their cars and radio ahead to the on the ground attendants who are ready to pounce with their scam. I forgot to say I was in Wickes for 6 minutes, I was returning a bulb and in that time my car was ticketed. I admittedly didn’t get a free ticket as it was after 6pm and thought I didn’t need one. But it actually doesn’t matter anyway because its free for the first 2 hours anyway!!

    They make their money on the vulnerable and downright good people who will just pay instead of fighting it. My elderly Uncle and neighbour did just so they didn’t get any hassle.

    Claire xx

    • Absolutely horrendous! Thank you for sharing your story and I’m sorry that they did the same to you all. Something has to be done.

  • Tracy, please. You seem like an intelligent person. You have a young child to think about. Do not pursue this any further – forget it.
    Read the wording on their paperwork.
    “UK parking control ltd…therefors invite you, the registered keeper, to pay the parking charge”
    Ignore the letter – it’s free parking therefore there is no charge to pay. They “invite” you to pay – do you go along to every invitation?
    And the letter from their “debt collector”. Both go on to talk about the protection of freedom act. You could tell them you paid the parking charge (as displayed) & offer them a sample of your DNA so they can test every coin in the machine – however, since there is no charge to pay, the coin doesn’t exist.
    My first time was a worry – £90 is a lot – google was my friend. I ignored them, got a couple more letters (offering reduced rates) then a couple from debt recovery then nothing. I’ve had 5 parking tickets off them now – basically, I never display a ticket on my dash – since early 2012. I always get half a dozen parking tickets out of the machine & put them in the bin, along with the ‘parking ticket’ they leave on my screen (wastes their money).
    Tracy, you are young, you have a young child – go out & enjoy life, enjoy your child whilst she is still young (they grow up so fast & you’ll wonder where the time went) . Ignore these chancers. Look on their website, they pay their monkeys almost minimum wage. If only a small percentage of people pay, at £90 a pop, they are making a shedload of cash.

  • Most of what you are disputing stems from the following point:
    1. I dispute there is a contract. Inadequate, poorly located and unclear signage mean a reasonable motorist could not be expected to see the terms prior to parking – as such the requirements of forming a contract (a meeting of minds, agreement, certainty of terms etc) and the matter of defining an offer with subsequent acceptance and consideration, have not been satisfied and thus no contract exists.

    The problem here is that you bought a ticket, so you are fully aware there is a contract and you have evidenced this, Pretty much the rest of what you are saying falls down after that.

    It’s a real shame its escalated as far as this has, but in all honesty, from an outsiders perspective, having read all you have posted here, it really seems like the issue is your own. You want to make it as difficult as possible so you can then say “look at how difficult this all is”. For example, involving the DVLA and complaining against them when you should know that parking enforcement agencies are able to request third party information, and that you agreed to this when you signed the form to get your drivers license.

    What this situation appears to be is the equivalent of a report that punches a polices officer in the face, then films the response out of context while screaming “I’m being repressed”. You’ve taken an everyday situation and you’ve pushed and you’ve pushed until it’s escalated this far.

    Realistically following the loss of the original ticket, you should have appealed using registered post, keeping receipts, sending a registered reminder had they not responded in 28 days. Once that was done, you would simply need to hold onto the evidence in case the UKPC took you to court, in which case you would have enough evidence to win the case by showing you had been refused fair appeal. UKPC would have had to drop the fine and paid all your costs for the letters and for the court attendance.

    Instead you have put yourself in a situation where if they took you to court it is more likely you would be asked to pay the fine, as you cannot show you have responded appropriately within the given time. This in turn would cause you to have a CCJ issued against you, and you really don’t want a CCJ at your age.

    • Sorry, you are completely wrong.

      First, UKPC cannot award a fine. Only statutory bodies such as the police and council can do so. This is a contract dispute, nothing more.

      Second, you will only get a CCJ if:

      1) They take you to court (not likely)
      2) Win (less likely)
      3) You refuse to pay any court awarded fine.

      To repeat: You only get a CCJ if you don’t pay a court awarded fine.

      • I don’t work for a parking company, I sadly work in finance. I have seen many times when people have ended up with CCJs for ignoring things just like this however.
        As far as the courts are concerned, they are legally entitled to enforce fines when violations have occurred. In this instance a court is likely to rule in favour of UKPC. There are plenty of publicly available cases that UKPC have won if you look through court records.

        • Sorry, still rubbish,

          You only get a CCJ if you ignore a court awarded penalty. If UKPC took you to court and won and you then paid up, you would not get a CCJ, and nothing against your credit record. Stop scaremongering!

          Finally, UKPC are unlikely to win if you use one of many valid defenses, the greatest being that UKPC have not suffered any loss, and are thus not entitled to any money.

          In this country, you are not allowed penalties in a contract. A breach of the contract by not fulfilling all of it’s terms, i.e. displaying a ticket, can only result in a claim by the landowner of the loss they incurred by your breach. In this case, the Aylesbury car park is rarely, if ever full, and the cost to the landowner is at most the cost of the next hour of ticket cost. i.e. £1.50.

          The £100 charge is not in any way valid.

          • If that’s what you believe then fair enough. Bear in mind though that companies can claim more losses based on the correspondence costing money. There are legal limits, but they are frighteningly high.
            All in all, I always get a ticket from the machine, and if I were to forget and get a ticket, I’d pay it up, because for me its simply not worth the hassle or the risk. I’ve seen way too many people that’s were sure they were right end up having to pay a lot for it (not just in parking matters), and honestly, even the amount of effort that Tracy has had to put in this far is worth far more than the amounts they are asking for.

            All in all, why put the effort in to take the risk based on the opinions of amateur legal advice posted on the internet?

        • Tim, i have now had x11 parking fines from UKPC…all i have ever done was send them a strongly worded letter & i never get a reply nor have i ever paid a fine..
          If you don’t send them a stern letter (found on moneysavingexpert website) you will receive letter after letter from UKPC as my father found out way over a year ago…i since sent them the same letter i send out on behald of my father…its been 5 months now and not a sausage from UKPC in reply…
          These parking fines they hand out are not official ie: you do not need to pay…if a ticket is given by a county council then you have to pay not from a company such as UKPC and similar companies…

          • Tim, you call it amateur legal advice, but so far you’ve not objectively debunked any of it. All you’re posting are scary sounding things such as CCJs and court – exactly like parking companies do in their scary letters. Who do you work for again?

            Lets consider this objectively shall we? In 2011 there were 1.8 million private tickets issued, of which somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 went unpaid (or 0.6m and 0.9m). Of those, parking companies issued court proceedings were issued for 845 (0.001% of the unpaid ones). Further to this, only 49 of those ended in court, and only 25 were won by the parking company.

            And as you well know, CCJs are only awarded if you lose in court AND you don’t pay within 28 days. I’ve got a handy page about it on my website if you’re interested 😉

            Anyway, what’s even better is that with the advent of the independent appeals service, it doesn’t even need to get that far! If you don’t want to pay the ‘fine’, then there are very, very strong appeal points which mean that appeals can be won EVEN if you did break the parking rules. Again, they’re there on my site if you want to take a look.

            Now, stop scaremongering and get back to issuing tickets, sorry financing.

  • Tracey, You have my full support in your quest for justice, Although you seem to have a good head for legal jargon.
    I realize also that in that car park, If you park on or over the white line allocated to your parking space they will book you, Even if it’s just a planted area next to where you park.
    I have heard a lot of horror stories from members of the public that have parked there.
    Good luck to you Tracey.

    • Hi Andy, thank you for your support. I have had some fantastic legal jargon help from parking experts which are linked in my blog. If you ever need to dispute a car park ticket then take a look at their site!

      • Most of this jargon is just that though, jargon. People that actually work within the legal system and can offer you solid advice seldom hand it out for free on the internet. Many of the parking experts you speak of are self appointed experts with no legal knowledge. I’d be cautions relying on their advice if this case were to escalate too far.

  • I am so annoyed, forgot to put a ticket in today and got a fine. Unfortunately I have paid it straight off before seeing your site! But won’t do it again :0(

  • And you delete posts that don’t agree with your side. Awesome.
    Not really leaving it for us to decide then right?
    I guess if we want to voice an opposing side we will need to do it somewhere you don’t have administrative control so it’s actually impartial.

    • 😀
      Can probably delete this one. Just realised you have moderation on so it doesn’t show while I’m not logged in. Apologies.

      • Not to worry, just proves I’m an honest person! It wouldn’t be any fun if I only had nice comments from people, I like to give everyone the chance to voice their opinion, thank you for providing yours.

    • Hi Tim this made me smile 🙂 I don’t delete anything that people send me, good or bad. But there is a moderation filter in place so that spamming is blocked hence the time delay on your comment showing.

  • My wife and I both picked up tickets at this Aylesbury car park when we took one of our daughters and her friends for a birthday meal at Frankie and Benny’s.

    However, I found a letter on the internet that can be used to fight back against these private parking companies and their lack of legal clout when it comes to enforcing a ticket.

    I sent the following letter – along with my ticket – to the UKPC address and never heard another thing. My wife took the decision to ignore all of the letters that followed her ticket and eventually UKPC gave up. Just hold your nerve.

    My letter went like this and it worked:

    To whom it may concern,

    I have received notification of a parking charge that your company believes it can charge me for my car being parked in the car park at Aylesbury Shopping Park.

    Firstly, your so called notice is nothing but an attempt to frighten people into paying your invalid charges. The so called notice is not legally binding as no contract agreed or implied has been entered into and I am not obliged to confirm the identity of the person that was driving the vehicle at that time.

    I would like to point out that as your company is a private company and is not associated with either the local council or police authority, your charge is invalid.

    I have not and will never enter in to any contract agreed or implied with your company nor have I broken any law or statute. I have returned your notice clearly marked ‘No Contract Return To Sender’ as I have no wish to enter into contract with your company.

    Also, further action on my part will incur charges that will be chargeable to your company. My charges will be invoiced at the following rates:

    Initial charge of £250 then £100 each time I have to respond in relation to this matter. All legal expenses and costs will be charged in addition to the above charges. Pursuing this matter will trigger these charges and by doing so, your company agrees to these terms.

    I look forward to your response within 7 days.


    • Thank you that’s fab! I shall keep it to hand should I ever get a second parking fine. I’m glad to hear of your success! Well done.

    • But why didn’t you just buy a parking ticket in the first place?
      Isn’t that just contributing to the problem? The car parks cost money to run, so by parking there without paying you are damaging their business, so they will put more and more pressure on them to recoup there money in other ways, hence the high value and threatening tone of charge notices.

      • Three of the ticket machines weren’t working (I took pictures of them all on my phone) and I wasn’t prepared to go hunting to the other side of the car park to find one that was when it was my daughter’s birthday party and we had 10 hungry kids to feed at Frankie and Benny’s.

        If UKPC had done its job properly and provided me with a ticket machine that was actually working, I’d have gladly got a ticket.

        There’s no way I’m damaging their business. They’re doing a very good job of that themselves!

  • Hi
    I had a similar event to Tracy about 18 months ago-I got a ticket and put it on my dashboard-when I came back there was a ticket on my car-my ticket had blown over and was face down-there is however a number on both sides of the ticket-the attendant had taken a picture clearly showing my ticket upside down and the ref number clearly visible.
    I copied the ticket and wrote and sent the copy to UKPC and told them the situation and the wavered the charge.
    in the mean time I had done some research on the internet and come to the conclusion that these penalties are illegal-I visited the citizens advise bureau but they could not advise on the situation.
    I then contacted a solicitor friend who works for the council-he told me not to pay as they were illegal-they may threaten you with all sorts of action but nothing will come out of it-they use bully tactics.
    he has recently been issued with one of these and he wrote a letter stating :
    “I do not accept the claim made on behalf of your client, and will rely upon Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co Ltd v New Garage & Motor Co Limited [1915] AC 79. The common law position is not displaced by the analysis applied by Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
    However in the spirit of the aims and principles of the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct I enclose a cheque in the sum of £5.00 (five pounds) made payable to UK Parking Control Ltd in full and final settlement of the claim …..”
    they actually wrote back and returned his £3 -he has not heard from them since.
    if I ever get another one I will certainly not be paying it and if I ever see anyone who has been issued one of these so call penalty charges I advise them to do the same

  • The MD of UKPC, Mr Rupert Williams, is an odious little cretin who happens to live 3 doors away from me here in Beaconsfield. He is a horrible little man, who has made millions over the years by frightening and hounding unsuspecting motorists who are unaware of the law, and bullying them into paying charges that he has no legal right to levy in the first place.

    There is no way a debt can be recovered by a debt collector, even if there was a debt in the first place, without a Court Order. He will never take you to court, as it would cost him and his company too much in the first place.

    Wherever I see Rupert’s little signs as I travel the country, I always deliberately incur a ticket, then take personal pleasure in hand delivering it back through his private letterbox, warning him that if I receive any further unsolicited communication from either him or his company again, I will consider it harassment and report him to Thames Valley Police, who take a robust approach to this.

    Strangely enough, I never do hear anything from him or his company on every occasion that I have done this. His plastic wife, Samantha, however scowls at me every time she sees me when she drives past my house in her (leased) Range Rover Sport…I just smile and wave…smile and wave….

    Bottom line is, ignore it, or if you feel compelled to reply, use my approach. Works wonders!!

    • 🙂 This begs to become a reality TV show surely!? I almost spat my drink all over the keyboard, thank you for the insight Chris I salute you!

  • Tracy, glad I could make you chuckle on a Sunday morning. Keep fighting the good fight!

    John, not sure that it would be right to post those details on here, but if you happened to be out for a sunday stroll in Beaconsfield later today and just so happened to be walking through Meadow Lane, and saw a nice black Range Rover and a black Jaguar XK-R in the driveway of the second biggest house (there are only 9 to choose from), then you would be there or thereabouts…… 🙂

    • Lol.

