How Much Does A New Dog Really Cost?

Are you thinking about adding a new dog to your family? This can be a great decision, especially if you have children who you would like to grow up alongside a pet. Of course, buying a dog can be expensive and even if you adopt a dog from a shelter, you will still come across some serious expenses. Before you take the plunge and start picking out collars for your new dog, we thought we would cover some of the expenses that you will need to budget for. Once you have read this guide, you can decide if you can afford to bring a dog into your family. 

The Hidden Costs Of Getting A New Puppy

The Cost Of The Dog 

First things first, you need to be able to afford to pay the cost of bringing the dog into your family. Depending on which route you decide to take, you could find that this initial expense is actually quite high. There are some dog breeds that are more expensive to buy than others as they are harder to locate. If you have a particular breed in mind, you might not want to stray away from this and so will have to put up with the cost. On the other hand, you should also consider adopting a dog in 2021. There are tons of shelters across the UK that are filled with young and older dogs that are looking for a home. You should keep in mind that typically shelters will require you to pay for the dog so that they know you are serious about giving it a home. This will usually come in the form of a donation to the shelter. 

Dog Bed and Pillows 

To keep your dog comfortable at home, you will need to invest in a dog bed and some pillows. Some people let their dog sleep on their bed with them or on the couch, but this isn’t always the case. You can’t just let your dog sleep on the floor as this will not be comfortable for them in the long run. 

Dog beds and pillows can be expensive, especially if you need some for various rooms around your house. You might be able to pick up some second-hand beds, but you should consider that these might not be in the best condition and could need replaced sooner rather than later. If you are bringing a puppy into your family, you might need a cage to keep them safe at the beginning of their life. This will be an additional expense that you will need to cover. 

Vet Expenses 

Something that not many people think about when they are investing in a new dog for their family is the expenses that they will encounter at the vet. While none of us want to think about our new dog getting sick straight away, this is something that you need to be prepared for. Pancreatitis in dogs is becoming much more common and so you might need to deal with this. Your dog might get arthritis or cataracts later in life. While you can usually aid pancreatitis in dogs with the right food, a visit to the vet might also be required. 

Depending on where you are located, the vet prices will differ. Even if your dog doesn’t have any immediate health problems, you might want to get them microchipped or spayed so this will be something that you need to budget for. 

Dog Insurance 

If you want to save on vet bills, then you should consider investing in dog insurance. There are some great insurance providers that can offer a policy that covers your dog should they get in an accident or experience a health condition throughout their life. 

While dog insurance can help to reduce the cost of vet bills when your dog needs to go in for surgery, it is a monthly expense that you will need to be willing to pay for. Some policies are more inclusive than others so make sure to find something that works for your family. 

Dog Accessories 

When you take your dog on a walk, you need to make sure that you have a good lead to reduce the risk of them getting away. This is especially important with new dogs and puppies who aren’t as likely to come back to you at the end of their run. When picking out a lead for your dog, you need to think about their comfort as well as the design that you want to go with. The dog collar is also important as this will allow you to add a tag that will come in handy if they get lost. There should be enough space between your dog’s neck and the collar to ensure they can breathe properly. Check the sizing, especially if you are ordering online to make sure that you are not wasting your money. 

Dog Food 

Everyone knows that dogs need food to survive but have you considered the cost of this? Sure, you won’t need to make full meals for your dog every single day, but you will need to feed them at least twice a day. Some dogs can eat dry food while others need protein in the form of jelly cans of food. The type of food that you need will depend on the breed of your dog and their dietary requirements. 

Raw dog food is becoming an increasingly popular option but if you want to go down this route, you will need to spend a bit more. Dog food is a purchase that you will need to make every week so make sure to find an affordable option that won’t eat too much into your budget each month. 

Kennels and Dog Sitting 

Finally, when you are considering the overall cost of a dog, you should think about what you might do when you need to go on a trip. If you travel quite a lot, then maybe bringing a dog into your family isn’t the best idea but it is fair to go on holiday at least once a year. There are dog kennels across the country that you can leave your dog in and give them their own holiday. 

However, dog kennels and dog sitters will be expensive so you will want to make use of these as little as possible. Take a look at the prices of your local kennels and use this information to decide if this is the right kind of investment for your lifestyle. 

Final Verdict 

Now that you know a bit more about the cost of bringing a dog into your family, you should decide if this is the right decision for you or not. You need to consider everything from the vet expenses to the accessories that you’ll need and what you will feed them every single day. 

Dogs are for life and so this is an investment that will be a big commitment for many. Look at your budget, consider adoption to cut costs and you’ll soon have a new dog that your kids can grow up with. Dogs are man’s best friend of course!


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