Love Layla Adult Humour Valentine’s Cards

When it comes to special occasions I pride myself on my sense of humour and ability to sniff out the most hilarious, eyebrow-raising and questionably-acceptable greeting cards and gifts to shock, surprise and delight my loved ones.

With Valentine’s Day upon us it was a given that I’d track down the most hilarious love-inspired adult humour greeting cards on the internet… Enjoy!

Love Layla Adult Humour Valentine’s Cards

I’ve been a loyal shopper at Love Layla for quite some years now because I thrive on their honest, down to earth and delightfully devilish approach to gifts and greeting cards. They literally seem to print the exact wrongness that is on my mind – possibly what others are also thinking about but daren’t say out loud.

I love their ethos of appreciating their customers as each order includes a charming little thank you card which states “When you buy from our small family business you are not helping a CEO buy a third holiday home… you’re supporting 3 families with kids that love the 50p cheese & tomato pizzas from Asda, JustEat orders on a Friday night & helping to fund a gin drinking habit… we appreciate your support!” I’ve often chuckled to myself at the thought of the team having terrible hangovers on gin after enjoying the profits of peak bank holidays and calendar events.

Alas, I digress… Back to laughing like a naughty school girl over their 2022 Valentine’s selection. Now you may ask yourself why I happen to have got four Valentine’s cards for this joyous event, I can summarise my explanation perfectly in just eight words: Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Jason Derulo, Cillian Murphy. Need I say more? That’s right, I’m fan-mailing them ALL!

My perfectly phrased love letters this season consist of: Some pretty font which reads “I promise to always be by your side… or under you… or on top… or on my knees in front of you.” A 5* sausage rating illustration captioned “Very Satisfied, length & girth are excellent”. Heart illustrations and text that reads “Do that thing I like… *gets in the car & goes to the big Tesco*” and finally a big pink heart and bold font of “I’m just a girl who is in love with a guy who just happens to have the best c*ck!” I may have to be selective with my choice of which celebrity heartthrob gets which card?

Printed on a thick quality card in a pretty brown envelope and silver metallic embossing, I love how bright, vibrant, fun and heart-warming these greeting cards are; not to mention knowing that my “order was packed by Vikki” personally, along with a smiley picture of her cheerful little face.

As a society we often burn the candle at both ends, become overwhelmed by stress and lose sight of the joys of life. Adding a splash of naughty humour to your loved ones day can be just the spark of excitement necessary to keep love alive and feel grateful for your nearest and dearest.Whoever the genius is who writes these cards deserves to be celebrated as the modern day Shakespeare for love letter writing.

Whatever you are doing this Valentine’s, however you choose to celebrate and with whom, I hope that you may all have a heart filled with love and the biggest, cheesiest grin on your face, spanning from ear to ear!

Use can use my discount code “KISS10” for 10% off at Love Layla valid until 14th February 2022!
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