      Here’s an idea. anyone free this afternoon? How about we ALL go down there, park up without taking a ticket & maybe go for a coffee? The ‘warden’ will think his birthdays have all come at once & ticket everyone.
      We then all take our tickets & shove them through the letterbox of their office?

    • or you can just use google and find the planning application with the council for a rear extension which gives their full address

      • Rupert isn’t actually the owner of UKPC, he has a share which is small, he is a silent partner, the real owner is a bloke called Mark, he is filthy rich, just bought 2 brand new cars, a Aston Martin and Range Rover :-O
        These guys are 10 steps ahead! Just don’t pay them and carry on getting tickets!!
        U can dig deep and get this info if your brainy, I know exactly who is who! 😉

  • I received one just yesterday but thanks to Tracy and others I was able to understand how it all works and who’s involved in money stealing. I’ve got my parking ticket and charge to along to it 26 minutes later. I’m proud parent of two and I would rather buy something to my kids.
    Thanks Tracy xxx

    • Reading over these post’s the last couple of day’s it’s amazing to see how many people just pay the fines straight off without question even I gave in and paid the “goodwill” gesture payment of £15 to stop the letter’s. But originally when we got back to the car and saw the plastic envelope I did have to wrestle my tearful Wife’s credit card away from Her, she was inconsolable and just wanted to pay it and get it over and done with there and then.

      And I guess that’s what makes me really angry is how they prey on peoples vulnerability and fear of higher penalty’s and debt collectors/CCJ. I’ve read horror stories of elderly couples and pregnant women being bullied and hounded by these people.

      If more were aware off the useful information on your blog and the thread’s on pepipoo/MSE/BBC Watchdog youtube clips then maybe less people would fall victim to scumbags like UKPC.

      It’s a shame that the retailer’s aren’t more supportive but at the end of the day their rent is indirectly subsidised by revenue generated by these charges so its the Landlord that’s the main villain here.

      I believe the retailers have a moral obligation to do the following

      1. Have a prominent poster/signage in their store or preferable at the entrance reminding people to display a valid parking ticket.
      2. If a customer contacts them directly about a penalty charge incurred while shopping with them offer more support and point them to consumer group websites and your blog !.

      As a victim of UKPC I believe I have a moral obligation when I’m out shopping to help advise unsuspecting shopper’s returning to a PPN, what not to say if the UKPC warden is present and how to record their own supportive evidence.

      If I thought it was lawful, I’d put a note on their windscreen or in the penalty charge notice pouch itself. I also had in mind to laminate some warning notices/posters and have them on the inside of my car window every time I shopped there.

      However I would never just tell people just to ignore it or tear it up as it’s up to them to make an informed choice once they have looked at the available information.


  • Dear Miss Kiss,

    Just read your blog ,how interesting,i am a disabled ex serviceman, i received a ticket after the disabled parking bays were occupied so put my blue badge in the window and hobbled off to Lidl. Bought milk and bread and was back at the car with in 15 minutes . Guess what a parking ticket… I Filled it out sent it off .
    The reply was i had unlawfully parked and could not use my blue badge unless i was in a disabled bay .

    This continues as we read this blog. I am frustrated and at this point rather MIFFED.

    Hope you all have success with this battle but i believe that a person can only win by joining forces with all the other affected people.

    One little thought , it would be funny if on a set day as many people as possible did not displayed a valid ticket all day……would the UKPC machine drown in a sea of paper..



    • I actually asked a warden the other day, if a disabled bay is full, can i park anywhere and use my blue badge, he said no it can only be used in a diabled bay , now to me that is stupid because the first two hours are free in that car park profiding you get a ticket, well we do have a ticket it’s blue plus we have a clock so they can see how long we have been there so, only parking is the disabled bay to me is rediculous.

    • I have no issue with parking companies who properly manage car parks for the benefit of it’s users. Many of the car parks have a long free parking allowance where all they ask is to get a ticket from the machine and display it. This is great (although I suspect it was a condition of getting the contract). Of course it is good to have disabled parking areas provided and policed in some way.

      What I object to is the outrageous charges they try to get for those who have tickets falling down or blue badges sliding out of view and then the bullying tactics of their sister company – a debt collection agency. They go too far, they are not agents of the police or the local authority and they don’t have the power to enforce tickets. They are relying on people to not understand their rights.

  • Hi all, I too PAID for a ticket at this same car park on the 1st of June and have also recived at parking fine. So I wrote to the company sending in my ticket I had got, I’ve taken a photo of both my ticket and letter I had wrote to them only to recive a letter back saying that they will not wave the charge, and that I now have to pay £15 instead !! What do I do??

  • no streetview on meadow lane 🙁
    The attendant gave me a lecture the other day .. I just smiled and said yeah whatever,…. a scary amount of people pay though…. I hear people talk about this in my taxi ..

    • The only thing that bothers me is that when i will have to book a parking with them lets say on airport they might charge me extra therefore they will get their money back :/

  • I have got a ticket on a hospital car park for parking on a disables space………the only one left after I had paid to get it. UKPC issued it £100 fine. Am I legally bound to pay it or can I ignore it.?

    • Hi Jo,

      I would not recommend ignoring it, can I suggest that you go to and post up the circumstances there and follow the advice given.


      Dave Dunford

  • Tracy could you or someone else maybe set up a petition on against the DVLA giving out our details to UKPC? I would do it but I think it needs someone with more thorough knowledge of the law!! Keep up the good work..we’re rooting for you 🙂

  • Hi Tracy
    I greatly admire the stance you are taking on this issue. I have a relative who is similarly being pestered by a car park management company. The industry is a complete free-for-all at the present time and, like you, I’m determined to make a stand. The way forward is to get our elected members onside. Up here in North Wales, I am fortunate in having some solid representatives who share my aspiration for fairness in everything to do with transparency in civic process. I have expertise in film making/audio recording/ electronic surveillance and would offer any guidance to any persons with aspiration that, in the public interest, might help the cause. I’m currently working on the VAT aspect of parking charges and my letter to HMRC will be fired off tomorrow.

    Contacts:You can email me on [email protected], twitter me @jbsandown watch my Youtube vids on jbsandown or skype me (with prior notice!) skypename = jbsandown You can make this happen! Best wishes John Butler

    p.s I’ve also got a sense of humour!

  • I’m so pleased to see somebody is tackling these bullies. I parked in mid-February, dutifully followed the instruction on the ticket to “display on dashboard”. They took 7 photographs of my windscreen, and issued a parking notice.

    I appealed by post. They “never received it” (and that was Track and Trace!!)
    I sent my appeal but email, but they did not acknowledge
    I phoned, and some grumpy woman dissed me.
    I’m now getting the Zenith letters. Whoopy do!
    Time to write a snotty letter to the retailers and landlord?

    • For mine I e-mailed them which prompted an automatic reply. That kicks in the appeals deadline as stipulated by BPA code of practice. They have to then pay the £27 and supply a POPLA code or the appeal is considered accepted. If they refuse, like they did with me (my appeal of you have no authority to invoice me LOL) then it’s a breach of the code and they can be struck off.

  • Hi Tracy,
    I have had the same thing, I had a valid ticket, and came back to the car to change my daughters nappy, then went back to the b&m store came out to a yellow ticket, as my ticket blew over, not paid and they said I could pay a £15.00 admin fee! not paid and sent another letter from debt recovery stating I now owe £150.00 they are a bunch of fools in that car park and aint worth the uniform there stood in, provide sticky tickets, I now use electrical green and yellow tape to hold ticket on window screen with a sign saying can you see me.

    • This is exactly wat has happened to me did it go any further than the debt recovery company requesting u to pay £150 as that’s where I am at and needless to say I ignored it lol

      • Hi Natalie sorry to hear about your Parking Charge Notice. I have never heard anymore from UKPC as from speaking to other people who have been fined it would appear that the debt recovery people are all part of the same UKPC family! Please keep us up to date if anything changes.

  • Can people STOP calling these demands for money “invoices”?
    They ARE NOT invoices.
    By calling it an invoice, you are still giving it some weight in law.

    An invoice is issued where goods or services have (or will be) provided.
    The document must clearly say “INVOICE” at the top.
    The document must lay out the provider & the recipient.
    The document must state what was or is to be provided.
    The document must clearly state what has been or what will be owed for this.

    What UKPC et al send out is simply in invitation which can be safely ignored.
    Thank you for reading.

    I now invite you to pay me £50 for this snippet of information. If you don’t pay within 14 days, the charge will rise to £100.
    Failure to pay this money could lead to court action and possibly CCJ

    • John, they are invoices though as it’s an official request for monies. By treating them as invoices, the burden of proof moves to the PPC to prove that a contract existed, which we all know is practically impossible. It also has implications around stating a VAT number etc. Also in a recent court case, a judge pointed out that these were invoices, hence the VAT requirement, etc. In giving it some weight in law, the PPC is put on dangerous ground more than the accused.

  • I am in a similar situation. I received a letter on Saturday. It was a notice to keeper stating £140 on the account. It did not state it was an invoice or a demand for payment.

    Here’s the back story, I parked at Bristol street car park in Swindon. Paid for my ticket displayed it, then went on my way for the day. Unknown to me that after I left my car the ticket had flipped over and wasn’t displayed correctly. Thus I received a Parking Charge Notice. However when I returned to my car at the end of the day I was unaware of any ticket being issued as it had either been removed or blown away. So the first I hear of any issues relating to a ticket came on Saturday. I received a letter from Parking Collection Services who seem to just be scaremongering me into paying the £140 I apparently owe them.

    I don’t think they have abided by the BPA code of practice as they passed on my registration and thus used an outside contractor to basically obtain my details in a shady manner from the DVLA.

    These companies should not be allowed to trade and make money in such underhanded ways preying on innocent victims.

    They wont see a penny from me, just stern letters explaining how they cannot charge me for something I never even knew about.

  • It isn’t an invoice because it doesn’t conform to the standard. It should say “invoice” on the document, it simply says “parking charge”. They are not requesting monies, they are inviting you to pay a ‘charge’.

    “An invoice or bill is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided the buyer. An invoice indicates the sale transaction only”
    “2. Invoices – what they must include

    You must clearly display the word ‘invoice’ on the document”

    UK law says it MUST include the word ‘invoice’. since the paper does not then it is clearly NOT an invoice – no matter what a judge says, he cannot alter the law on his own.

  • amazing i parked in the disabled bay today legally, and the car next to me had a car park ticket, but was parked in the disabled bay next to the one i was in, and the warden came along looked at the ticket and walked away , did nothing about the car being parked in the disabled bay , yet i was told i could not use my blue badge to park in a normal bay, can only park in disabled bay, SO WHAT ABOUT NONE DISABLED PARKING IN DISABLE BAYS, surely it must work the other way round too, if i cant park in normal bays with disable badge ,then normal ticket holders cant park in disabled bays, whats good for the goose and all that stuff

  • Thanks Tracy, you are awesome.
    I had a parking blister from UKPC 20/6/13 while parked for the evening on the roadside in an industrial estate. I didn’t notice until I got back (from a rock concert) on the fence of a locked compound next to where I parked there was the “Warning Private Property” sign and I can only assume if it had ever crossed my mind that I had thought this was nothing to do with me since I wasn’t planning on going inside the compound.
    The following day I emailed their apeal address which was on their blister and offered a link to google maps showing that the place I had parked was outside the compound on public land with only the fence to indicate a boundary. I also asked for a POPLA reference if they didn’t accept this apeal. I got an imedeate automated responce saying they will only accept apeals in writing.
    Yesterday 25/7/13 I got NtO letter (they must have got my details from DVLA) asking for £100 saying their apeal opportunity has now expired and I have 28 days to pay before they will start debt recovery.

    I plan to respond to this pointing out that I had raised a timely apeal but that it had been rejected without a valid POPLA reference as requested on grounds of process rather than substance even though I had followed one of the process options set out on the blister. I will also remind them of the law of contract for this purpose. In the particular circumstances of this ‘incident’, the car was parked outside the “car park” belonging to (name of company owning the compound). Therefore, the notice board and terms and conditions are completely irrelevant and their entire argument if based on contract fails at this point.
    Also, as there was no negotiation leading to a meeting of minds in this case, any doubt concerning terms of any sinage, or it’s interpretation, such as the land reffered to, lies with me and not them.

  • I just recieved a parking ticket because my ticket had blown over,i was holidaying with the kids in cornwall and the carpark was on top of a very windy cliff and of course there to tight to issue tickets with sticky backs just cardboard and everytime i shut the door it kept blowing over it was so windy,after numerous attempts i managed to shut the door with the ticket upright.i left my rear window slightly open and it was very slightly it was a very hot day and obviously must of eventually blown the ticket over to the other end of the dashboard, i soon found the parking ticket officer and showed him the ticket i had infact paid and he agreed i had indeed paid for the full day and still had 6hrs left on the ticket but he said its gone through the system and i have to appeal.of course i did and i recieved a letter saying i still have to pay,its not a council run car park either,i have just recieved another letter and ive replied i will fight it in court and never pay,ive had this before and stupidly paid the £100 fine when i recived nasty letters from baliffs i jsut panicked but not this time i will stand my ground,i bought the ticket i have the ticket and i also have photographic proof of the ticket i purchased.scum.

  • Every time I go back to this car park, I always stop and wave at the UKPC office above KFC. However they never wave back !, next time I’m going to take my digital camera and zoom in and watch them and see if the apreciate being watched as much as I do every time I go shopping !

  • Further to my last recommendation of kidnap / use of WMD,
    I’d like to comment on a more serious note.

    Appealing the fine is a waste of time. These companies exist to enforce parking restrictions, which are often needed.
    However, the fines are hugely out of proportion to the offence.
    Often, as testimony on this site will show through anecdotal comments, implementation
    is often unreasonable or even contrary to their own rules.

