The Value Of Freedom Is Under A Microcope Right Now

So, we’re on day 60 of lockdown for most countries. Some a couple weeks behind, others are a week or so ahead. That means, we’re now heading up to 3 months of being stuck indoors. What has that done to your sanity? Many people have been sharing their mental health stories on social media and there’s a recurring theme that keeps cropping up.

The value of freedom has never been so widely appreciated in the modern era, than right now. We’ve been told we have to keep apart from each other, we can’t go out for a walk, we can’t exercise outdoors and we can’t enjoy the nice sunny weather by lounging in the park. Freedom comes in many forms and this is how you should appreciate yours.

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Plan A Road Trip

We all need to come to the realization that holidays are canceled for this year. No one is going anywhere, fast. But, you can and should have a staycation of sorts. Plan a road trip and dot out all the key destinations you want to visit. If you don’t have a driver’s license, now would be a good time to get it. If you take driving lessons with a certified instructor from a specialist company, you should be able to pass quicker for a number of reasons. With over 100 years of experience, they have a system for a higher success rate.

Their instructors are more than happy to work on some things you need extra help with. They plan their lessons around your needs and time schedule. It usually takes 30-40 hours to pass a driving test but with BSM it takes about 20. This works out to the same number of lessons, so you could have your license within a month or two and still have one more month of summer left. So get to it! 

The Freedom Of The Mind

We never realized it before but, when we have a routine of going outside, getting to work, and running errands, our mind is freer. We’re seeing different things, people, buildings, cars, and the sky. We’re absorbing information and we’re consciously living in the world. Being locked up for 3 months has brought our minds to the edge of boredom. But did you know, reading can help bring a sense of calm and ‘mental travel’ to your mind? Get lost in a series of books, now is the time to curl up in the corner with a cup of coffee and just read. Let your imagination slash off the shackles of being in the same four walls.

The Freedom To Eat?

Cooking helps a lot with your mental health. Why? You’ve got a goal to reach, a list to complete and you can always get better. There’s no such thing as a ‘master chef’ despite what a TV show might tell you. So, get baking, get frying, get grilling! Now is the time to experiment and make the food you’ve always wanted to. Home fried chicken, homemade pizza, homemade cake, just go for it!

When this blows over and, the lockdown is lifted, don’t you ever forget the value of freedom. Let’s be more appreciative that we’re still alive and we can enjoy all these things. 

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  • Tracy, That’s what I was looking the words, it’s what a lot the of peotestors here in America seem to have forgotten, they don’t look at other peoples freedom, only from their own point of view, they keep shouting it’s their right, and it is but others have rights as well, such to live free of disease, which was the reason of the lockdown in the first place not just to limit anyone’s rights,

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