Laser Hair Removal At Expert Centre

Waxing, sugaring, shaving, epilating, threading and tweezing are all very timely, costly and sometimes uncomfortable methods of handling unwanted body hair in the quest for silky smooth clear skin.

It’s estimated that the average woman spends £23,000 in her lifetime on waxing, £6,500 on shaving and £70,295 on beauty and nearly one in every two of us find unwanted body hair undesirable. So it’s no wonder that laser hair removal is fast becoming the most popular method for pain-free hair removal because of it’s quick, convenient and long-lasting results. I popped into Expert Centre this week for some follicle maintenance and feel silky smooth all over!

Laser Hair Removal At Expert Centre

Just a few minutes walk from Oxford Street Station in London, Expert Centre cover all types of hair removal for men and women alike. This treatment is suitable for every skin type and tone and is particularly beneficial to those who suffer from PCOS and ingrowing hairs.

Laser hair removal works by removing the hair from the root to provide a permanent hair reduction whilst eradicating ingrown hairs and irritation. For me, a huge bonus of laser hair removal is the fact that I no longer have a darkness under the skin from new hair regrowth that happens with waxing and shaving, as having fair skin pigmentation from unwanted hair is very obvious.

I Have My Neck Hair Removed At Expert Centre

Expert use the latest medical grade Nd:YAG and Alexandrite Lasers that give the highest quality results with each treatment tailored to your individual needs, hair and skin type. Results are visible from the very first treatment as the lasers direct a highly concentrated beam of light directly into the hair follicles to disable the hair growth mechanism through heat without affecting the surrounding skin.

On average it will take around a minimum of six sessions every month or two to achieve the best results as the total number of sessions required depends on your skin and hair type. After each session I see a significant improvement as my hair is far slower to regrow, coming back lighter and finer each time.

I Have My Sideburn Hair Removed At Expert Centre

After you have stunted the hairs regrowth with a full course of laser hair removal treatment than maintenance sessions are required at a lesser frequency and typically come as a package for optimal results and cost effectiveness.

Whilst the laser itself focuses heat and light into the follicle, a cold air is blown onto the the skin throughout the treatment which helps to numb the surface and make the procedure virtually pain free. I find that for the majority of my hair removal treatments all that I feel is cold air, with the thicker darker hairs causing a warm pinging sensation that lasts less than a second as the laser is in use.

I Have My Underarm Hair Removed At Expert Centre

With each treatment, the hairs regrow thinner, lighter and weaker, so the first session is the most obvious for sensation and warmth. It’s normal to experience redness and mild itching following laser hair removal as the skin reacts similar to waxing to show that the treatment has been effective. The technician applies a soothing gel directly after to cool the skin which can be used for 24hrs at home and loose cotton clothing is advised.

Personally, I have never experienced discomfort post-treatment, aside from a slight redness immediately after which calms down within an hour or so. I have never felt agitated or irritated to the point of watching to touch or scratch my skin after laser hair removal. I typically experience a mild newly shaved sensation a few days after my treatment when I touch my skin which is caused by the hair follicle pushing the rejected hair out leaving the skin impeccably smooth.

I Have Full Leg Hair Removal At Expert Centre

Laser hair removal provides a permanent hair reduction solution whilst eradicating ingrown hairs and improving the texture of the skin by heating up the dermis to naturally promote collagen. I have been having my neck hair, sideburns, underarms and full legs treated with laser hair removal at Expert for several months now and it keeps me feeling silky smooth all year round. The state-of-the-art centre is beautifully fresh and modern with the staff always so professional and friendly, always putting me at ease and giving me the most amazing results – I highly recommend it.

Being silky smooth and hair-free makes me feel pampered, preened and at my best all year round as the annoying, aesthetically undesirable and unwanted hairs and dark itchy stubble from shaving used to take up so much of my time and energy but now I needn’t think twice about it. I love how central the Expert Centre is in the city as it’s in the perfect location to pop in for a laser treatment on my lunch break or whilst out shopping with friends; just a few minutes with a laser and I’m silky smooth for months!
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