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Born and raised in the beautiful countryside in the South of England, I thrive on natural vegan bodybuilding and an adventurous, active lifestyle whilst raising my two children and motivating others to lead healthier happier lives.

My love of language and passion for health and fitness have led to the natural progression of journalism, marketing and media and I’ve been known to dabble in a little television too!

What Is A Social Influencer?

Just a handful of years ago social influencers were unheard of, yet today they have a reach larger than most magazines, newspapers and television stations combined! Since I began blogging several years ago I have amassed a following of almost 4million fans worldwide.

Having worked both in front and behind of the camera in advertising and television, written about a wide variety of topics for internationally printed publications and gone viral more times than I can count; I have over 14yrs of experience in journalism, media, modelling and presenting and as such my social media following and presence is now very well established.

I pride myself upon sharing open, honest and uplifting organic content to connect people to real products and worthwhile services across the world that I know they will love and benefit from using. I never feature nor collaborate with brands who do not share in my ethos and vision – no matter how sweet or tempting their proposal may be!

How Can A Social Influencer Help Your Business?

Social Media Posts – I can take a single or series of selfies, wearing, eating or using your product or service. In these I am able to tag your profiles or website and share this to my network of almost 4million followers across my long established verified profiles and official page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Blog Features – If it’s web links you’re after for better SEO then fear not, I’ve got you covered! I can write an original blog feature with a minimum of 500 words dedicated to your product or service (including photos and videos where applicable) directly from the consumers perspective. Again this will link to your website and social media profiles so that potential customers can see first-hand what to expect from their purchase and will have no trouble finding you!

Online Reviews – if it’s recommended reviews that you need more of then you’ve come to the right place! I am happy to leave product and service reviews (including pictures where possible) across a whole host of platforms from Google reviews to comparison sites, Facebook recommendations and on the app store.

YouTube Videos – Too busy running your business to have the time or energy to think about creating your own video advertising? Let me take care it that for you – from unboxing videos to demonstrations and reviews, I can talk about your product or service directly from the consumers perspective, answer any questions that viewers leave as comments and show them exactly what to expect when they book or buy from you. Lights, camera, action – I’ve got all of the kit and knowhow covered from content creation and concept to editing, voiceovers and social distribution so that you can get back to doing what you do best!

Whether you’re looking for a one off post, a collection of helpful blogs or even an exciting new YouTube series, I can create individually tailored media packages to suit your every advertising requirement. So if you like what you see, or perhaps already have a media campaign concept in mind, then contact me here and let’s talk about how best I can help you!

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  • Having just read this, I really have few words… Inspiring is one, motivational is another… Spiritual….:)
    You are a testament to all that should be good and true in people.

    In life, there are times when we all have trials and tests, some greater than others.

    It’s about what we learn from them and how we use that knowledge moving onwards.

    I wish you well in all you want and do.



  • That was absolutely INCREDIBLE to read! You first showed up on my radar with your P90X3 journey – I read every entry as I was going through my 90-day transformation and I found it inspirational to read about the struggles you’d persevered through! Even when I felt like stopping, I knew that you’d kept going. And now to pull back the curtain and read about the story behind the woman makes you and all you’ve overcome even more impressive.

    You are one of the strongest, smartest, and most determined women that I’ve ever read about. You are truly a role model for girls in the world. Your life really shows how much someone can overcome in spite of all of the odds.

    You’re also beautiful 🙂

    Bravo and congratulations on living your life as well as you have! I wish you the best for the rest of your journey!

      • Your life certainly is an amazing read, I struggle with depression and anxiety, I find it hard to get out of bed let alone do all those things you do daily, youve made me realise that I need to do something about it, even if its just one thing a day, finding the motivation to do anything is a struggle that I seem to be losing, reading your story was very similar to my own, bullied and shy, reclusive and introverted, I did become the funny guy people liked, but id fall back to my old ways quickly when I was stressed or feeling low, recently becoming single hasnt helped, but made me take notice of the important people around me, if youve helped me in some small way, with motivation then I am very grateful and thankful that you managee to overcome your obstacles and find the woman you are today ?, thank you x

  • I love you!!!! Marry with me. I´m from Argentina, And your history is inspiration to continue with the gym training.
    You are a beautiful woman.

    Kind regards.


  • So impressed bto read about your incredible turn around in life from your younger days of hardship . You are mmost incredible strong willed person who has such a good attitude towards yourself kids other people . You are a great inspiration to many people .

  • …Tracy du bist eine verdammt starke Frau.Meine Hochachtung.Du zeigst den Menschen wie gelebt werden muß und hauptsächlich den Kindern gegenüber. Das Du eine Löwin bist,hab ich schon mal in einem Kommentar an Dich erwähnt,ich sah auch in den Gesichtern Deiner Kinder,daß Du eine herrliche Mutter bist. Ich hatte eine glückliche und schöne Kindheit und hab in meinem Leben auch erreicht was mich heute so prägt,Zielstrebigkeit und Ausdauer und einen verdammt starken Lebenswillen. Habe auch schon Narben aber auch Farben. Habe nach dem Tod der Mutter meiner zwei Kinder,ein Autounfall, Jennifer und Frank 15 Jahre allein erzogen. Viele loben mich als Mann dafür aber ich brauch kein Schulterklopfen,das war meine Pflicht als Vater. Ich kenne genau wie Du einen 27 Stunden Tag. Jetzt sind meine Kinder Jennifer 23Jahr und Frank 22Jahr rechtschaffende,mit allen beiden Füßen im Leben stehende erwachsene,gute Menschen geworden. Was mich nicht ohne Stolz macht. Du hast Dich von einem ängstlichen Bambi zur Super_Frau hochgekämpft. Diesen Lebensbericht sollte man in der ganzen Welt an Kirchen, Moscheen und Synagogen anschlagen,damit all die Schwachen,Gestrauchelten,Abhängichen und Bösen sich ein Beispiel an Deiner Kraft und Gutmütigkeit nehmen. Ich wünsche Dir von ganzem Herzen Glück und das Du noch eine herrliche,aufrichtige,ehrliche Liebe von einem Man erleben darfst.

