Home Teeth Whitening Using Smart Phone Technology

I actually haven’t had my teeth whitened in quite a few years now as it seemed to be super fashionable several years ago when everybody wanted perfectly white, flawless veneers but I feel that the quest for perfection has eased somewhat in recent years and as such it no longer felt like a concern of mine.

Today we have the freedom of choice to look and live however we choose and what that materialises as varies for each individual. Whilst having perfect teeth used to be the in thing, now we’re more naturally accepting – which I love – and as a result it’s more about feeling good rather than having unrealistic expectations which is why I love this new at-home technology for teeth whitening.

Home Teeth Whitening Using Smart Phone Technology With Hollywood Whitening

Smart Teeth whitening involves using a teeth whitening kit in conjunction with your smart phone allowing you to achieve professional results as you plug it into your smart phone for power, sit back and scroll your social media feed.

Also useful for maintaining your white smile after a professional session at laser clinic, this can work as a top-up or full course from home to suit your needs. Containing a powerful whitening agent that dissolves difficult to remove stains deep inside of the tooth without any damageto the tooth enamel – as no peroxide is used – this advanced formula cleans away surface stains and freshens the breath.

The Kit Comes With Everything You Need To Whiten Your Teeth From Home

The home kit is reusable and contains eight gel applications along with an activated smart light to speed up the whitening process for each 30min session, ideal for those who lead busy lifestyles. The Hollywoood Whitening Smart Teeth kit was developed by the suppliers of laser teeth whitening systems which are used in dental clinics worldwide. 

Each film Sealed Hollywood Whitening box comes with everything you need to perform a home teeth whitening treatment with a reusable smart gumshield which is mobile operated, eight Hollywood Whitening gels, application brushes, a shade guide and instruction leaflet with the device being suitable for Android Mini USB, iPhone and standard USB connections.

(L) My Teeth Before Treatment (R) My Teeth After 1 Treatment

Whilst my teeth weren’t massively discoloured when I started out as a 5/16, after one treatment I moved to a 3/16 with the number one being the most white. My teeth are certainly lighter and not as stained as they were and I’m thrilled with the progress that I have made in maintaining the whiteness of my teeth.

Obviously more noticeable results would be visible between sessions for those whose starting colours are higher up in the chart than mine. From all of the home whitening treatments that I’ve had this is wonderfully quick, affordable, easy and a successful way to achieve a whiter brighter smile from home.

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