    I know how these things work. Most of you are middle class respectable upstanding citizens. Which is excellent. But the downside is that you are “Low hanging fruit”.
    You may protest here and in other blogs, but you will pay because you perceive the downside of potential bailiffs, bigger fines and who knows, social stigma?
    I don’t have these concerns. I’ll explain further below.

    I received an enforcement ticket despite having a valid ticket, displayed as required.
    I could appeal in writing, but this will never happen because this would require me to supply my home address. This is potentially life threatening.
    Read on…

    1. A lot of these clamping / parking fine companies are run by people and have people working for them who have criminal convictions for armed bank robbery assault and rape.
    2. These companies have 24 hour remote access to DVLA Records. From your number plate they will obtain your home address. (Remember some of the people working /running these companies are convicted armed bank robbers and rapists)
    3. The DVLA are complicit in providing your details to these people, some of who are evil scum. This puts you and your loved ones at risk of violence / death.

    How to stop the danger:
    Never register your vehicle in your own name nor at your home address.
    Rent a serviced office address in a company name. Pay cash up front for the facility.
    Put your car registration in that company name and address.
    Insure your car for your home address.
    Collect all post in person, ideally where the serviced address provides a key for accessing your mail box out of hours.
    Any parking enforcements from private companies can be now binned.

    If stopped by the police provide your name and home address and say the car is a company car, giving the company name and serviced office address.
    Obey the road laws and if you get a speeding ticket or parking fine from a traffic enforcement officer (as opposed to private company) pay the fine or if you feel wronged, go to court to argue your point.

    This method is not to enable you to evade the laws of the land, at all.
    Indeed it would not assist in doing this, at all.
    It is to stop your life being put at risk by your address details being given to a group of people which consists of a high % of violent criminals.

    I am not an lawyer,
    but I do know how to minimise my exposure to danger.
    I am talking about what I do. I am not suggesting that anyone follows my example,
    without at least careful consideration and independent legal advice.

  • The best action to take is to do what I do I carry a few home printed flyers in my car and every time I go to one of these UKPC run car parks which there are a few around Sheffield I let the wife go shopping then go looking for cars with parking charges on the windows and place a flyer next to it explaining that the charge is not enforceable and there is no need to reply to any letters. If I am lucky I see one of the wardens and follow them making sure they see me place my flyer after they places theirs. Only once has one of them phoned the office to ask what to do. Some people say that my flyer looks a little bit like its from UKPC but I can not see it myself 🙂 If everyone did this we can hit these people where it hurts.

  • Hi tracy fantastic blog its a real light at the end of the tunnel after also receiving a parking fine from ukpc allow me to explain, im from kidderminster and had this issue with my parking with them
    I arrived at the swan centre car park Kidderminster at 13.21 hours as I approached the place I was going to park in there was an elderly gentleman parked next to me struggling immensely to get out of his car. The gentleman also appeared to be somewhat of a disabled person to oneself so I took the liberty to park as far over as possible without causing a nuisance to the area next to me albeit I may have very slightly been parked over the whit line but please take into careful consideration the area next to me wasn’t a parking space as I was parked on the end of the row. I hope you will understand as oneself did at the time that I was acting in the best interest of an elderly gentleman who really was struggling with the width of the white line he had parked his vehicle in as you will see in the photos, as I was making my manouvering into my desired space I caught in my interior mirror the on duty traffic warden watching my moves, so as I get out the car I presume to oneself that the traffic warden had noted my actions and totally understood why one had decided to park in the manor of which one did. Unbeknown to one’s self as my family and I went off to indulge in some light shopping, on my return I was flabbergasted that I had received my first parking ticket on an act that was totally selfless, my ticket was also dated two minutes later to my paid meter ticket which I have kept for proof to back this. To add to my frustration I couldn’t understand why the on duty traffic warden didn’t have the foresight to come over to me to explain his concerns and I would of willingly moved??, I’m sorry I have had to take your time but I feel victim of a selfless act which could have been rectified so simply by a polite request.

    • Hi Mark that sounds absolutely absurd, you would think that the traffic warden would have said something to you whilst you were parking if he had been watching, as after all their job is to make sure that people park safely and within the guidelines, not hide and wait for you to leave and then ticket you. The fact that your car was slightly over a line on the end of a row and not obstructing anybody else is even more puzzling as to why you should receive a ticket. I rarely see a car parked perfectly straight in the centre of a space, I’m forever having to park at an altered angle to match that of the car next to me. Something must be done!

  • Well Done You. I have just been issued with one of these UKPC Tickets for 30mins stay in a 2hr free parking car park. Having not seen the sign stating I had to still display a ticket. £100 fine. I appealed as suggested by the Parking Attendant attaching the receipt for purchases made. Surprise surprise appeal rejected but I can pay £15 now if paid within 7 days with a £1.50 debit card charge. Have now emailed back asking for a POPLA code as I wish to appeal further. I am not holding my breath but reading all these threads my bin is ready to receive the onslaught of letters I am about to receive.

    • I’m sorry to hear that Heather, please keep us all up to date with how you’re getting on! Fingers crossed for you, and might I suggest if you should happen to have a pet hamster the letters make great bedding and toilet material for an indoor cage.

  • I am curious as to whether the Dave Dunford writing in the replies section of this blog is the same David Dunford “Vehicle Data Customer Assurance and Compliance Practitioner” from the DVLA?

  • Just today I was in reading and I parked my car in one of the UKPC which is free for two hours and went shopping then went outside of the car park for 30 min then come back to find a fine of 60 £ even though I all was done within the two hours.
    I had to log on their website to dispute it, and I attached the receipts …. Now what do you think is going to happen?

    • From my own experience and that of my readers, despite having proof of valid parking UKPC will automatically send out a fine and still pursue you, but they may off a £15 fine instead as a gesture of goodwill. It seems to be the same process for everybody regardless of the details involved.

  • Last Saturday 7th Sept. my wife and I decided to take a run out to Rushmere Shopping Center, Craigavon, we’re in Northern Ireland.
    Haven’t been for a while, but for years visited at least twice a week. The car park was always free with no restrictions.
    What is normally a 5 minute drive for us took almost 45 minutes. All roads leading to the Center were choc a bloc and when we eventually got to the car park couldn’t find a space anywhere.
    I remembered a part of the car park that we used to park in when this situation arose in the past. Went there, and sure enough, there was room for me. It’s not a parking space, as such, but hinders no one.
    Went shopping and had a good time until we got back to the car.
    A Parking Charge ticket was stuck to the windscreen. ‘£100.00 or £60.00 if paid within 14 days’.
    Now, there is no ticket to collect and display and in the bedlam of trying to find a space we never noticed any signs regarding UKPC’s terms and conditions.
    In fact we didn’t know that this was now in operation.
    Had a look around and found a UKPC sign, about 2 feet square, not far from my car, about 8 or 10 feet up a lamp post. This stated, amongst other things, drivers must park in pre defined parking spaces. Which I wasn’t in.
    On the ticket it states “Parking attendant No.020** had reasonable cause to believe that the following breach of the terms and conditions of parking occurred on our clients private land………..” “Not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space”.
    Anyone any ideas, as it really goes against my grain to pay this.

  • I worked at the call centre that takes calls for UKPC. It’s run by two arrogant and greedy a***holes called lara and bradley who also happen to live in beconsfield… Must be all in it together. Just as corrupt as UKPC all they care about is money and treating people like sh*t. Left after a week!

    • my husband as been tupe over to these rats they are arrogant , greedy scum bags , as my husband said to them i am not obliged to sign your dirty rotten contract , the laws of tupe say not , ukpc have tried bullying my hubby , and trying to wind him up then he saw a black african wanna be ass licking team leader recording my husband , my hubby wont sign this contract , we are stuck coz we have 7 years redundancy and we know they want to just push my hubbys buttons so he will walk , he wont ukpcc what next trick will you come up with you set of scum bags , … just pay my hubby his redundancy and jog on set of dicks ..

  • I have just paid a £160!!!! to UKPC which was an increased fine as am 7 months pregnant and can’t take the stress. Will be appealing and going to the BPA as I had appealed as per UKPC rules back in July and received 2 letters at my mums address today which the DVLA must have given them. I did not get a full 14 days to pay the reduced fine. Really want to take further just not sure who with!!??

  • I work for the nhs and pay for a parking permit, even though there is inadequate parking!! In the grounds of the hospital there is an old disused building which is boarded up and has been for over 2 years. Me and other colleagues and visitors have been using the pickup/drop off bay at the front of that building for most of that time without any indication that this was illegal from the hospital Trust. The building is quite separate from the rest of the hospital and there is no signage indicating it is a no parking area. Yesterday a lovely new employee of UKPC affixed a £65 parking charge to my windscreen. When i challenged him he laughed and bragged about how many other members of staff he had “got”!! Should i appeal/pay?

  • Tracy, what are your thoughts on the Argos ticket machines. Do they not refer to 2 hours free, 3 hours at one cost and 4 hour at another?

  • Tracy i cant agree more about UKPC they are very sly and i advise anyone who recives a parking charge from them to question its validaty

  • COURT VERDICT ? Hi can any give me the link to the offical court verdict for UKPC and its director Rupert Williams in September 2011 at Hull Crown Court acused of Engaging in
    a commercial practice which was a misleading action contrary to
    Regulation 9 of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading

  • [email protected] says:

    Dear Tracy!

    You are such a solder. You have enlightened me and this not about your fight alone but you have done this to help all those who feel terribly strange when they see one of those tickets on their for no good reason most of the times.

    Hats off and thank you for your help.

  • I got my vehicle ticketed last November, By the end of the year UKPC had sent 2 letters inviting me to pay over the top charges – then all went quiet.
    Now just had 3 letters in a row from Debt Recovery Plus – 13/09, 30/09 and 14/10.

    Since the first two hours are free – and I had a ticket, do they really think I’m stupid enough to pay £140?
    And the fact that they are, finally, giving me a chance to pay a reduced amount means that THEY KNOW they are pissing into the wind!
    Bunch of chancers!

    • I will trump your 3 debt recovery plus letters with a zenith collections letter down now to £80. Pissing in the wind is right.

      • I have had the debt recovery letters and am now getting letters from a solicitor and they are threatening me with CCJ if I don’t pay up!

      • HA – and I will match your Zenith letter with one of my own 😀
        Mr James Wilkins (litigation manager) can go and take a running jump.

        I wish someone would let us know what Rupert Williams’ car reg is – THEN we can have some fun with him for a change.

  • i cant stand them walking around acting like they own the f****g car park and expecting us to pay the fines even tho i had my permit fully displayed they gave me a ticket which i then used to hold my permit up in the middle of my windscreen

  • Hi.
    I am also in dispute with UKPC.
    The facts are that my son lives in a block of flats (he ownes the flat) and he was moving into a house just down the road about a mile away from the flat.
    I told him that rather than him having to hire a small van to move his possesions, we would use my LWB 4X4 Nissan Terrano.

    When I arrived at his block of flats in the morning, all the allocated parking spaces near his flat were full of cars, so I parked as close to his flat as possible, but not in an allocated parking space. My son and I spent all day running taking his possesion from his flat to his house, and must have made five or six journeys.

    As you can guess, at some point during the day I got stung by UKPC, and they managed to get my details from DVLA. When the first bill arrived, I wrote back saying that my son & I had been moving his property all that day to his new house etc etc,.

    Up until today I have received 3 auto printed letters with absolutly no response to the information that I gave them. Today I have received a letter (No 4) to say they have looked at my claim and enclosed a POPLA form (which looks like a bit of a stitch up system to me). They go on to say that if I pay now it will be reduced to £54 otherwise it will go up to £90, plus £60 for putting it in the hands of a debt recovery agent.

  • Today, we have moved on from Debt Recovery Plus.
    Today, I get a letter from Zenith collections… “it is our intention to collect this debt and pursue it to a legal conclusion if necessary”. They go on to say that they will accept a reduced settlement of £80.
    so, from the original £140, it’s gone down to £112 and now £80.
    “we would urge you to act now to take advantage of our discounted settlement offer of £80”

    Yeah, pissing in the wind!

    somebody please put this prat’s registration number on here so we can have some real fun!

    • I’ve contacted David Lidlington as he’s our local MP,, having the same problem as you.
      We have been ticketed and we park in our own space that’s residential.
      I’ve also noticed that when the guy shows up, he’s being selective about who he gives charge ticket to,, The same ethnic minority just point out there cars and they are left alone!

  • You lot are all stressing yourselves about absolutely nothing …. either just ignore it, in which case you get a load of ‘threatening’ letters, which – again – you just ignore …. OR – the best way to hear nothing ever again – not never no how! – is to just go on their website, and where it asks if you were the driver – you just tick the ‘NO’ box. This is because they can only try and charge the driver of the vehicle, and nobody else. Job done – been there, done it!

    • Not so easy to do since I was driving my works’ vehicle. THEY got the initial threatening letter. They wrote to the company, explaining how I was picking up disabled passengers in a large minibus & how this bus is twice the length of a car – so why I was not parked within the marked bay – yet UKPC still insisted it was a £140 fine. My company then said the drivers have to pay any fines accrued & told them my details.
      I’m not in the slightest bit worried, as I said, UKPC and their cromnies are pissing in the wind.
      However, I would like to know their reg details so they can have a taste of their own medicine!

      • These companies are just chancers …. if anybody pays them they must be mad/rich …. nothing legally binding at all to say you have to pay.

  • it’s ok guys. looks like we do’nt need to worry any more as it turns out UKPC will accecpt monopoly money to pay their fines, err sorry invoices. i got one 18 months ago in belfast and after a few threatening letters i decided to pay up, well kind of pay up. i sent them the £90 in the post (well,, £90 worth of monopoly money) with and additional £10 of monopoly money for their troubles and guess what… i never heard from them again lol. as it turns out you can defeat them with humor lol.

