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Social Influencing has undoubtedly taken the lead in modern advertising as instant, sharable online content is easily accessible, informative and fresh across all platforms and devices across the world. Where photoshopped magazine images and unrelatable television actors once ruled, now a new wave of influencers have come forward; real, approachable, honest people share their true thoughts and findings with the world in order to inform and advise consumers whilst assisting brands in widening their audience and promoting useful products – the finest example of business networking.

I Am Available For Modelling, Journalism & Television Assignments

At the ripe age of 29 I’ve come to realise that life is too short to be anything other than yourself. As a single parent to my delightful 9yr old daughter and 5yr old son I believe that the world needs to be far more positive, open-minded and accepting of individuals embracing life rather than shying away from the unknown and fearing what others may think of them – you only live once so spend this time being your true self! In finding my voice I also found my audience, all 2.5million followers from across the world which grows by thousands a day for which I’m incredibly humbled by and driven.

I Have Raised Over £10,000 For Charity

As a child I was bullied terribly for being a lanky geek with my nose always buried in a book somewhere, yet as a teenager I found fame and adoration for my glamour career in sky scraping heels and tiny bikinis. As a vegan single parent I spend my days doing yoga, cuddling kittens, teaching my children how to make a mess in the kitchen and interacting with my social media followers. Much like the reputation a brand must uphold to retain custom and faith in their products, influencers are brands in their own right. I’m always open, honest and true to myself and love meeting people from all walks of life. With my background in business, marketing, journalist and hospitality I’m well attuned to influencing and take great pride in everything I do. They say when you find the job you love then you’ll never work another day in your life again, it’s certainly true as I greet every day with a smile on my face and effervescent enthusiasm for what I’ll discover and who I’ll collaborate with next.

First published at the age of 12 for poetry, as an A-grade student I went on to study business, sociology, psychology, interior design and English language and literature for which I’ve written five books, have a successful Youtube channel, qualified as a personal trainer, became a tattoo muscle model pro with Pure Elite bodybuilding and write for a variety of magazines as well as my website and online content. I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with world famous brands across a multitude of topics of interest from parenting and family to food, fitness, fashion, beauty and beyond. Some of my favourite being Beachbody USA, EDF Energy for the London Eye, Sealife Centre & River Thames Cruise, Windsor Castle & Buckingham Palace for The Royal Collection, Madame Tussauds, Chessington World Of Adventures, Optimax Laser Eye Specialists and Bodypower Expo.

I Have Appeared In Worldwide Media

I also appear frequently in the press and have TV directors enthusiastically contacting me to appear on primetime reality TV shows and worldwide documentaries because of my zest for life, ability to debate, confidence on camera and willingness to try new things – and the children absolutely love having film crews come to stay with us. A few of my favourite UK shows have been ‘Mind The Age Gap’, ‘Naked Attraction’ and ‘The French Collection’ with documentaries focusing on health  glamour and surgery for MTV and Sky across America and Sweden. Whether I’m filmed at a marketplace bartering over coffee pots in France or doing headstands in the garden of a mansion living with complete strangers I am always wholeheartedly and unashamedly myself. In a world of clones, wannabes and filter-obsessed selfies I’m certainly the girl-next-door, quirky, kookie and humble little bumble that isn’t afraid to stand out and carry on regardless. I have a passion for helping charities, rescuing and adopting animals and bring peace, love and light to those I meet. 


I am available as a model for paid photoshoots only. Having previously modelled for The Daily Sport, Nuts, Zoo, Loaded and various online publications I am happy to cover a variety of styles from lingerie to fitness and high end fashion. I have collaborated with many independent photographers and photography studios to assist in advertising campaigns, product launches and the expansion of portfolios.

For more information and rates please email [email protected]


I accept commercial queries related to advertising, modelling, sponsorship, charity and collaborations. If you require marketing material for your brand or event I am able to cover written press features, social media posts and video content based on individual or package prices. Please email [email protected] for further information.


I am able to offer individually tailored and package advertising opportunities to brands via my social media. This can include selfies with/using products, social media video demonstrations, Youtube videos, written features on and magazine content.

Alternatively if you have an existing feature or link that you would like to promote and drive traffic to I am able to offer Facebook sharing on my official Facebook page for a fixed price per posted link. Please email [email protected] with your requirements.


I’m happy to consider advertising banner proposals from brands that I have previously featured and love. If you’d like to advertise your brand on for a fixed period of time please email [email protected] with your requirements.


I am available as a journalist, presenter and social influencer for product launches, event invitations and exhibitions in London, South East England and further afield upon request. I am happy to provide press coverage, social content, live videos and press features to suit your requirements. Please email [email protected] for more information.


I am happy to receive products and feature brands on an ongoing basis that meet my positive ethos of health, happiness and motivation. This can be arranged as a once-off, weekly, monthly or annual basis as I recognise the importance of building long-term positive business relationships.


I’m afraid I do not accept guest posts from third parties on as I create all content myself based on the individual products and services that I have personal experience of. I am happy to write features and reviews for brands and support start-up businesses with collaborations and networking and as above I have paid Facebook post opportunities for individuals seeking exposure. For more information please email [email protected]


I am happy to accept samples for review, sharing my honest and unbiased thoughts and recommendations in the features and content that I create. I do not feature products of poor quality, services that are unreliable or items non-beneficial to my lifestyle and beliefs. If you you have a product that you feel may be suitable please email [email protected] I will never accept payment or incentives to speak positively about a brand that I do not love nor have personal experience of.