Simple Ways To Save Money And Look Stylish

A person’s style is an expression of their personality. It is a creative way to highlight their character through their clothes. Choosing what clothes to wear to express themselves can bring an individual great joy. 

Simple Ways To Save Money And Look Stylish

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With the cost of living rapidly rising, many of us are looking for ways to save money and be more cost-effective. For some, this has meant reducing their spending on non-essential items, such as clothes. 

Are you searching for ways to look stylish whilst saving money? If so, here are a few ways to help you achieve this goal. 

Time To Quit Old Habits 

Not all of your spending habits might revolve around clothes. There are other purchases that you make that could be costly to you. It could be going to a coffee shop and buying a hot beverage on your way to work each morning. These regular visits over time can add up. Without realising it, this old habit can impact your financial situation. 

It isn’t just regular coffee shop visits that can add up over time. If you are a regular cigarette smoker, you will likely know how costly one packet of cigarettes costs. However, you might not realise the amount you spend on cigarettes in the course of a year. It is estimated that the average smoker could spend approximately £4,841.20 per year on cigarettes. Smoking is a tough habit to break. One method that has been an effective route many have taken is switching to a vape. 

You would be amazed about how much you can save if you switch from smoking to vaping. In addition to helping you save money, switching to a vape can provide you with more control over your nicotine intake. If you have been trying to quit smoking for a while, changing to a vape could help you to stop old habits. 

See What You Have 

Have you considered shopping in your wardrobe? Instead of searching online or in-store for new clothes, look at what you already have. If your wardrobe is overflowing with pieces, it can be easy to lose track of what items of clothing you have. Taking the time to see what you own might surprise you with the discoveries you will likely find. You may find something you did not realise you had. There might be an item of clothing that you adored but forgot you still owned. 

Seeing what you have allows you to be more creative about choosing outfit pairings. You will likely discover a range of pieces and outfit choices that will enable you to look stylish without additional costs. 

Refine Your Style 

If you have ever purchased an item of clothing on impulse, you are not alone. Spotting an item of clothing in the shop and buying it without a second thought is easily done. The issue with this is that many people do not consider when or where they would wear it. These impulse purchases are one of the reasons why many find themselves with wardrobes overflowing with clothes, some of which they have never worn before. 

To reduce this issue from occurring, refine your style. Decide on what type of clothes you wish to wear. It could be a style you like or a colour palette that you prefer. Creating this refined look can help in limiting the impulse purchases made. This is because it can help you to no longer buy something that you think looks nice but instead carefully select and invest in pieces you know you will wear. Having a refined style can help you look stylish and showcase your personality without unnecessary spending. 

Switch To Second-Hand 

Have you considered where you purchase your clothes from? When many of us look for new clothes, we might have a few places that are our favourites. It might be because the prices are affordable, they have pieces we know that we will love or because we know the quality is good. Regardless, we often purchase items from online brands or beloved high street stores. One thing we might not consider is shopping second-hand. 

There are platforms, like Depop and eBay, that allow people to buy and sell their clothes. Additionally, there are also charity shops and vintage clothes shops where you can find pieces that match your style. Some of these places will often have clothes that still have their original price tag. The benefit you get is the more affordable, sometimes bargain, price tag. The list of reasons to shop for second-hand clothes is endless. If you have yet to look for clothes in a charity shop or a second-hand online marketplace, spend some time seeing what options are available. You will likely be amazed by the vast choice that they have available. 

Consider Making It Yourself 

If you enjoy arts, crafts and making things yourself, why not consider making clothing yourself? You could turn old clothes you no longer wear into something you will wear. This way, you can reduce the amount of your clothing that goes to waste and create something unique. Having made it yourself makes the item of clothing can further enhance your style and personality. 

In Summary 

Saving money does not mean that you have to miss out on what you enjoy. You can still look stylish and showcase your personality with what you wear, but you can do so without your bank account taking a hit. 

Being more conscious about clothing is becoming a popular trend. With more people looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly, sustainable fashion is one area that many people focus on. This includes purchasing from sustainable brands, buying second-hand clothing or limiting the amount of clothing items you purchase. Choosing to be more sustainable in your fashion choices can help save the planet and your bank account. 

Take into consideration some of these tips when you are thinking of making any clothing purchases. It could help you save money and find pieces that you will love to wear.


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