  • They have no idea at all. I went to oay my fine within 14days at £54 only to seeonline it was actually £61.50. I spoke to customer services and was told to appeal. I spent 2days trying to do the appeal online (over the weekend) and each time there was a website error. So i called up customer aervices again and was told as my 14days is up in 2days i shud pay the fine. Otherwise it would increase to £100. I argued that on my ticket it states £90 after 14days where i was then told that the amount could be anywhere between £90 & £100. I cant even appeal after paying! Its a disgrace

    • Dunno how many times I have to write this …. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY THEM …. just ignore it, these companies are just chancers. If you don’t want to ignore it, and feel better doing something, just go on to their website, enter the charge notice no., and then when it asks if you were the driver of the vehicle, you just tick ‘NO’ …. they can only TRY to con the actual driver out of their hard-earned dosh. FACT!!!

  • After not hearing from UKPC for a year I’ve now had another letter from Debt Recover Plus. (original incident was June 2012) When will something be done to stop these people trying to bully money out of people?

  • Hello everyone,
    My girlfriend lives in Chelmsford in a Swan Housing accommodation which use UKPC as their parking attendants. We have a permit for my car and a visitors permits and on the odd occasion I forget to put the permit on the dashboard and have received an ‘invoice’ to pay. Swan housing maintenance staff said if we speak to Swan Housing they will cancel the invoice and will go no further and the parking attendant advised us to write an appeal!

    The first one was received early this year, which we paid wrongly (£90) not knowing much about it. Since then I have received another 2, 1 in November 2013 and 1 today (Christmas Eve!). I got a final notice to pay the invoice through last week, failure to do so will give me a bad credit rating and will end up going to court. But after reading all of the above I am going to carry on ignoring it and any further letters or invoices. However, I have sent a compliant to Swan Housing as I feel as my girlfriends landlord they shouldn’t be applying a third party to harass you, when you have rights to park there and they should have my car details on file. Simply liaising between Swan Housing and UKPC would solve this issue.

    Does make me worry how many people they are harassing over this though. I mean a bad credit rating for someone who is looking to get on a property ladder is a bit of a scare. My girlfriend pays a lot of money in rent and the parking spaces come along with the benefits of living there, no additional charge, so no financial loss is made, nor are UKPC the landowners.

    Can someone please put my mind at rest.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi John. I used to work for UKPC and I can assure you that the invoice better known as a parking charge is not worth the paper its printed on. dont pay a penny. also no parking charge can affect your credit rating. all parking attendants advise to write an appeal but this will fail. REMEMBER. dont worry and file in the bin any letter you get from ukpc or thier debt agent. they go away in the end so and worrying yourself.

  • Hi all

    One of my vans got a ticket today, but they put the colour down as white when it is very clearly dark grey ! The driver admitted he wasn’t parked in the bay correctly but as it’s a large Mercedes Sprinter it was never going to fit in the bay, and he did pick a single bay away from the others so as not to cause any kind of inconvenience.

    After finding this site I’m advising him to ignore it, but he is worried and doesn’t want to be sent to court, do they take pictures of every vehicle they ticket ? if they don’t we can just ignore and wait for the letter to come through the post then reply saying there is an error as my vehicle is grey and not white ?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Greg
      I used to work for UKPC and yes they do take photos…BUT dont worry because the ticket is not worth the paper its printed on. just file in the bin anything they sent. remember ukpc are a private parking firm and the ticket you have is just an ivoice and not a charge. the only tickets you must pay are council wardens and police tickets. AGAIN please dont pay or worry. dont even reply to them. Kind Regards. Tony

  • i can not see how it got this far, but as you state it all seems wrong. I to got a ticket from them in Wycombe, it was issued correctly but when I explained that I was out of my bay because of bad parking by the car next to me, my fine was cancelled without an argument. I was totally amazed because of all I had read, and told wasting my time challenging it. sorry just my experience, probably not typical, but good luck in your challenges. the fines are totally out of proportion to the offence and this is where I feel extortion and criminality is at play.

  • I tried a different approach when I got a ticket from them – first I sent a strongly worded letter to Aldi enclosing a copy of my till slip for that day, then a similar letter to UKPC challenging them to PROVE I had left the site, and finally I went back to the carpark and took photos of the attendant and his vehicle, telling him I needed photographic evidence for when I take UKPC to court for harassment and attempted extortion – three days after this third approach I received a cancellation notice fro UKPC as “a gesture of goodwill”.
    Then last week I was down at the same car park where I saw the same attendant parked squarely in the middle of TWO bays – needless to say I took a whole lot more photos of this which I have sent to Parking Prankster to see if he has any use for them.
    Rather unsurprisingly, I didn’t receive a christmas card from UKPC this year!!


  • I got one on the 26th of December 2013. I parked in a disabled bay and presented my badge on the dash as I always do. However when I’ve closed the door it must of dropped down onto the car chair because when I got back to the car it was there. It was windy that day, either the wind of clashing of the car door. Anyways I’ve appealed it and I got a letter back saying the fine is still £30 but please send us a copy of the Badge. I have just done that this morning and sent in another appeal with a copy of my badge. Also the photographic evidence doesn’t show any photos of the drivers seat. So clearly they haven’t read what I put in my first appeal. Also its Boxing day, Surely that’s classed as a Holiday so god knows why they would be issuing tickets.

    Its a utter joke, loved the videos of the telephone calls cheered me up. Its clearly a pokey little office somewhere. What a way to make money heh. What would you recommend I do?

    • Hi Adam. as I have said on a number of times. I have worked for this company. DO NOT PAY ONE PENNY. they will reply and try to charge you £15 and say it goes to charity. this is a con. always remember private tickets are not worth the paper they are printed on. REMEBER ADAM…DO NOT PAY AND BIN ALL LETTERS THEY SEND YOU

  • I got a parking ticket today to go to DW gym at that same car park. I use this car park 4-5 times a week and always get a ticket, not to mention the parking attendants knows my car, sees me regularly enough to acknowledge me and see me get my ticket this very afternoon. so, i displayed it on my dashboard only to return and I had a parking ticket. my ticket I got from the machine had been facing down (must have turned over on impact from my slamming the door?) I too still had about 20mins left on it. I feel the urge to notify UKPC about it but I think after reading this whole blog and comments, if its just a case of proving them wrong it seems it would be pointless. I am going to swallow it, and keep the ticket safe for future use if needed.

    • The warden has a bonus for tickets issued. UKPC warden bonus table is as follows. 1-20 = 0 20-30 = £2 per ticket. 30-40 = £3 per ticket. 40-50 = £4 per ticket. 50 upwards = £5 per ticket. Never pay a private parking ticket. these are made to look like a parking charge but are only an invoice. ALSO REMEMBER. the landlord of the carpark gets a cut of the payments. I was a warden for 2 years with UKPC and can prove all of the above plus all the dirty tricks warden are told to do by the company to get tickets…..AGAIN. DONT PAY YOUR INVOICE

      • Thank you for this priceless advice could you please share the tricks the wardens do so that we know what to look out for.

        • When I was a warden working for UKPC I would receive regular phone calls from our team leader. These call were called motivation calls. Basically they were pressure calls to make us reach our daily targets. All wardens working for UKPC must issue tickets by what ever means possible. We were told not to be to visible. When taking photos for double parking in bays we were told to take the photos at a certain angel to make the contravention look worse. We were told to issue ghost tickets. This is when you issue a ticket place it on the windscreen and take the photo then remove the ticket. The driver is then unaware of the ticket until he receives a letter demanding £90. by doing this the innocent member of the public does not have a chance to appeal and pay within fourteen days. Also if we seen a car not showing a blue badge but we could see the badge on the seat were the driver has forgotten to place it on the dashboard we were told to take a photo of the inside of the car but make sure the badge is not in the photo. The cowboys that own UKPC are only interested in targets. I could not take this deceitful work practice anymore and resigned last December. I cant stress enough. If you get a ticket from these cowboys of any other private parking firm. DONT PAY A PENNY and take no notice if you have a letter from there debt collector. Bin all letters and never reply back to them. The only parking tickets that must be paid are council and police.

  • Very Interesting read this! I have just rec’d a ticket in Reading for parking on the side of a road which is a housing estate. No yellow lines and a parking fine notice which is not very clear at all! I am just going to ignore it and not contact them and not pay a penny! They are criminals!

  • HI I have just got a parking ticket from UKPC. I parked in a car park – which it turns out was 2 CAR PARKS! Not knowing this I bought my ticket form the machine, and parked in the ‘wrong’ end of the car park. it was not clearly sign posted – apparently the ‘white marked’ bays were not to be parked in! I chose them because the rest of the car park was empty – and I wanted to be in a ‘correct’ spot, a marked spot. there was no definition in the boundaries between the 2 areas – and limited signs on one of the walls – but not near where I parked. apparently there was a notice on the machine – but it was dark when I arrived and hard to read.
    from all i have read above I can see there is no point in appealing!!
    can I just ignore the threats? (I am normally very much a law abiding citizen so am scared of the consequences!))

    • you will remaine a law abiding citizen. do not reply to any of their letters even the debt letter. bin them all nothing will happen

  • Hi Tracy
    Good work.
    Can one just keep ignoring the PCNs and Debt recovery mails even after the law change in October 2012?
    I understand now the new law gives private parking firms like UKPC rights to pursue this to court?

    • Private parking tickets are enshrined in contact law, and landowners have a right to issue you a ticket if a perceived contract between you and them has been broken. Until October 2012 they could also clamp your car.
      Private companies have much reduced powers to enforce parking tickets and often impose them frivolously, It was previously the case that only the driver of a car could be pursued for private parking fines, and we advised those who were being chased for an infraction committed by someone else in their car to send a strong-worded letter to the firm chasing them.
      This however all changed with the new regulations brought in in October 2012, which meant it became legal for private companies to extract payment from the keeper of the vehicle as the driver. dont pay and just ignore all letters that these cowboys send you.

  • Hi Tracy, I had a similar experience although my car was parked in a bay that I rent from my landlord and it is clearly marked out as being the space for my flat. On the day in question I received a ticket for not displaying my permit (which on every other day of the year is displayed on my dashboard) which I ignored and then received a letter in the post a few weeks later demanding payment. I wish I had read your blog before, but in my naivety I appealed it as UKPC did not have sufficient evidence there was no permit on display (they had no photographs of the back windows nor of the inside of the car). UKPC went through their normal routine of rejecting the appeal and reducing it to £15, which I again I appealed as I was determined to not give them a penny. The charge went back up and they gave me the details of how to appeal to POPLA.

    I appealed with POPLA who rejected the appeal citing I had not adhered to the terms and conditions of the sign. The joke is that what they said in their letter the sign says (“permits must be clearly displayed in windscreens”) and what the sign actually says (“permits must be displayed”) are in complete contradiction of each other. I have pointed this out to POPLA who have simply said the Assessor’s decision is final and they won’t reconsider their decision no matter what evidence I hold.

    As you and other readers will be aware, I have received this charge not having caused UKPC any loss or damage, particularly given that no-one else can park in that space apart from me as it is designated to the flat I rent.

    Neither UKPC, nor the management company of the flats with whom they have the contract own the land in the carpark either. I have checked this and the owner is a well known housing development company. I have also requested that UKPC show me a copy of the contract they have with the management company to prove that they have the right to enforce their charges. They have refused to provide this citing a confidentiality clause.

    The whole matter has caused me a great deal of stress, not to mention the amount of time I have spent!

    Do you and other readers of your blog think I should just ignore any further letters from UKPC and their Debt Recovery Agency and that it won’t ever go to court?on the whole sorry affair!

    • Hi Andrew. please do not stress over this. I have worked for UKPC but have now seen the light. do not make anymore contact with them or the debt agent. file all letters you have from them into your bin. nothing will happen. with regards to the land lord. UKPC will be paying them a cut from all tickets that are paid. remember Andrew…DONT WORRY AND DONT PAY A PENNY TO THEM

      • Thanks Tony. Will heed your advice and ignore any more correspondence from UKPC and their debt collection agency. Only thing I’m going to do in the mean time is make an official complaint to POPLA about how the case was handled and evidence fabricated in the case against me!

        • I think that’s a very good idea – can’t believe your appeal failed.
          Can I ask tony how long it is since he’s worked at UKPC?

          • Hi Pauline.
            I worked for them for 2years and finished December 24th 2013. in the time with them I have built up a lot of everdence to show they are crooks. some of which I have photo copied and placed on this forum.

          • Hi Tony, I just wondered whether UKPC’s policies could have changed since you left, but it’s very recent, so your knowledge is obviously up to date. I’ve been reading all your comments, thanks.

      • Tony, I have read your numerous replies on this forum.
        And, you seem to instantly respond to people’s distress… and keep asking everyone to ‘Ignore’ them crooks…
        I have this weirdly funny feeling – Are you an UKPC representative yourself, using this forum and just putting everyone in deeper despair??!!
        Hope not! If you are, you have found the right forum and you are very clever 🙂

        • Hi Abhig
          I understand what you mean but can assure you I no longer work for UKPC. plaese confirm this with tracykiss. my goal is to make private parking firms a thing of the past and with forums like this it helps my goal. people need not feel stress because as I have mentioned these tickets are not worth the paper they are printed on. I was once told at a meeting. the company know that everyone will not pay. but if 70% do then the company make a lot of money. the company has been in business for over 25 years so it shows that people still pay their tickets. to conclude. you asked if I am UKPC representative. If I was I am sure I would have been sacked by now because of what I have showen on this forum site with regards to wardens bonuses. I have a lot more evidence to show how these crooks work but will be showing this to a TV doc that is being made about private parking dirty tricks. hope this has put your mind at rest. kind regards Tony

  • what is the letter of the law on fines issued by non legal firms such as ukpc. we need a clear indication as to the law befor we act to put these greed fueled firms the shove they need

    • Hi Tony, the advice from the solicitor on this Watchdog clip is now out of date because it was recorded before Sch 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 became law. The current and updated advice now is to appeal to the PPC operator and when that appeal is refused to then appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (‘POPLA’) specifically stating that ‘the amount of the parking charge does not represent a genuine estimate of loss and is therefore an unlawful and legally unenforceable penalty charge”
      Hope this helps

  • Hi Nev. Yes your correct. also The Office of Fair Trading has stated to the BPA Ltd that a ‘parking charge’ is not automatically recoverable simply because it is stated to be a parking charge, as it cannot be used to state a loss where none exists. And the BPA Code of Practice states that a charge for breach must wholly represent a genuine pre-estimate of loss flowing from the parking event.

