Gestation: 16weeks & 2days

So it appears the award for the biggest stress head goes to Miss Kiss! I tried my best to put the urine test results to the back of my mind, and I kind of succeeded, with the exception of two or three doubts and baby book referencing. I finally called the doctors first thing this morning eager to get my results to put my mind at ease, only to be told I’d have to call back after 2pm once the doctor has time to interpret the findings from the hospital. So in between cooking, cleaning, working and collecting Millie from school eventually it reached 2pm and with clammy hands I called the doctors.

First they kept me on hold for three minutes as the surgery was so busy just to torture the last shred of nerves I had left, and then the receptionist said all of the doctors were busy and if I wanted to discuss the results I’d have to call the emergency out of hours number later! But she was able to tell me in basic note form that my urine sample had shown signs of a urine infection, which is why it had been sent to the hospital, but it wasn’t bad enough to actually be an infection, and should my symptoms continue then I should come back for a retest. The only thing is I’ve had what feels like a water-infection (but apparently isn’t) for the best part of several years. I’m always running to the loo, I never feel like I’ve got it all out – my apologies for details – and I was sure that I had a weak/overactive bladder as I’m up all hours of the night rushing to the loo before, during and after pregnancy. So I told the receptionist that my symptoms have been over years and she said she couldn’t possibly advise as she wasn’t a doctor, but that I couldn’t actually speak to a doctor today and would have to wait until Monday for my GP to return. So I decided to call the midwife’s office to ask for advice about it affecting the baby or not and surprise surprise the phone rang out to answer machine.

So after I finished banging my head against a brick wall I sat with my feet up, a cup of fruit tea and watched desperate housewives. Good Lord! Argh! x

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