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When it comes to finding and giving the perfect gift, one thing that always takes my breath away is jewellery, because it’s something we may not think to treat ourselves to often and is made all the more meaningful when you’re able to personalise it to mark a special occasion or loved one.

Whilst online Christmas shopping for my family I found the most beautifulgold lockets to personalise with photos and engraving and whilst I was there I got myself a little treat too!

Personalised Jewellery Makes A Great Gift For Christmas

My aim was to find a beautiful locket for my mother which could hold pictures of her, my nan and daughter and being able to personalise it with a special message, initials, a memorable date or place and two photos made this the perfect choice for me.

I bought my mother a locket years ago when I was a teenager and spent hours trying to cut out a tiny picture to fit inside of it; ultimately removing all of detail from the photo as the shoulders and hair were lost and it became a very close-up of a relatives face which wasn’t how I wanted it.

(L) I Was Able To Adust The Pictures Online (R) The Pictures Are Protected By A Clear Cover In The Locket

To have two pictures printed as part of the purchase, I was able to crop and adjust them directly from my phone to my liking and the locket was then printed, engraved and packaged into a luxury gift box in just a few clicks, which makes it so much easier and more meaningful to have everything precisely the way that I want it to be.

The heart shaped locket is solid 925 silver and plated in 18 carat gold with an adjustable chain length measuring 18mm x 18mm at the widest parts and is so beautifully well made. Hand assembled, engraved and packaged in the UK, my locket arrived within just a few days and is now wrapped and labelled in preparation for Christmas.

My LoveLox London

I also stumbled across personalised necklaces whilst looking for my mothers locket, and seeing as my birthday is just a few days away now, when I spotted my birth stone for October I couldn’t resist treating myself. I found this beautiful Swarovski birthstone crystal in rose to signify October on a heart necklace made from solid 925 sterling silver which I personalised with my name.

A classic but contemporary piece from MYRI London, as I always wear silver jewellery this heart matches my style perfectly. With smooth curves and a minimalist style, I love how wonderfully this necklace catches the light and the crystal birthstone adds such a meaningful and personal touch. The engraving is carried out in the UK with the finest diamond-tipped cutters making the lettering so precise. Again the chain length is adjustable and the necklace measures 15mm x 15mm.

(L) My Mothers LOVELOX Gold Locket (R) My Silver MYRI October Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Whenever I order jewellery online I always like to take it out of the box to check it over, as after buying pieces that were too big and uncomfortable to wear in the past, I make a habit of trying jewellery on before giving it as a gift.

As a rule of thumb I double check the clasps, the quality of craftsmanship and try out to chain length with a few outfits, so should I need to make any adjustments or send them back before giving them as gifts then I have plenty of time. Then I simply wipe them over, return them to the gift boxes and wrap them up.

These necklaces are precisely what I wanted, perfectly to my specifications and look and sit beautifully on the neckline. Each comes gift boxed with a care card inside of an envelope to keep the jewellery in tip top condition.

It is recommended that you avoid necklaces coming into contact with water, perfumes, lotions, hairsprays and detergents as this can lead to tarnishing. Over time discolouration can happen due to the acidity of the skin which can be polished off with a dry cloth or silver polish for silver jewellery and it is best to store any jewellery that is not being worn in a box to maintain its polished look.

The moment that I opened the gift boxes I felt butterflies for how meaningful, unique and beautiful these pieces are. Perhaps the one thing more wonderful than treating yourself to a new piece of jewellery is the feeling of giving the gift of personalised jewellery to a loved one and after some savvy online shopping I now get to experience and enjoy both!

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