  • Hi , I received a ticket in November but I was parked in a disabled bay while taking my granddad shopping and without me knowing my granddad much have knocked the badge off the dashboard whilst getting out, I emailed ukpc with the badge details then sent me a letter back asking for a photocopy of the badge- which I did. Whilst I was away they sent me a letter stating a final notice I need to pay £90.00 now! So when I got back I called ukpc who told me it was too late they had never received the copyand that the case had been passed to a debt recovery two days ago- they couldn’t look at the case now I would need to speak to them- so I did and found them so rude and just interested in taking my money I was informed at the end of the call to get a solicitor! I went back to ukpc who said I could ask them to pass the case back to ukpc but had to come from me, but when I spoke to the debt recovery they told me that ukpc wouldn’t have said that and told me that ukpc do not want the case back! I informed them I do not accept the debt and want it to be passed back to ukpc- I also emailed them informing of this, they told me they do not reply back to emails. They are asking for £130.00 now and keep texting me and informed if not paid will take court action! I0 just feel like i’m going back and forward between ukpc and the debt recovery, its not like I ignored the ticket or anything .

  • Hi Tracy

    I received a ticket last night for overstaying the 4hrs max stay for visitors in my own residential car park. I had a permit but was there for 6hrs. The signs state max 4hrs.No return. (am i never allowed to return?) There is no time scales to say when i can return. The cost of the notice is £100 and £60 if paid within 14 days, a little extortionate considering its a free residential car park. Surely they have not lost any losses through my contravention parking? The signs are all different in the car park to, regarding to fines, one says £100 another £90 and so on. Could anyone provide me with any help on this matter?


  • Tony, do you think you are a hero? To read your posts, i know why you have been fired. Put a knife to company you worked for two years,you are not good guy. Everyone here knows.

    • Hi Saif
      Reading your comment tells me that you have link with UKPC. also your comment seems to be very child like. You have said you know why I was sacked. please could you tell everyone why you think this was. When you put in writing the full reasons with evidence I will then comment and show what kind of a person you are. You have made an accusation and we are all waiting for your reply. Be warned. I can show my reasons for resigning from a greedy company like UKPC. Also when you reply please could you remember that a key board has a letter A. your grammar shows your intelligence. I have a strong feeling that you work in the UKPC office and this is your way of trying to make me look like the enemy. Sorry Saif… this will not work.

    • I have a strong feeling that you work in the UKPC office and this is your way of trying to make me look like the enemy. Sorry this will not work. have a nice day.

  • I think it’s brilliant information. Thank you so much for the advice. Believe it or not I was done for £100 by UKPC on Sunday 23.2.2014 at a retail car park in Dundee Scotland where I have never parked before.(I’m not from the area or town) I was taking a friend shopping and we both looked at the signs says 4 hours max 2 hours free. We did not see us having to display a ticket what it did say was remember to Pay and display which we thought was for after 2 hours.
    However, after being in the shop,for 3/4 hour I came out and found a ticket on my windscreen.
    I approached the attendant and explained that I was unaware I had to display a ticket and I thought it was after 2 hours? Call me stupid but it wasn’t as if I didn’t check out the signs I did. But here’s the punch line. There are other sign saying “2 hours free if you display” but they are not beside the UKPC signs they are randomly placed around the car park (how convenient) and the attendant agreed with me that they were not visible from where I was parked. He advised me to send off my receipt from the shop showing the date and time which was 11.13 (I entered at 11.50 and was ticketed at 11.04) he also advised not to phone as they keep you hanging on forever (best to email) another scam to get money on a 0870 number. The parking attendant assured me I wouldn’t be charged! Well I got home and I emailed the photos (wrong move) of where I was parked and that the signage was not visible to me about displaying a ticket and also a copy of another parking receipt of an indoor parking facility which I entered at 12.31 proving I did not overstay 2 hours at their UKPC facility. Lo and behold this morning 28.2.2014 I get a letter from UKPC telling me to pay a reduced fee of £60 if I pay within 14 days.
    They say there was ample signage. Yes plenty saying 4 hours max 2 hours free but very little signage about displaying a ticket.

    Well I was furious I was on my way to a funeral and I was completely frustrated until now that is Since reading your forum and I am so pleased.
    I don’t know how I stand in Scotland but I’m sure not paying for this as I did not overstay 2 hours and ok I did not initially display a ticket but sincerely I was not aware even my friend did not see that we had to. We read the sign several times and the attendant was nearby even watched us walk off. Why didn’t he question us?
    Sorry for going on but I am so frustrated about this.
    I have never disobeyed the law in my life or even had a parking ticket but this beggars belief.

    The thing is your spending money in these shops and your being charged more for parking?

    A frustrated campaigner

    Entail car park where is have never parked before at a retail park

    • Hi Peter. dont pay and dont worry. also remember you have not broken the law. UKPC are chancers who hope you will pay. bin all letters you have from them and also from the debt company. remember all UKPC wardens are on a bonus and hide away to catch you.

  • I think this company are completely out of order and are basically an organised crime sindicate that should be outlawed!

  • Tracy mentions an MSE Forum thread towards the end of her article. I recommend anyone to read and understand it.

    UKPC are easily beaten by playing the system; Appeal to UKPC, Get rejected, Appeal to POPLA, Win and laugh at having cost UKPC.

    But if you are at the Ignore stage and are getting letters from UKPC, DR+, Zenith etc. then don’t worry – UKPC are the only ones who can take you to court (despite what DR+ and Zenith may say), and UKPC don’t do court. (At least they haven’t yet since POFA2012 came into effect. Except for the times THEY were taken to court – and lost!)

    • I would not bank on your appeal to popla as they are not impartial!!! I was rejected by them too, because I failed to display a ticket even though the machines were out of paper and I stayed under two hours and I made A purchase from the shops on retail park. Waste of space. I’ll see them in court!!!!!

  • Please help. today at Metrocentre, Gateshead which has 10.000 free car spaces. i parked in a disabled bay and forgot to change over my expired blue badge and got a ukpc ticket for £30.00, I actually do have a new badge, just foolishly forgot to change my badge over, from what Im reading on here,i shouldnt pay and they cant enforce it, my husband says not to pay, please can someone put my mind at rest and advise thanks

  • I don’t recommend ignoring. But if you do decide to take this path then do NOT bin all letters. Keep them safely filed away, just in case UKPC grow a pair and decide to take someone to court.

  • This is a great post. I have recently been sent a debt recovery letter for a parking fine dispatched by UKPC. I had a valid permit but it wasn’t on display which I admitted it. But I appealed but I never got a reply from my appeal. A few months later I got a debt recovery letter demanding £160. The problem here is that I never received a response to my appeal and they through this act on me:

    Thank you for your email regarding the above Parking Charge Notice (PCN).

    As per the British Parking Association’s (BPA) Code of Practice, Point 22.7, the driver/keeper/hirer was allowed 28 days from the date the PCN was issued to challenge the PCN. The time to challenge the charge has now expired and therefore access to the Independent Appeals Service (POPLA) is no longer available.

    However, in order to resolve this matter, I will offer the following comments as to why this PCN was correctly issued and is still payable in full.

    My findings

    The site in question is subject to terms and conditions, which are stated on signs throughout the area. Those signs state that drivers must clearly display a valid parking permit for the site. They also warn that failure to do so may result in the issue of a PCN.

    On the date in question the vehicle was parked on the site but no valid permit was clearly displayed. This means that the terms and conditions were breached and a PCN was correctly and legitimately issued and placed on the vehicle for notification purposes.

    I attach photographic evidence taken at the time of the parking contravention, showing that there was no valid permit on clear display.


    Regarding an appeal, a response was sent on 27th January 2014.

    Under Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, Schedule 4, Conditions that must be met for purposes of paragraph 4:

    S (8)(6) A notice sent by post is to be presumed, unless the contrary is proved, to have been delivered (and so “given” for the purposes of sub-paragraph (4)) on the second working day after the day on which it is posted; and for this purpose “working day” means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday in England and Wales.

    In light of the above, while I appreciate that you claim not to have received this correspondence, under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, such is, without evidence of the contrary, presumed delivered.

    What you need to do now

    Please pay £160.00 by 21st March 2014. You can pay online or by phone. Go to or phone 0844 561 0965. You can find full details of how to pay on the reverse of the letter(s) sent to you.

    What will happen if you do not pay what you owe

    If you do not pay the full amount by the date shown above, I will pass your case to our legal team, who will consider taking legal action to recover what is due.

    What if you do not agree

    Although any correspondence that does not provide further evidence will be noted and retained, I cannot guarantee that we will reply to it.

    More information

    This parking charge has been issued under the terms of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. To comply with that act, we may need to write to you at specified times until the account is settled.


    Kind Regards

    They told me to speak to solicitor if I dont pay so I made a token payment of £15. Is there anything I can do from here?

    • can a debt collection agency affect my credit score without going to court, for non payment of a UKPCs parking ticket, My husband and I believe the ticket is not legal as they do not know who was driving the car at the time and they do not own the land at the metro centre Gateshead. therefore we could not enter into a contract with them.


    • Hi chi nwa,

      I am in exactly the same position as you – I appealed by UKPC Parking Charge, but never heard anything back from them at all. Then 2 months later, two letters in quick succession from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd (DRP) demanding £120.

      I called in an effort to explain what had happened (I hadn’t received a response to my appeal and that I wasn’t just ignoring them).

      DRP then cited the same Act (Protection of Freedoms) and confirmed that UKPC did send a response, which confirmed my appeal was unsuccessful. Then, as I hadn’t responded to that letter (because it hadn’t ever arrived!), UKPC passed the issue onto DRP.

      Now I’m stuck in limbo as no-one appears to want to listen to reason. I have said all along (since receiving the letters from DRP – when it became apparent that there was an issue) that I am happy to pay the original fine of £30 – I’m not just trying to get out of it – but no-one will listen, and they continue to cite this Freedom of Protections Act and are demanding (a slightly reduced) charge of £96 now.

      Have you managed to get any further with your issue at all?

      Any help would be greatly received.

  • Pauline, i emailed the metrocentre as you advised. I emailed a copy of my valid badge and the reply was, all dealt with, no charge. I can ignore ticket. Thankyou x

  • hi tony. can you help me, im in a whealchair as ive got MS and i was at the hospital at the beginging of the this month, and on the way home i had to call into marks& spencers on the boucher road to use their tolit urgently, but i couldnt park in a normal car space as my whealchair wouldnt fit in or out and im waiting on my renewel blue badge as the old one i deslide was outdated, and i had to ask a lady to get me a whealchair from M&S as i couldnt lift my own out, i was no longer than 10 minates , when i returned to find a 100 pound fine on my window, i didnt even see a sign saying i couldnt park from the UKPC, and ive never heard of them before, can you tell me what to do, ive tried ringing them, but found them very rude, its really stressing me out, i would rather give the money to a charity. ireneie.

  • Good Morning Ireneie.
    First of all please dont stress. what ever you do please dont sent this private parking company any money. their tickets are NOT parking tickets they are only an invoice made to look like a parking charge. as I have said before they are not worth the paper they are printed on. these so called parking charges are not enforceable. the only parking charges that are inforceable are council wardens and police. after a few weeks you will have a letter from their debt agent. again take no notice. file them in the bin like many people do. what I would like you to do is contact you local newspaer and give them your story. also plaese ask your local newspaper to contact me because I used to work for this company and can tell them and show them everdence of the dirty tricks they use to issue tickets. I will help you through this so PLEASE SMILE and dont worry.
    Kind Regards
    EX UKPC Warden

  • thankyou so much for your advice, and thankyou for getting back to me so prompt, i will get intouch with my local paper as you advised, could you send me yur email address so i can give them it to get intouch with you, i cant thankyou enough, these ukpc wardens cant get away with what there doing to people, they seem to be a law onto themselves, sorry i forgot to ask you do i need to appeal this ticket, or ignore them alltogether. many ,many thanks, and thankyou for making , SMILE.

  • Good Morning Ireneie
    Write to them and tell them you will NOT be paying. and tell them you are going to the newspaper. I cant give my email on a public site but please forward the name of the reporter and their office number and I will contact them.when you let me know when too.

  • Hi Tony,

    I received a fine last year. There wasn’t a ticket on my window, assuming comes off in the rain. It’s gone from £100, to £160, back to £128, then £80 and now threatening court for £160 & solictors fees.

    I was parked on private land in Kent, The offence states I was parked incorrectly in bay markings… but there was no bay markings! Nor yellow lines!

    I’m not keen on paying, not keen on court either. I’m not sure what to do?



    • Do not pay these cowboys, they have increased my fine and decreased it twice
      hoping I would pay, have you heard the saying, not until hell freezes over.
      with regard to the DVLA I will be going to see my MP after the election and ask him
      to lobby parliament and see why the DVLA are selling my private details to cowboy car park companies who issue illegal tickets. If they don’t own the land you can not enter into a contract with them.

