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Growing up in Haddenham as a child I have fond memories of visiting Tiggywinkles and squealing with joy upon hearing it mentioned on television because I could say “I’ve been there!” it was undoubtedly the pinnacle of our village and something we are extremely proud of even after I grew up and moved away to raise a family of my own. I have always had such a fondness for animals and proudly treat my pets with as much love and fuss as my own children. This year I set about the task of supporting local charities through my fundraising and am delighted to have raised £1,000.00 for such a fantastic cause.

Tiggywinkles The Wildlife Hospital is a specialist hospital for the rescue and rehabilitation of all species of British wildlife. The life-saving service is provided completely free of charge to the general public and the hospital is fully funded by public donations as it receives no state funding and costs around £1,000,000 each year to keep the doors open 24/7. The hospital rescues injured casualties, provides veterinary surgical attention and patiently nurses each tiny life back to health with a controlled programme to return them to the wild once fully fit and able but sadly it is man that causes the majority of these emergencies from road traffic accidents to garden maintenance that disturbs nests or stow-aways in unturned bonfires.

Over 200,000 patients have been treated at Tiggywinkles since it’s doors first opened and they tirelessly provide every animal with the best fighting chance of survival and any patients unable to return to the wild is given a permanent home at the hospital in a natural and safe habitat to live out the rest of their days as euthanasia is a very last resort. Tiggywinkles have proudly pioneered the treatment and care techniques for hedgehogs, badgers, deer and birds which has been passed on to veterinary schools, courses, lectures, books and papers to help casualties and veterinary teams across the country in turn saving millions of lives.

Tracy Kiss Donates £1,000 To St. Tiggywinkles The Wildlife Hospital Trust

Tracy Kiss Donates £1,000 To Tiggywinkles The Wildlife Hospital Trust

Tiggywinkles have a wonderful adoption scheme to give as a gift to a loved one or for your own interest in wildlife. Monetary donations allow this vital service to continue around the clock and there are a whole host of delightful little noses and happy faces to love from hedgehogs to garden birds, polecats, weasels, stoats, badgers, owls, foxes, red kites, buzzards and deer. They’re always on the lookout for regular food donations of cat and dog meat along with newspaper for bedding, or if you’d like to be more hands on you can also volunteer your time to tend to the peaceful gardens, clean out the animals or paint a fence panel or two in the fresh country air see their website for details of volunteer vacancies. I like to teach my children the importance of helping others and giving back to the community because it’s all too easy to take services such as these for granted. A family visit costs just a few pounds and makes for a lovely day out with hedgehog talks, flight aviaries, exhibitions, viewing windows, an outdoor park and picnic area and delightful gift shop to keep little ones entertained and inspired. You can meander around the ornate gardens, look out for frog spawn in the calming waters, pass the paddling ducks and watch the fluffy foxes playing in their den; a wonderful and worthwhile experience for all ages.
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Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital
Aston Road, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire HP17 8AF

01844 292292


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