How Do You Know Your Home’s True Value?

The biggest asset almost any of us will ever own is a home as property is always in high demand. Whilst cities grow larger and larger it’s clear to see that homes cannot be built as quick as the demand rises. So, homes are an incredible opportunity to make a huge profit. Thankfully there are more ways to sell your home than ever before. Yet on the other hand, the standards have risen beyond anything ever before as well. Therefore attaining the true value of your home is far more difficult.

The average buyer is now far more knowledgeable and knows quality when they see it so there’s no more relying on sweet talk because you have to possess the home that is head and shoulders above the competition. Money talks and it always comes to those that will make sure their home is in tip top condition. So I’ve comprised this list of things that you can do to achieve the true value of your home.

Restore Colour And Quality

A home that has aged will be showing signs of fatigue, the floor may have lost it’s colour and will be a dull and shaded. Hiring a professional company to come and clean your carpets works wonders or why not try it yourself and prevent dipping into potential profits. It’s worth investing in a carpet steam cleaner with a high boiling point and strong suction to remove even the smallest spec of dirt that has stuck to the fibers of the carpet or needs to be picked off. Clear the entire room and allow time for the carpet to be soaked gently overnight as this will dislodge the majority of the dirt and muck and make it far easier to clean.

You can also use steam cleaners on wallpaper as it can become duller from exposed sunlight over the years as well as absorbing the home’s general dirt. Maybe the kitchen wallpaper has filled with evaporated oil and darkened over time, but using a steam cleaner can bring back it back to life. An old shabby carpet is going to look far less expensive than a clean and sparkling carpet will and a dirty home will mask its true value.

A Web Of Connections

Valuing a property accurately involves many different aspects of the real estate industry. It’s not just the real estate company who you hire but the surveyors, the mortgage companies, local councils and authorities, safety or building inspectors as well as professional interior designers that all work together. Each one of them will have an impact on the final price of your home but it will be in a variety of different ways. The surveyor will be check that the practical part of your home is in working order by inspecting the condition of the roof, the pipes, gutters and garden to name but a few things. However they don’t know what kind of interior design and home decor is popular at present so they can’t make an accurate assumption as to how much these things will matter to the market.

A professional interior designer can give their estimate as to how much your hardwood floors, conservatory and wallpaper are adding to the property, or you can use a professional company to value your home online. If you click this Link you’ll be redirected to a website for selling a property quickly by not having any kind of agent or legal fees, getting you the highest possible price in the current market and having a cash offer within 24 hours of posting your home on their list. There is a section where you can have your home valued by going through their checklist, you can do this by putting in your postcode and selecting which type of home that you live and home many bedrooms. Judging by their own homes they give you an estimate of how much your home is actually worth and if you were to use their services you can receive the kind of offer you’d expect from a buyer.

Do The Rounds

Speaking to multiple real estate agents to take an average is one other way that you can get a true value, however some real estate agents specialise in finer homes and therefore look for different things such as a private driveway, personal garage or outdoor swimming pool. Other real estate agents might deal with the standard family home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and each real estate company will have it’s own process. They can each give you a different valuation of the property which you can use to gain an understanding of what the average would be.

Where one real estate agent values your property at £252,000, another at £248,000 and another at £260,000 you simply add all of these up to then divide by the number of different estimations you were given. In this case, your home would be valued at £253,000 on the market. But take this with a pinch of salt because one buyer might want it more than another and be prepared to pay more. If you’re fortunate enough to have multiple bidders this can give you a totally different and unexpected result and the end price could be substantially higher than this method would suggest.

The true value of a home can be deemed both subjective to the buyer and to the market so seek a professional company that has an online feature to see what your home would be worth to a market of urgent buyers. To get a true price for your home it’s worth taking the time to work hard on restoring it to its former glory that you’ve enjoyed. Clean the inside of your home thoroughly, especially the carpets, hardwood floors and wallpaper. A little bit of TLC can go such a very long way!


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