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In this fast paced and busy world it cam be easy to rush your way through each day, stressing, fretting and forever feel as though you’re falling behind. As a busy single parent working long hours I find quiet reflection and relaxation time essential to tipping the scales and bringing balance to my life.

Something that I firmly believe in is self love and respect which I achieve through affirmations – reminding myself of all that I am and all that I am entitled to be and capable of. So when I spotted these beautiful daily affirmation cards at Mal Paper I couldn’t wait to have them in my life.

Mal Paper Affirmation Deck

Practicing affirmations is one of the simplest things that you can do to start your day in a happy mood and make it more productive, because the calmer and more content that we feel the more that we can focus and move forwards.

Affirmation cards are designed to help you to focus on the positives in your life and become more mindful; my affirmation deck of 52 cards allows me to choose at random one of the affirmation card prompts and bring its message into my awareness. I can then ask myself how the message on the card I have chosen can support me throughout my day. Todays card reads “I am in total control of my actions and thoughts.”

(L) Todays Affirmation Card (R) My Affirmation Deck Of 52 Cards

Acknowledging being in control, experiencing the thought and sensation of being calm and collected in my mind and actions in turn creates this in my reality. I find myself immediately sitting a little taller, smiling and feeling thankful for this reminder that I am where I am supposed to be and no person or situation can disrupt that.

From here I can set my goals for the day ahead; acknowledging that I am in control of my actions and thoughts, I can then plan my to-do list with a positive mindset towards achieving them. Today this involved content creation, chores and childcare and which order of preference I’d prefer over what I felt the most passionate about.

It is also useful to use these daily affirmations in association with all aspects of my life including relationships, emotions, my career, love, health and wealth. The more that I consider being in control of my actions and thoughts in my career the more choice that I feel I have to work as an individual to my best abilities and in my own way. In love and relationships I feel empowered to speak my mind and be true to myself as I am in control.

(L) Each Card Has An Empowering Message (R) It Takes Seconds To Select And Read One Card Each Day

In respect of emotions I consciously recognise that nobody can disrupt my peace or cause me to react negatively to a situation because I am in control of my own thoughts and actions and choose to be positive and kind. Keeping my cards somewhere that I can easily access them, such as besides my laptop or bedside table, means that I can practice a daily ritual of self love and mindfulness to positively encourage and support my day.

I can then set upon manifesting my affirmations, internalising their meanings and making them my reality by including them in every aspect of my outlook and by the law of attraction draw new and positive opportunities into my life. It also helps to keep a daily journal, if you are able to set aside time for reflection, to note down your daily affirmations, how they make you feel and the positive impact that they have towards your success, happiness and learnings in life. The more awareness that we attach to living well and feeling well the higher our quality of life will become and it’s as easy as picking up one card each day.

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