    • I’ve used Google translate to understand: “Tracy you’re a damn strong Frau.Meine Hochachtung.Du show the people how to be lived and mainly towards the children. That you’re a lioness, I’ve been to a comment of you mentioned, I saw in the faces of your children that you’re a wonderful mother. I had a happy childhood and beautiful and have in my life also achieved what so impressed me today, determination and perseverance and a damn strong will to live. Have already scars but also colors. I after the death of the mother of my two children, a car accident, Jennifer and Frank alone brought 15 years. Many praise me as a man to do it but I do not need a pat on the back, it was my duty as a father. I know exactly how you a 27 hour day. Now my children Jennifer 23Jahr and Frank 22Jahr have become righteous, standing with both feet in life all adults, good man. What does not make me proud. Did you highly contested by a frightened Bambi for Super_Frau. This life story should hit around the world in churches, mosques and synagogues, so that all the weak, who have stumbled, Abhängichen and evil to take an example from your strength and good nature. I wish you luck with all your heart and you still allowed to experience a wonderful, sincere, honest love of a Man.”

      Thank you for your kind words and I am so sorry for your loss. You sound like a wonderful father and it’s true that a parents love is unconditional, we are there for them through thick and thin no matter what because they hold a piece of our heart and soul. I wish you all the best in life, keep on being strong! 🙂

      Vielen Dank für Ihre freundlichen Worte und ich bin so traurig für Ihren Verlust . Sie klingen wie ein wunderbarer Vater und es ist wahr , dass ein Eltern Liebe bedingungslos ist , wir sind für sie durch dick und dünn , egal was , weil sie ein Stück unseres Herzens und der Seele zu halten. Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute im Leben, halten auf stark zu sein ! 🙂

  • Tracy your are an inspiration not only for men but also for women. I’m sorry that that you have been through very difficult things in your life. What you have been through has made you who you are now. Any man on this earth would thank his luck stars for having a wonderful woman like you. Your ex didn’t deserve you, you are to good for him. What you do to be able to provide and raise your children is nobody’s business once you don’t neglect them. I admire you. 99.9% of women would live to be like you strong and confident.

  • I’m brazilian and I see on news about you, is great your job, My english is low.
    You know Brazil? I live in side of Cataratas of Iguazu, you need to know.
    I speak spanish or portugues better, if you want to send answers.

    Congratulations, it was a pleasure

  • Really amazing profile. Read about your “facial” in Irish Independent, thought was kool, so YouTubed you and lead me to here ))) That energy will take you a long way, and answerable to nobody. Go you!

    P.S Your daughter enabled you to discover what true love was, mine too … wasted my 20s and most of 30s to realise ))


  • “Everyone is unique, love yourself”
    *Goes on to choose a Male hollywood-look stereotype*
    Lol, congrats on completely and utterly contradicting EVERYTHING you ever stood for.
    Imbecile xD

    • Thank you for the criticism Adam, I presume you’re referring to Naked Attraction the TV social experiment I was invited to take part in whereby I was asked to select a date in the opposite way to my usual preference; thereby picking a partner based PURELY on looks without knowing anything of their personality. Seeing as I’ve only ever dated based on having had a conversation, things in common and compatibility with a partner I found this absolutely fascinating and it opened my eyes to attractive men being just as self-conscious and down to earth as average Jane’s like me! We still keep in touch and get on really well and I’m grateful for the experience of being able to approach dating from an entirely opposite angle as I too would have perceived it as shallow as you do if I hadn’t.

      • Thank you for sharing your life story. It shows us that we should always be good to each other and love everyone we meet. You looked very nice in naked attraction also
        .I wish you and your family all the best for the future and hope all your plans and ambitions are fulfilled and you meet a nice loving man to take care of you and your children.

  • Hi Tracy,
    well, first off all you’re HOT! (and i don’t mean your body… but all of you, your story, the way you see life, and the choices you make without looking back! That’s HOT!)
    I’m going to be honest with you:
    Being a man and being bombarded with naked bodies all the time (which i like btw), you kind of develop a natural ‘filter’ in our mind where we don’t care about “who’s inside the body”…
    Don’t get me wrong, I AM here because i felt attracted to your body, but knowing your story makes me want you even more! and that’s what i mean by you being HOT!
    Don’t be afraid to be who you are… the good, the bad and the dirty! 😛

    Take Care

    PS – Hope to meet you some day, just to ask for a “Tracy’s Kiss”! AHAH

  • wowowo, so wonderful, detailed and truthful. Though I read it by mistake, but since I love reading blog and just started reading it. You are a wonderful, I should say every one should read your post, its very very inspirational. Wish you all the best in life good luck to you and your sweet kids. Saad from India

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