  • Wow.. i have a issue with UKPC now for parking down my own road not in a bay.. long story but reading you blog makes me relish making these scum bags work very hard to get nothing from me.
    p.s your a inspiration to all of us challenging these kind of companies and fair play to 🙂 x

    • Hi Chris. I used to work for this scumbag company and resigned because of the dirty tricks they wanted me to do to issue tickets. some of the tricks would make you sick. rememeber what ever they send you through the post demanding payments just bin it. you should join our UKPC parking forum at

      • Hi Tony
        let anyone know Chris is right they are total chancers, let them take you to court
        this will not happen as they have been beaten in the high court and a precedent
        has been set, get behind Tracy she has saved me paying them, I have all their demands to show everyone the scare tactics they try to use.
        As for the wardens, well we will say no more about them.
        please never, never ever pay these cowboy bullies. As for the DVLA breaking the information protection data law by selling info to these cowboys are know better and their day will come.

  • Thanks for all the info on UKPC Parking Changes. I have a query as well. Yesterday at the local Leisure Park we ( my wife & duaghter ) had to park on the top storey of the FREE carpark ( so long as you are using one or more of the facilities – which we were ). When we came back to the car I found a UKPC Penalty under my wiper, stating I was parked incorrecyly within the bays. I had just parked along side another car as this was nearest to the staircase and didn’t think to check whether they had parked correctly and as the weather was atrocious I wouldn’t have seen any bay lines if I had wanted to. So the person to my right must have parked across a couple of bays which meant I had done the same. For peace of mind, would this be another ” Ignore ” any correspondence sent answer, or would this fall under a criteria that would have me needing to pay the stipulated payment ? If someone could advise, I would be grateful. Many thanks.

    • Hi Jon. Something to keep in mind. A UKPC warden is not allowed to a ticket a car unless the white line of the parking bay is a third or more under your car. this is in their rule book. I know this because I worked for this company. with regards should you pay. I would wait for the CLEAR picture evidence to arrive through the post to make sure its a third or more. if its not a third or more write back to them and state their hand warden hand book rule. if it is a third or more I would then send them Monoply money and tell them to keep the change. they will then get their in house debt letter sent to you which looks official but dont worry. as I have said many times these tickets / invoices are not worth the paper they are printed on. Hope this put your mind at rest. Kind Regards Tony.

    • Hello Jon
      These people are cowboys, they prey on people like you who are afraid of not paying
      my advice is put their letters in the bin and wait for them to take you to court
      they have already been beaten in court and a president has been set in the high court
      I told them I am not paying even though they reduced the £100 ticket twice, they are desperate to get people to pay without any heart ache to them.
      please read all the Tracy Kiss blog, it worked for me and my next step is to bring it up in parliament about the DVLA giving out personal info for money and breaking the Data protection Act. we will beat these people because we are not gangsters taking peoples money under the so called protection of the law, this is going to end.


  • My charge is based on me not being in a bay.
    basically down our road we have trouble with the school nearby where parents would dump the car blocking the road for 5 mins so we all pushed for permits which we got NOW… when i got home the street for some reason was rammed so i parked on the curb/road nt on yellow and not in anyways way the plan was to wait 30 mins for when the road clears then move into a bay… within 20 mins i had a ticket now a few thins

    1, they didnt even peel the back and i was on the floor when i went to my car
    2, i actually live down the road but this didnt seem to matter when i appealed
    3, they dont even stop the bloody school people as they come over once in a blue moon..

    Now to be honest i was going to pay as i was in the wrong BUT they want £60 raising to £100 which i think is crazy had it been £20 – £30 i would of paid but £60 is just so much
    i have checked the pics and im done bang to rights with the sign viable (saying to park in a bay or get fined) what the heck do i do as on paper i am guilty BUT £60 seem way to much i couldnt understand if i was blocking someone house but i was in nobody’s way…

  • Tony,
    We have now received a letter from ‘The Small Claims Solicitors’ with payment to be made to DRP of £160 or they will proceed with court! This doesn’t appear to be a LBC (letter before court) so what should I do?
    This was relating to a ticket received in November 2013, with all the letters received from UKPC, DR+ and Zenith, in regards to parking in my residential car park displaying the old permit rather than the new one (which is shown on the picture on UKPC site).

    This exact letter is detailed on other forums, I have received the first letter from them as on this forum –

    Please advise.

    Many thanks.

  • Many thanks for taking the time to relpy. I have been on various sites and glad to say, you all seem to have the same answer, which is encouraging. One of the reasons I needed to find out whether to pay and if I didnt what may happen, because I will be off on holiday soon and didnt want to return to any nasty surprises from Bayliffs etc. Once again thatnks for replying, much appreciated

  • I have been consistently hassled with all this threatening letters. I wrote to UKPC, Debt Recovery Plus and the Property manager at my flat as despite being parked in my own parking space, I got a ticket because the wind had blown my permit out of view. I sent a letter I was advised to all 3 stating they were threatening me over an unfair PCN of which me parking in my own space caused no loss to them. It was a 2 page impressive letter (thanks to an old solicitor who posted a template online) but today I have received a response from Debt Recovery Plus saying if I don’t pay the £160 by tomorrow (letter dated 19th May but it didn’t turn up until the other day which they have been sending correspondence to my parents address so I only received today – despite me telling them they were writing to the wrong address!!! It is clear they posted it at least a week after posting the letter cutting into my time to pay or appeal further!!!) so yes it said if I don’t pay by 2nd June then they will be looking to issue the court proceedings, I am now really concerned that they will?? Your advice on this matter ASAP will be greatly received. I am a 24 year old who has not long moved out and I can not afford to pay this charge, or go to Court! I have already paid them once since moving in in December because I wasn’t told which space was mine so parked in the space matching my permit number. This turned out to be the wrong space so I came down on my first morning there to a PCN. I appealed to them – rejected straight out despite explaining the unavoidable mistake, so I had to appeal to POPLA who also rejected it. I had to pay £160!! I’m now faced with this fine again for the wind blowing my permit but have ignored this and now refused,, I am just concerned in case they will take me to Court. Should I now ignore this or call them to refuse the matter again. I was thinking of speaking to Citizen Advice Bureau?
    Your blog has definitely inspired me to continue fighting my ground and not paying but I would just like some comfort that I shouldn’t pay and won’t be issued with Court Proceedings. So now … to ignore the continual threats, or to call and refuse? Or pay but hoping this isn’t necessary! Thank you so much in advance for your advice and also for all you are doing to stop these nasty money thieving companies. x

    • Hi AJ. DONT PAY THEM ONE PENNY. send them a stern letter or email telling them to back off OR you will have them done for harrasment. You can prove that the parking area was yours so dont worry. send them a copy of your permit. again dont let these scum bags worry you. infact let them TRY to take you to county court… will win.

      • hi tony after reading all of your comments on ukpsc I find them very interesting im am disabled and got a socalled invoice stuck to my veh while displaying not one but two indate badges after leaving my car to go to loacal store and unfortantly I had a anginer attac upon returning to my car wot did I see a yellow bag stuck on my screen and inside a peace of peper and addresd envelope for not displaying a current badge not only did it give the wrong colour of the veh but also the wrong tine of parking after taking it to the main market managers office and security were very helpful not but did agree that both my badges were clearly visable and correct time said that they didn’t no who or werw ukpc are and that no sighns on carpark at all this was at 21 00hrs on a Friday night but when I tried to find the warden ther was no singhn of him now ukpc expect to be payed 70 00 pounds what should I do ignore all letters

  • Thank you so much for coming back to me and so promptly. I have wrotten up a long unhappy email today which I will be sending now. And I will continue to refuse to pay them another penny as advised. It’s great to have people out there fighting these people. I am fully behind you all! Thank you so much again, AJ x

  • Hi Tony,
    I just got a Parking Charge Notice 100 pounds ticket on my car window issues with at UKPS title ticket, because I was parked on Baker Tilly Company’s car park. In reading of the above replies, I guess I just bin the ticket ? I can sense you are a warmhearted and righteous man, really I wanna say , thank u for the reply.

  • I have written to UKPC that their ticket was unlawful as their were no about signs to park in the bays provided only, the only sign visible is about trolleys, no single yellow or double and after 10 minutes I got a ticket for parking safely near a kirb, there was no other parking available as it was a busy Sunday afternoon. I wrote to UKPC and now I have a invoice for £150 for the debt company! I explained that I had written to UKPC but they are not interested and are demanding £150. I am rather perplexed and confused in what to do next. This was in Crawley Lidel car park.

    • Hi Sue. dont worry. this is the kind of trick these cowboys do. they want to worry people into paying. send them them a stern letter saying you are NOT PAYING and you will take them to court for harassment.

  • Is it my imagination or has no one been taken to court by UKPC since January 2013?

    Has anyone who has posted on this forum been taken to court and had a county court judgement (CCJ) issued against them?

  • i was wondering if anyone could help me understand what i need to do with my problem….

    I live in a new build development in Hertfordshire and we only have 1 space per resident approx 135 and only 6 visitor bays

    I have received between 6 and 10 tickets now all ranging from November last year till one this morning . I have not paid a single penny towards these tickets as I was advised by a solicitor that they would never take me to court and the letter will stop coming.

    I park in a bay with no permit like others on my estate and to my knowledge these people have not paid ether.

    Should I just keep ignoring the letters and the will go away?

    Any response from someone would be most helpful

  • Everyone says these morons give up pestering after a while.
    Original ‘offence’ Nov 2012
    Jan 2013 letter from UKPC £90 ‘fine’
    13 Sep 2013 DR+ £140
    30 sep 2013 DR+ £140
    Oct 2013 DR+ £112
    11 Nov 2013 Zen £80
    26 nov 2013 Zen £80
    Apr 2014 DR+ (now calling itself DRP) £140 with threats of solicitor, court & affected credit rating
    04 June 2014 Zen £80
    19 June 2014 Zen £80 with threat of CCJ (£30), Solicitor costs (£72)

    8 letters from ‘debt collectors’!

    • They are still hounding me since Jan 2013 and threatening court now, they even have part of my address incorrect. Do I still ignore? Thanks

      • These letters all come addressed to …
        (surname) (house number)

        So I have no way of knowing exactly who the letter is addressed to (as there are 4 of us here with that surname!) I assume someone is using my surname as a first name and my house number is their surname (since this is how the letter is addressed)?
        So, in my defence, all the letters were returned as “not known at this address” 🙂
        On the other hand, they keep on changing the amount of the ‘fine’ and the company chasing me – I’m so confused that i didn’t know who to pay and how much 😀

  • Hey, I have had numerous tickets from UKPC relating to my residential parking area, things like ‘not parked within the white lines’ when there are none and also location variances:

    Central site
    William Street
    B1 1SJ

    When I was parked in a car park 3 streets away.

    Also variations in fine pricing.

    They are ridiculous, I have told them I live there and they can give me fake invoices all they like.

    I ignore them, and nothing has come of it yet (I have lived there for 5 years)

  • Great site and absolutely agree that DVLA should not be passing on data to these thugs. I went to Hampden Park Retail park today for 15mins and bought something. I was well within the 2 hours free parking limit but they accused me ‘of leaving the site” which is against their terms and conditions! The fact is my car was within eye sight range all the time I was there, I had just gone to different shops in the retail park, Maplins and B&Q. I have a reciept for a purchase a couple of minutes before the “fine” was issued!
    Of course I will appeal but the whole thing is a total waste of time

  • I parked for in a UKPC carpark and didn’t have nay change for the machine so decided to go to shop quickly and change some money. when I came back there was a ticket on my car and a charge for £60 for not displaying a valid ticket along with photo evidence. How do I stand, what will happen if I refuse to pay?Can I just offer them the money for what I should have put on the car for the hour I parked.


  • This is brilliant information, thank you so much. I parked in a residents permit only car park outside my daughter’s rented flat the day that she moved in – I had a car full of belongings. She had no permit as she is a student and has no car. Also we were meeting the agent to pick up the keys. The agents said she didn’t klnow where you could get a permit. After unloading I was in the flat checking the inventory with the agent. When I returned to the car maybe 15 minutes later to drive 200 miles home – I found a UKPC notice. I appealed explaining that I was moving in my daughters belongings and there was nowhere else that I could park. i was not obstructing anybody and was not really taking up a space as the whole massive carpark was practically empty. The appeal was refused to I appealed to POPLA who also refused. Now they say I have to pay £100. I take it from reading on here that I shouldn’t pay it? I have emailed Canterbury council just to double check that the land is not theirs but they haven’t answered. Do I just ignore?

  • [email protected] says:

    Guess who manages the parking at your local hospital (Stoke Mandeville)? UKPC..I am a senior medical consultant at the hospital dealing with cancer patients and paid for parking via my payroll for 15 years. I have been given 4 parking fines in spite of parking in designated staff parking bay because (wait for this..) my parking permit was part obscured by a windscreen wiper. The hospital / UKPC keep a database of all permits but issue fines (with all of the threats you describe) for torn permits, permits fallen on dashboards, part obscured by shaded portions of a windscreen etc Anything they can get away with a photo. Well done for fighting this. I will be doing the same and will pursue this through the courts–not only to highlight the injustice of UKPC’s persecution of many NHS staff less well paid than myself, but also the utter numskulls who run our hospital- who see the fines as a method of revenue generation and justify their existence (apparently it;s a health and safety issue!).

  • I have debt recovery plus chasing me for £150 for an unpaid parking charge that I honestly did not even receive. When I phone them and explained that I never recieved a parking charge and would like the details of the company who issued the charge so I could appeal against it, they refused to give me the details and said paid the £150 or we will advise the creditor to take you to court. I then requested this information in writing and they replied with a letter stateing that according to the BPA’s code of practice my chance to appeal had expired. I then decided to ignore this letter and have since recieved a letter stateing to avoid court proceeding it has been reduced to £120 which I have not responded to, I also recieved a text message from DRP that said you have previously been in contact with them and could I please call them back. Any advice on what to do next would be much appreciated

      • hi Tracy/guys I ve just hav one for parking in a disabled space outside laura ash ley in warrington , as advised by staff as picking up lights for 5 mins do I pay or not pay my fine jas gone fom 60 to 100 x ehanx

  • I have an interview with them for a position next week, having read this and other stories I will not be attending, I feel sick to my stomach I could have ended up doing this to people. I’m so glad you have highlighted this company and their methods.

