Love Layla Hilarious Greetings Cards & Gifts

When it comes to special occasions I like to spend a little extra time hunting for the extraordinary, going the extra mile and making events personal and meaningful. I love nothing more than watching my friends and family open their birthday cards and presents as I stand grinning with anticipation of them discovering what’s inside. A good card can make or break a magical moment which is why I couldn’t think of a more fitting brand than Love Layla to celebrate Valentines Day with my other half!

Love Layla Hilarious Greetings Cards & Gifts

“Printing what you’re thinking…” is certainly a motto that stimulates my inner child! Finally a card company hilariously brave enough to put all of the jokes, insults, swear words and downright gigglesome greetings into cards that we can’t wait to give and receive. Hoorah!

Love Layla Coupon, Valentines Day Card & Wrapping Paper

For Valentine’s Day this year I’ll be surprising my partner with a heartfelt card that reads “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to my vagina…” along with a sex coupon entitling him to choose from a strip tease, fulfilling a fantasy, cheeky anal, a blowjob, a pearl necklace, morning sex, oral sex, a finger blast, a massage or anything else that you can possibly think of writing. I’m teaming this by wrapping his present in red and white ‘I FUCKING LOVE YOU’ gift wrap which it pretty spectacular to say the least.

Love Layla Birthday Badges & Balloons

Seeing as it’s also his 30th birthday a few days after Valentine’s I’ve also got some pretty purple birthday paper which reads ‘I DID CONSIDER KEEPING THIS FOR MYSELF’ because, no joke, he often buys presents for other people and ends up keeping them because he likes them too much! Who even does that!? To go with his birthday presents I’ve also got him a ‘Holy Fuck I’m 30!’ badge, because why not, and a pack of ‘HOLY FUCK YOU’RE 30’ balloons to fill up his car as I’m thoughtful like that.

Love Layla Hilarious Calendar

Love Layla also have a great range of birthday, wedding, baby shower, Mother/Father’s Day, get well soon, sorry you’re leaving, graduation etc cards and treats which endearingly contain references to genitalia, jokes and things you’d say with your friends in a group chat but never outloud in public. I literally find myself scrolling through their website laughing away to myself as if I’m reading a meme page, chuckling devilishly over who’s birthday is next and what I can surprise them with. If 2018 has taught me anything so far then it’s to seize the day and never be afraid to say what you really mean; three cheers for Love Layla!
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