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My Instagram profile exploded last week and I was amazed that I gained 3,000 new followers in just seven days which is totally unheard of. This took my fanbase to 5,161 and I had to pinch myself that so many people got onboard as the average profile has just a couple of hundred followers. Can you imagine my surprise just seven days later when I’ve now gained a further 6,000 followers this week, taking my running total to 11,000. Wow. I can’t imagine seeing 11,000 people all in one space, let alone the 200,000+ that read my blog. It really is incredible to comprehend and I am extremely thankful and touched by everyone who takes part and finds help and advice through what I do.

I Gained ANother 6,000 Followers On Instagram This Week

I Gained ANother 6,000 Followers On Instagram This Week

This week marked the return to school following the bank holiday and half term. The children have loved shopping, playing at the park, visiting the family and feeding the ducks. It seems like there’s always a holiday lurking around the corner and a neverending list of events, occasions and appointments, so it’s a good job I write everything down and keep tabs on my check list as I go. I adore spending time with the children and teaching them about the world, there is nothing more precious than being a mother and I couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful little people that my children have become. Millie received a star from school this week for her work on New Zealand, and Gabriele can count from one to twenty now at the super little age of two. It never ceases to amaze me how capable the children are, their willingness to learn, explore and develop and I thrive on raising them with love, respect and a never ending supply of cuddles.

We Fed The Ducks One Afternoon In Half Term

We Fed The Ducks One Afternoon In Half Term

I have had my braces on my teeth for one week now and thankfully I can now eat and speak relatively normally. My mouth no longer aches or rubs and I haven’t taken any pain relief or had to use the wax sticks at all. I can’t believe how fast this week has gone, and I’m sure if the others continue in the same way then my Six Month Smile treatment will be over with before I know it. I’m really looking forward to seeing a dramatic change in the alignment of my wonky teeth over the next several weeks as I can’t imagine seeing myself with a perfect, straight white smile but it will be here very soon. How exciting!

Tracy Kiss For Cambsphoto

Tracy Kiss For Cambsphoto

I received this fantastic creation back from Cambsphoto today following a fantasy inspired photoshoot that I did a few weeks ago. This picture was created by combining three photos of me together themed as heaven, hell and a human table to play my good and bad self at a game of chess, and it is very symbolic of life. Everything that we do involves choices and decisions, and we fight good and bad on a daily basis within ourselves. What route we take, whether it is difficult or easy, right or wrong is completely down to us. The easy way out is not always the best, as a little dedication and commitment will pay off albeit following an uphill struggle. The decisions that we make in life are there to challenge, shape and create the person that we are now, which happens by constantly adapting and reacting to the game as it plays out because life will always throw a spanner in the works when you are least expecting it. So long as everything you do is for the right reasons and with a good heart and intention, then in the end it will all come right. We have to have balance in everything that we do, as we cannot appreciate the light if we haven’t experienced the dark; sadness helps us to cherish the happy times, hunger the celebrations and tiredness the golden moments of rest and relaxation. Life isn’t about being perfect and always being right, it’s about making mistakes, learning from each one as you go and moving forward little by little, day by day to reach your goals. It’s also pretty cool to look at!

Wheel Power

Gabriele’s & I Are Fundraising For Wheel Power

It is the Tour De Vale charity cycle this weekend to raise funds for Wheel Power for disabled children and adults, and Gabriele and I have been training as much as we can. Unfortunately with half term I couldn’t cycle because Millie was off of school and I only have one bicycle seat for Gabriele, then when she went back the weather was horrendous, wet and windy and no condition to take a toddler out in. We did snatch a 6.3mile ride the other day once Gabriele finished his nap, but with the 15mile route planned for the weekend we’re still some way off for stamina and endurance. I last rode a bicycle as a child and have had just four rides since getting a bike a few weeks ago in preparation for the charity cycle. Gabriele has a snotty nose and my throat is sore, my skin tender and my eyes burning hot, so you could say that things are certainly sent to test us! Come hell or high water we will complete the event and do all that we can for such a worthwhile cause. Fingers crossed that I’ll be human again for race day as once I start something I see it through to the end no matter what. That’s what I love about life, even when you think you can’t go on, if you dig deep and stay focused you are so much more capable than you will ever realise. We are all capable of great things, and it becomes apparent the more you push yourself and the further you step outside the box.

It's The Final Week Of My 100 Happy Days Challenge

It’s The Final Week Of My 100 Happy Days Challenge

It’s set to be a hectic weekend with photoshoots, a charity event, some TV shows I filmed for going to air and lots of blogging. I feel as though I should be curled up in bed under the covers right now as despite it being beautifully sunny outside I’m shivering and feel weak as anything. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger though, right? Wonder Woman eat your heart out!

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  • You remind me of a Helen Reedy song “I am Woman, hear me roar”
    Get well soon, we need your forthright thoughts.

    Here are some of the lyrics which I think fit

    You can bend but never break me
    ‘Cause it only serves to make me
    More determined to achieve my final goal
    And I come back even stronger
    Not a novice any longer
    ‘Cause you’ve deepened the conviction in my soul

    Read more: Helen Reddy – I Am Woman Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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