  • Thank you Tracy for this blog. It is s breath of fresh air, knowing that I am not the only one who had decided to stick my feet in the ground and out rightly tell them NO. I have just got off the phone with the debt collectors as UKPC have also lost my paperwork and not received my online submission. I am furious with their tactics and their lies. I am fed up of having to subject myself to their bullying and feel PERSECUTED by their flippant actions. I’m tired of the threats, and various pieces of paper. Screw em I’m done. I’m ready for court. Logic outweighs foolishness.

  • Here’s an interesting one. UKPC are asking me to break the law. The car for which I am the registered keeper is insured for use by a number of my staff. One of them fell foul of the 2 hours free parking scam, for which you need to display a ticket. However, under Data Protection laws, I am not allowed to pass on staff details to outside companies. They insist I must tell them who was driving.

  • Hi,

    I’ve been sent a letter by UKPC ‘inviting’ me to pay a parking charge. The charge in question is stupid by default as the ticket was written whilst I was around the corner waiting for the security guard to issue me a temporary pass ( it was a private housing estate ). I guess you can argue that either way on if I should actually have to pay a parking fine or not as although I had a pass, I had yet to place it on my dashboard.

    The issue is further complicated because they are trying to scam me and the charge is relating to a ‘ghost ticket’ as it was not on my car when I returned to place my temporary pass inside. I therefore knew nothing about it and they are requesting I pay the ‘full’ amount instead of the reduced amount usually permitted if paid within 14 days. This means I got their so called ‘follow up’ notification after 28 days.

    I am not so bothered about being charged seeing as I should have parked outside the security gate in the first instance rather than park and then walk back. I understand that would be a discretionary ruling. However, the higher fee is relating to them scamming me.

    Does anyone have any advice on such a situation?

    So far I have received only a ‘notice to keeper’ and I have not taken any action yet.

  • I have just received a ticket from them today. I am a blue badge holder and did not display my clock. I have used this shopping centre car park for years and never used my clock.
    However I noticed on the ticket the car reg is 1 digit wrong. They have put the photos on the website.
    Should I pay?

  • Sadly you have no chance! I have found to my cost the law is 100% on the side of the parking companies. I suffered a similar fate in Aylesbury in December 2013 in the Vale park outlet parking (no tickets issued) where I overstayed my 2 hour free parking limit by 12 minutes and refused to pay a £30 charge for breach of the parking contract operated by parking eye. I presented all the suggested points raised in this article, about rights to operate on the land, lack of justification for the charge as being representative of lost business etc. I was taken to court and a magistrate ruled in favour of the company, it then cost me £190 including court costs (theirs, I didn’t hire a costly solicitor thank fully!).

    Good luck, but being Joe public we will always be on the losing side of a major money making business who have been permitted to use UK law to gain their income….remember the only way these companies make money is through charges for breaches in the parking rules! The only way to drive them out of business is to simply never break their ridiculous rules….be careful out there!

  • UKPC Ltd have been demanding money from me in relation to a parking charge ticket given to a car that is nothing to do with me. I don’t own it. I’ve never owned it. It is not registered to my address as they claim, and I was not the driver as they claim. I think they make it up as they go along!

  • This morning I was awarded one of those strips of paper in a yellow sticky envalope from,UKPC. The charge,not displaying my blue badge clearly.To anyone looking for it it was well displayed.If you happened to just glance at the car maybe you would’nt see it.The hospital car park I was on gives the first 20 mins free so I was’nt trying to dodge paying.There were empty spaces all around my car,so I was’nt stopping others from parking.I was only there from 0856 to 0912.So now starts my dealings with UKPC Wish me luck..Fank

  • Hi on dec 30th 2014 we took my disabled mother in law to a shopping center as a blue badge holder we found all disabled spaces were full so we parked in a normal space and put badge up and just about got the wheelchair out we did some shopping and had something to eat after finishing what we thought was an enjoyable few hours we went back to car to see some man with a high vis jacket no hat or anything I thought he was a workmen but he said I got a ticket for u I gave u an extra five mins to get to ur car but u r only allowed to park here for three hours I explained there was no disabled spaces and the normal space has no visible signs saying this he just smiled and said its for 50 pounds and u can ring up that number on the bottom I took photo of where we were parked and how the were no visible sign stating the three hour rule as I was looking around I noticed a lot of people had got tickets also there was a man standing by his car holding his kids hands crying I wish I had known this so I could have told him . The question is do we ignore the letters we get off them being very ill myself I try not to attract stress but I don’t want these robbing monsters to get any money .

  • So I am in the same situation in November of 2014, parked in a 2 hour free car park and displayed my ticket. When I get back to my car within the 2 hours, there is a fine on the window. Funnily enough there was no attendant in sight to challenge.

    So off course I sent the valid ticket to the appropriate address. Yet I have been receiving letters saying I owe £100. There is a web address to view their photographic evidence this is the funny part, these photo are time stamped when my ticket is valid they contain:
    one rear view of car registration
    one front view of car registration
    one internal view showing the dashboard, steering wheel and the ticket (no print visible)
    one view of a windscreen with a fine and in the corner a visible but unreadable ticket
    and finally a time stamped photo of an expired ticket, but nothing confirming that it is my vehicle!

    Owning a camera myself, I know that changing the date and time is very easy done, a few button presses and done.

  • I’ve had a dispute with UKPC since late last year. I parked in an area around some residential flats that has some control (of numbered bays) but it’s also an area that I know has some “free” parking because a part of it is local council. The trouble is there is no way of telling the “free” from the “UKPC”. I parked away from the numbered bays (so wasn’t getting in the way of residents’ spaces) but unfortunately chose the ‘wrong’ side to park in. Had I parked to the left, all would have been ok but I parked to the right and got ticketed. This is despite the fact that I left a note in the windscreen giving my mobile and naming the flat I was visiting (to do some repair work for someone). I felt that, though I may have fallen foul of the ‘law’, what I’d done was within the spirit of the regulations so I appealed for mitigation on the grounds that the purpose of the parking control is to keep residents’ parking from being obstructed and I hadn’t done that. Of course, UKPC had no interest in that – they just wanted their money.

    Thus I started to challenge on the kind of things I picked up in forums – poor signage and the “pre-estimate of loss” argument. It got to the deadline and UKPC had ignored my many emails so I launched a POPLA appeal. Six weeks later POPLA reported to me that UKPC had not put up a case against me, so my appeal was upheld. Hurrah.

    My advice to people is therefore to take the risk of the full £100 fine if you think you’ve got a reasonable case and go for POPLA. It’s probably not worth UKPC paying the money (as I think they have to) to go through the appeal process and it may be that they don’t want the “pre-estimate of loss” defence being properly assessed very often because it may turn out to be their Achilles’ heel. If lots more people start being successful on those grounds then their business is dead in the water. See the Key Case on POPLA’s website.

    People parking in other people’s parking spaces (that they’ve paid for by buying or renting flats) is a real pain and I support charging those folk. Trying to fine me for what I did (which was after all in the pursuit of helping someone out, caused no inconvenience to anyone and resulted in no loss of income) felt like unreasonable behaviour. All it needed was a human being on the other end of my correspondence to apply some common sense and decency. Was trying to charge me £100 a reasonable thing for what I did? I know some people would say that it’s ok for them to do that because I “agreed” to the charge when I parked but I do think there are times/circumstances when a less monolithic approach would be a good idea. If we all spent our time applying the letter of the law and failing to give each other any leeway in life, then we’d be building a pretty intolerant society. If you think I should have just paid up, then ok, I understand that, but I’m pretty pleased that I chose to weather the unpleasant letters and go for POPLA. Whether I would have gone to the next stage and risked a CCJ, had POPLA refused my appeal, I don’t know. I certainly felt at times that I would have done…

    Good luck to anyone fighting UKPC. I don’t like the way they go about doing business and my feeling is that there would be little lost if companies like this were to disappear.

  • Parking in a disabled spot in Scotland with blue card showing is free. I did so and returned 14 mins later to find ticket issued by UKPC.

    (1) One month later received letter and Parking Charge summary of £100.00 from UKPC – did not respond.

    (2) 14 days later received FINAL REMINDER letter of Parking Charge of £100.00 from UKPC – did not respond.

    (3) 14 days later received DEBT Collection letter of Parking Charge now of £160.00 from DRP – did not respond.

    (4) 14 days later received REDUCED PAYMENT OFFER letter for now £128.00 for speedy settlement or back to the £160.00 plus £75 legal costs from DRP – did not respond.

    (5) 24 days later received DISCOUNTED SETTLEMENT OFFER letter for now £80.00 for speedy settlement within 14 days or back to the £160.00 plus legal costs from ZENITH COLLECTIONS – did not respond.

    (6) 11 days later received again DISCOUNTED SETTLEMENT OFFER letter for the £80.00 for speedy settlement within 7 days or back to the £160.00 plus new legal costs of £102.00 from ZENITH COLLECTIONS – did not respond.

    It’s now 3 months since last heard of and it shows this is a scam. Do not be intimidated by these chancers. Do not respond in any form to them. It’s clear UKPC / DRP / ZENITH are one in the same and are totally toothless tiger SCUMBAGS.

  • Well done on this matter Tracy.

    I have recently been fined by these extortion cowboys for parking over a bay. I was parked over an end bay, so no inconvenience to anyone. it was also on a Sunday in a practically empty car-park in Stevenage. It was a free car park and the charge for this – £61.00. That should cover their losses of approximately nothing then!

    I did pay it as I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle and I was parked over the line, although clearly its eating away at me, hence me visiting your site.

    Thank god for people like you who do take a stance although it all seems staked in the favour of these cowboys, great system we have then!

    We need to put a stop to this immoral, unethical and flawed business. This is the biggest con we have at the moment, we have got MPs on their expenses and the bankers but for some reason we can’t stop these cowboys.

    I would say that when they do go down they will have to repay all the unethical charges back so keep your wallets open. They will probably go bust but then that’s good as there is no place for this business model in our society.

  • I forgot to buy a ticket as I was confused at the time. I got fined from a private company- Smart parking at asda. they rejected my appeal- i did tell them I had a kidney infection but they want their wages paid!! However, I dont think i should pay them £40. Could I have some advice on this situation… Thx.

  • Hello Tracy, Remind me not to upset you feisty lady. Joking aside I have received a penalty charge from UKPC which I will look forward to defending in my local County Court (Bristol). I haven’t read all of the blogs but what I have read does not show any intentions with regard to costs which you will incur as a result of defending yourself during this dispute. Search Civil Procedure Rules with regard to claiming your expenses and costs if UKPC decide to sue you. I know from previous experiences that County Court judges take a dim view of solicitors turning up at small claims proceedings. If you win you can claim up to 66% of what a solicitor or a barrister might charge. Ask the judge to award your costs at the end of the proceedings if you win that is. In the meantime keep on keeping on. All the best and please keep me advised of developments.

  • Hi Tracy and all the others,

    I was issued a fixed penalty ticket for parking in a gated car park to a block of flats in Uxbridge in January this year. The letters call the infringement a “a parking charge.”
    I was there to interview one of the residents and was invited into the car park of this block of flats to facilitate this interview. On completing the interview I came back to my car and found the ticket stuck to the windscreen of the car.
    To date I have ignored the two letters and the debt collecting agency notice.
    DVLA must have given the UKPC my details. If individuals are complaining about this practice why do they still provide the details? Must be because they get a fee!
    Circumstances differ from the posts made on your blog. Any advice, apart from do not pay the charge?

  • If it’s a private Car Park which i know for a fact that this one was UKPC have no recourse open to them if you refuse to pay the fine.
    You should not have even acknowledged any letters from them as any fine they charge regarding this case is unenforceable in law..
    Completely ignore their letters and NEVER ever sign anything or give contact details.
    The only way they can contact you is if they trace you through the vehicle registration which they have to pay for.
    The only car parking charges you would ever have to pay is if it was on the street or in Council run car park and therefore it would be council traffic wardens or the police giving you a ticket.
    One more thing.
    If they ever threaten to clamp your vehicle they are breaking the law.
    Don’t talk to the clampers.
    If you can get in your vehicle they MUST remove any clamps or stop attempting to clamp you as this is tantamount to illegal detention.

  • HI,

    interesting story. I have had exactly the same happen to me yesterday. I bought a ticket to cover the time I spent in a city yesterday only for the ticket to have blown over on the dashboard when I closed the door. Silly me for not checking. I now have a fine of £100 (for a £4 ticket) – not sure whether to ignore or appeal this? Surely £100 is not a suitable fine for 4 hours parking – which I paid for anyway!

    Watching with interest.

    • You need to check if it was a council run car park. If so then you can appeal but may still have to pay but if it’s a private one you don’t. Whatever you do DO NOT contact them until you have checked whether it was a council run car park.
      Just go onto relevant council’s website and it should say which one it was of theirs.
      Which acr park address does it say you were in and i might be able to help.

