Nuclear Wild Forest Axe Throwing Experience

As a family of nature lovers there is nothing more peaceful and uplifting for us than taking a walk amongst the beautiful wildlife and woodland. So when my daughter suggested we take a trip to a 20 acre woodland in Brentwood, Essex I thought it was a wonderful idea…

Nuclear Wild Forest Axe Throwing Experience

Never in a million years did I expect it was because she wanted to go on an axe throwing experience! But we had the most incredible morning out in the sunshine throwing blades like ninjas which is now a story that we will fondly tell for many years to come!

Axe throwing is fast growing in popularity in the UK, deemed as an exciting, safe & fun activity to do with family, friends and parties alike. Nestled in the beautiful Essex countryside beneath a canopy of trees, this quiet multi-target axe throwing range sees action fit for a Hollywood blockbuster!

With an enthusiastically cheerful and very knowledgeable trained expert leading the lesson, we were soon able to learn the necessary techniques needed to hit the wooden tree stump targets and it wasn’t as easy as it looks in movies – at least not for me!

Following a welcome talk, use of the restrooms and introduction, our session included an explanation and demonstration of each of the three different types of blades used from the starter Angel axe to the knives and finally the Tomahawk axes. We were able to practice our accuracy by aiming for the bullseyes painted onto the stumps and I was more than a little shocked to realise my daughter was an absolute natural at blade throwing for accuracy and strength – she literally beat me on every round.

We were given tips, pointers and feedback on grip, release angle, stance, follow through and the throwing motion throughout for which my daughter took to it like a duck to water as I politely launched my blades at the targets. A little slow to start, thankfully I eventually found my stride, taking note of the momentum of each blade and the force and angle necessary to strike and remain fixed into the target.

Within each designated lane we were able to progress from the angel blades, knives and famous Tomahawk axes to sharpen out bullseye skills, complete challenges to hit each of the targets and most importantly take kickass selfies to show of our new skills and capture such fond memories. safety is priority number one during all axe throwing activities.

Whilst safety is paramount to using such equipment, a safety briefing is given by a qualified axe throwing instructor who is present throughout and the minimum age to axe throw is 13 yrs which made my daughter feel like a super cool teenager indeed!

The instructor was able to answer all of our questions and queries throughout which mostly involved child-like curiosity such as “how fast do the axes fly?” “has one axe ever hit or got stuck inside another?” and “who has had the best shot ever?”

Each axe throwing lane has a designated and secure area allowing everybody to throw at once and then wait to retrieve the knives and axes together like a regimented military operation making the sessions safe and suitable for complete beginners and experienced axe throwers alike.

Prior to our arrival our briefing email advised us to wear comfortable clothing with no hoods, full length trousers and closed over shoes making trainers ideal as we were able to go for a walk and have some food after. Because of covid we had our temperatures checked on arrive and there were no spectators allowed, but nevertheless as a family or group activity it was the most fun that we’ve had in in a long time and we’ll certainly be back to show off our new found skills!
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