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This week Millie returned to school for her first two days back after the summer holidays came to an end. The day before we did the usual return-to-school routine whereby we laid all of her clothes out, labelled and ordered them ready for the panic of her first morning alarm. It’s so easy to fall out of routine in the holidays and I was determined to get her there on time, looking sharp and brimming with enthusiasm. Thankfully I managed to find the last few bits and pieces for her P.E kit and equipment in time and she looked an absolute picture in her school uniform; with her shiny black shoes, smart shirt and long socks, she just makes my heart melt and fills me with such love and pride.

Millie's First Day Back At School

Millie’s First Day Back At School

And she had a lovely two days back at school before it was the weekend again, so it was the perfect way to ease her back in gently. She came home with some pretty impressive reading material, a new diary, some lovely pictures she’d drawn and a nice empty lunchbox. Thankfully she adores school and is one of those children who flourish when they receive recognition and encouragement. I feel so blessed to have her as a daughter and cherish every whimsical moment with her.

It’s less than a month until her sixth birthday and I’m thinking up some lovely little treats and surprises for her. She’s said that she’d like to take some girlfriends to the local indoor play, to come home for some party food, bake and decorate cakes together and then play princesses until the early evening. I’ve been browsing around the shops and keeping track of her birthday list request, and although I’m trying not to spoil her, I also want to give her an extra special birthday to remember as it’s her first one with just me and Gabriele and I don’t want her to feel like it’s any different to how it’s always been. This is her special day and I’d give her the stars from the sky if I could.

And finally her two bottom front teeth have started to wobble as she’d had her adult teeth behind them for some months now and I was worried they’d never come out. The dentist told Millie to give her milk teeth a wiggle to encourage them on their way so if she times it right, then for her birthday or even Christmas, she may get her two front teeth! Well that saves me thinking up more presents.

Tracy Kiss: Nuts Magazine

Tracy Kiss: Nuts Magazine

I’ve been having some lovely pampering and taking a little time out for some TLC. Now that Millie is back at school it’s given me the chance to focus more on Gabriele, and when he naps I get a little me time which is rare but greatly appreciated. I’m feeling good, eating well, enjoying my life at the moment and the world has found a beautiful and worthwhile balance at last. I’m just happy again and it’s so lifting, back to myself and doing what I love with the people I love most in life. There’s no finer thing than happiness.

Gabriele Loves His First Pair Of Big Shoes

Gabriele Loves His First Pair Of Big Shoes

My cheeky nugget Gabriele has finally grown enough to have his first pair of big boy shoes and he loves them! He stomps about in them everywhere, bangs his feet on the floor to make a noise and twiddles his chubby fingers around the velcro to undo them. Up until now he’s only ever fit into the soft material shoes which slip off or make his toes curl under, so to now be in a solid and supportive shoe is such a milestone. He melts my heart with how fast he grows and adapts to things in life, like a little sponge he takes it all in and picks things up in no time at all. Bless him!

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