  • Hi. I have a tale of a Parking Charge that was received in June 2014. My wife, son and I set out on a trip to a computer store in Hull. Having parked up in a car park, we were leaving the vehicle, when my 12 year old son desperately needed to use the toilet. Knowing that there was no toilet in the computer shop, my wife and son set off to a shopping centre across the road. At this point the heavens opened up, and a torrential downpour ensued. I was looking for a sign that would confirm that there was 1 hour free parking, and saw one in a corner that was had writing that was really small to read from where I was, and partially obscured by leaves from a nearby tree. It confirmed in words just big enough to see that there was 1 hour free parking. I was getting totally drenched, and quickly followed my family to the shopping centre. Upon returning to the car ½ hour later, I got the old part that I needed for my computer and was about to head off to the computer store, when I was called back because we had a ticket, for ‘Walking off Site’!! We then got back in car and went home disgruntled. After looking on Internet for related issues, decided to ignore, as this was the advice from most reputable websites. Then the letters started to arrive, first demanding £100, and then £275, the letters 20 days apart. So £150 in court costs and expenses (apparently). At the time, there were very serious and distressing health issues regarding various family members, including my wife, so these reminders were not dealt with accordingly. Then 282 days later a letter appeared from Miah Solicitors trying to recover the £275. I sent a letter explaining all of the mitigating circumstances, and received another letter telling me I was too late to appeal, (turns out this is just a generic letter), not bothering to read the letter I sent and take in to account all that had gone on. I am now in the process of replying to this letter and see what their reply will be.
    Bravo Tracey Kiss for creating a fantastic and informative web page, and getting out there and Kicking Ass!!

    • I’ve just read the entire blog & your commitment to the cause is a fantastic read. My situation is that I bought an apartment last year & with it a leasehold which clearly states that I have an allocated parking space & can park in communal areas as long this does not cause an obstruction and/or disturbance to another resident. When completing on the property no mention was made of the need to have a car parking permit (since discovered available from the management company for a fee!). Access to the car park is via a fob controlled gate. Over the last several months I have received tickets from a private firm (UKPCS) even though I was parked in my allocated space. There are signs that state that permits have to be displayed but as stated on completion my solicitor has seen no evidence of this requirement. nor is there one stated in the lease. More recently the ladies issuing the tickets have stopped as they know I live in the block and we’ve had some good chats. I refuse to purchase a piece of plastic called a permit as the management company have still not demonstrated my legal requirement to do so (within my lease). I’ve ignored all the letters until I recently received one from Miah Solicitors just like Chris above. I replied clearing stating my position & received the same standard reply stating they will issue Court proceedings if I fail to pay £275 lol. My reply – tell me the Court date & I’ll be there defending my right to park in my space!!!

    • Oh dear, this sadly doesn’t surprise me after I spoke to a member of UKPC staff and they confessed the numerous underhand tactics they are encouraged to use to issue tickets. How disgusting.

  • I to am having a fight with Notts Parking Partnership NPP over a parking ticket I purchased but had blown of the dashboard when i closed the car door despite attaching my ticket to the appeal it was rejected OWING TO INSUFFICIENT GROUNDS what in heavens name constitues sufficient grounds I have now written to my MP attaching all relevent Letters and E-Mails since the saga began as despite trying to reason with them and appealing for information under the freedom of information act FOIA NPP are hiding behind clause 12 of the code 83 in order to see if I will go away. I had asked them to tell me what reasons have been given by other appelants that meant their appeals were upheld and mine turned down. Also if you do not purchase a ticket at all you get the same fine, reason they give is because they cannot see your ticket you are DEEMED NOT TO HAVE BOUGHT ONE A load of rot because if you attach your legitimate ticket to the appeal then conversely you should then be DEEMED TO HAVE BOUGHT ONE. One dishonest motorist gets fined £25 but you get fined £25 plus the cost to buy a USELESS TICKET and no rebate. NPP have contracted out to a private company NSL to police their car parks, now correct me if i am wrong but private companies are out to make profits and couldn’t care less about the motorist. Notts County council can protest all they want but these car parks the way fines are issued and the appeal system itself they are nothing but cash cows. Is it not proof that the system stinks and there is widespread abuse by the private companies when you read in your national newspapers that There is now an investigation into illegal practices being carried out by another private company in Lincoln I have heard of another in Cambridge, and Ashton under Lyme

  • Mo says:
    Tony: many thanks for all the useful up to date info

    what would you advise doing with tickets issued on retail parks for overstaying after the first initial free 2 hours in the light of the beavis v parking eye case

    be interested in your thoughts



  • I just wanted to say that I so applaud you Tracy over your handling of UKPC and DVLA- really enjoyed reading your blog. You may not have managed to speak to the head honcho of UKPC, but all are safely ‘back in their boxes’ if a little bruised!

    I myself am a year on from a ticket obtained from UKPC. This one was ; Unit 1 Magnet Retail Park, Eastern Ave, Gloucester GL4 3BU!
    Supposedly free parking- no ticket required, I was accused of not parking within the lines! My car was in no way blocking anyone or making it awkward to navigate around me. I had not realised that there were no lines around the lefthand side. It was getting dark and looked like a proper space, as someone was just leaving it.

    I contacted the CEO of PC World who said that his department would try to resolve the matter for us. They failed.

    Lucky for me I am married to a photographer who took great pictures proving that not all bays are completely marked, such as on end spaces where there is a curb. Furthermore his quick research proved that people simply ignored the cowboys and that they eventually went away.

    We were in the store approximately 10 mins, yet when we came out there was no sign of the attendant. He must have been laying in wait. The time on the ticket/ invoice/ Mickeymouse demand, was issued at the time he noted seeing the car. As for the UKPC terms and conditions, these were miles high on lamp post and not visible at all!

    I recently heard that DVLA have now band UKPC from issuing parking fines. This is obviously all thanks to people like you standing up to them.

    Glad to say that UKPC have now gone away, although I was rather looking forward to my day in court!

    All the best

  • My Mam and Dad live in Middlesbrough and on the 02/11/15 they parked at Thornaby shopping centre in a disabled parking space as my Mam has Dementia, they are both 77yrs and after my dad had helped get my Mam out of the car he forgot to put his blue badge on the dash, they came back 10mins later and a UKPC attendant had issued them with a ticket for £90 but if they paid within 14 days it was a reduced charge of £45 I have lodged an appeal through there website but from reading everything on here it looks like that’s not going to work, if it was me I wouldn’t pay it but I know my Mam and Dad won’t want the grief from the letters that will come. When my Dad approached the parking attendant was very unhelpful and just shrugged his shoulders and said its issued now.

    • Rhonda It beggars belief what these cowboys get up to but they are driven by the private company employing them and the district council that hires the private firms Headline in our Retford times this week after they investigated a complaint £150.000 taken in fines alone in only five streets in the town in one year. I fought a parking fine and lost out despite producing a valid parking ticket. Appeals are a lottery based on some little hitler going eeny meeny miny mo we should lobby everyon we know who has the power to change these horrendous fines and bring some sanity back to the parking system. I have just written a letter to the minister of transport suggest you do the same.

      Regards Jim.

  • Had a letter from Parking Eye demanding i pay £160 for overstaying in a Morrisons car park.
    They even showed a car with my registration.
    I can prove 100% that i was 15 miles away with my car at the same time and have 12 witnesses to prove it.
    Will be interesting to see what they have to say about it.

  • I have recived a fine from ukpc shower of shit payed parking ticket and placed it on the dash.ticket stayed right side up.came back to car parking ticket on it for not displaying ? the ticket is clearly displayed on dash and you can clearly see it in there crap photos but thay reduced the fine to £15 thay realy pissed me off so I have sent them an invoice for my time £50+vat the idiots sent me a leter saying it still stands and thay have no right to pay demands.i am realy pissed off at these cowboys and am going to try and take them to court for demanding mony for no reason and I am going to report them to the police for fraud.please can anyone give me some [email protected]

  • Tracy Kiss you are an amazing woman – good for you fighting these despicable people. I had a ticket on my windscreen which was taken back by the warden who put it in his pocket and said he was doing nothing with it, he said he had realised that he had made a mistake so wouldn’t do anything with the ticket – obviously you know that it didn’t stop there and I have been so stressed about the whole situation. There has been a lot of support on our local community thread on facebook and after reading your blog I feel much better. I’m sure you experienced all the same emotions that I have been feeling and I truly admire you and all of the other supportive comments – Thank you

    • Oh dear Val, I’m sorry to hear that but as you can see we’ve uncovered some horrendously underhand tactics from past employees that indicate this isn’t a one-off! Stay strong and don’t let the bullies win, this world needs justice x

      • Thank u for your kind words. I have joined a local community site on FB and they are being very supportive. They are saying to totally ignore the parking charge letter, do u think that is what I should do too? I originally felt I should respond but now I’m not sure – regards Val

        • I have listed the parking groups in this blog and they are industry experts with very valuable advice, they can provide the legislation to fight the tickets should it ever go to court.

  • Hi. Have been reading all the comments. I parked in a free car park and recieved a ticket from UKPC saying that I didn’t park in the bays, this didn’t make sense as the area I parked in had no markings. I noted that it also did not say anywhere that I couldn’t park there. Obviously UKPC dismissed my appeal and I appealed with popla. They said they’ve recieved a file from UKPC and I should have got one too, which I haven’t and that ive got 7 days to address the details in the file. UKPC do not ever answer the phone and I can’t see how I’m going to be able to to get the file and be able to reply within the time.
    The advice I’ve been reading, to ignore all letters, does this still apply or have things changed? I’m scared to get into trouble :((

    • How convenient that you don’t hear back, thereby contravening their 7 day ruling.
      Since you are now on their radar, send them a letter to ask why they are threatening you when you have already sent them a cheque. They didn’t get a cheque? Oh, it must be in the same post as the stuff they sent you!

  • Hi,
    I have just received a parking ticket for over stay at UKPC Stoke mandeville hospital, seams a bit harsh as the appointment was running late. should i send payment or appeal. You advice is appreciated.. Mike

  • Just been reading this thread as I received a charge notice for parking in a disabled bay – I must have knocked the my disabled badge off the dashboard so it wasn’t displayed – wrote to UKPCS as an appeal with copies of my badge and receipt for the restaurant we visited whilst parked (I paid on my bank card so proof I was there and genuinely needed a disabled space) and they rejected my appeal. Prior to receiving this rejection I contacted the leisure site management – I sent a copy of my appeal letter and copy of my disabled badge and they said they would contact UKPCS to cancel the notice with immediate effect and was told that they would inform me when they heard back from UKPCS to confirm this was done – not heard yet though! But it has only been a few days. I have had dealings with this company before though – five years ago I parked by a pub – picking my daughter up who was having a meal with friends – popped to a local shop and when I came back had a notice on my car. Was told by a bystander that the attendant watched me move from my vehicle and then came to ticket me….. there was no signage in the area at the time – I took photos and appealed as I genuinely believed that the area was pub parking. Whilst all this was going on I was diagnosed with a serious illness and the company were horrendous – threatening and even harrassing my daughter asking for proof that I was indeed in hospital – I cannot understand how this company is still allowed to operate in this country…… Well done Tracy for highlighting so many issues loads of us have suffered!

  • Hi,

    I received a ‘Parking Charge’ today from UKPC, after parking on a side street with no parking bays or double yellow lines. There is however, more than 30m away a designated permit only parking area with bays. There were at least 6 other cars parking in the same area as myself, who were there as I arrived and still there as I left (I was less than an hour) but I was the only vehicle with a ticket?

    I have looked at the photos online, and you can clearly see there are no floor markings of any kind and you can see in the background the parking area and the sign at the entrance of the parking area which the issuer has also taken a picture off to imply I was parking in a permit only area.

    The charge is £90 reduced to £50 – what should I do?


  • Unfortunately I’ve been caught here also on Saturday 24th September 2016. My fault, it looks as if I displayed the parking ticket upside down although I was so sure I hadn’t. When I returned to the car I thought they had made a mistake and misread the time, I removed the ticket from the windscreen not noticing it was the wrong way up. After reading the penalty charge notice it said not displayed correctly. I did appeal attaching the valid parking ticket, however got a response within hours saying the appeal failed. The only reason I have paid up is because I was in a courtesy car from local garage whilst my car was in for a service which made it a little awkward. Adding insult to injury you have to pay a £1.50 handling charge. I have watched the parking attendants and they are very sneaky. I will not park in this car park again I know many people who feel the same. Even the shops in this area say it’s a joke. Would prefer if they had a number plate recognition system. I will shop in another town where you do not have to display a ticket in their retail parks.

    • This is complete bullplop. No court in the land would allow that through – the judge would simply ask the warden why they didn’t simply view the ticket from another angle.
      Personally, I would seek legal advice, take UKPC to small claims to recover every last poenny & add a few quid on for the stress etc you had to endure.

  • Under no circumstances would I part with a single penny unless the ticket was issued by police,council or was parliamentary backed.

  • Good evening Tracey,

    I recieved a HM Courts & Tribunals Service letter on 09 December 2016 regarding parking ticket issued on 19th of Feb 2016 at my local Nuffield Gym, which I am a fully paid up member and as a result recieve 2 hours free parking with a free ticket issued when you attend for you to display on your windscreen, I was astonished, i have a habbit of keeping all parking tickets as well as taking a photo of these tickets when i display them, i checked all my tickets which i do have one as well as photo showing where it was displayed. I made an application for an extention of time as i did not get any other notification of this (illegal parking contravention I recieved) my application was refused by the northampton county court under rule 23.8 of the civil procedure rule.

    In addition, the letter in question did give me an option to appeal but there was a £255 fee payable
    which was more than the fine. which i should never have recieved in the first place it is the principal of the matter!! any advice from you would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking you


    Denis P. Lenihan

    • Could you contact the owners/management of the land and see if they can contact UKPC to cancel the charge? I did this successfully when I was issued with a charge notice at a local retail park – you could always say that you are considering cancelling your membership if the charge is not dropped.Good luck.

  • Could you contact the owners/management of the land and see if they can contact UKPC to cancel the charge? I did this successfully when I was issued with a charge notice at a local retail park – you could always say that you are considering cancelling your membership if the charge is not dropped.Good luck.

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