Our Homemade Family Tree Frame

As it hasn’t been the ideal weather for playing outdoors we decided to have a crafty afternoon in the kitchen. Being a single parent family, I believe it is important to work as a team, for the children to love, respect and help one another, and to be proud of the little family we have. What better way to celebrate this beautiful bond than with our very own family tree frame!

Our Homemade Family Tree

Our Homemade Family Tree

This was super easy to make and gave the children the chance to use scissors which they are obsessed with and can only ever use when I’m there to supervise them, so they felt rather special today making the tree. To make our tree we took an old picture frame from the cupboard, some gold thread from the sewing kit, material glue and three felt squares from the local fabric shop for 75p each. The children chose the colours for the felt and decided to put red apples on the tree which we could each write the first letter of our name on.

We didn’t follow a pattern or design as we made it up as we went, laying the felt pieces into the frame and deciding if we needed to add any more. The children snipped the leaves and trunk, making each unique and with love; whilst I cut the apples in large, medium and small sizes to symbolise the three of us. When all pieces were finished we glued them with fabric glue which went on white and dried clear, and laid the gold thread in place on each apple to mark our names, ‘M’ for Mummy on the big apple, ‘M’ for Millie on the medium apple and ‘G’ for Gabriele on the small. We wrote ‘Kiss’, our family name, on the bottom of the tree in gold thread too. Our beautiful and unique family tree now stands proudly on the kitchen sideboard and reminds us of how lucky we are to have one another, how we all share, love and grow together forever and always.

Millie Made A Family Tree

Millie Made A Family Tree

I love how rustic and organic it looks, how nothing but the frame is straight and perfect, and the texture and layers of felt against the board backing of the frame is so natural, like childhood personified. I will forever cherish our family tree, keeping my two little apples always close to me.

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