Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Blend

We all know that protein is essential for building muscle mass but as a vegan it can be difficult for me to get enough protein into my daily diet as I don’t eat meat or dairy. As with any diet, whether you eat all of the meat on earth or absolutely love your veggies, it’s not possible to get 100% of all of the nutrients our bodies need on a daily basis; not only would we have to eat all day everyday but it would also cost an absolute fortune which is why this Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Blend is so convenient.

Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Blend

Bulk Powders Complete Vegan Blend


Pea protein isolate, brown rice and quinoa flour provide the highest quality vegan protein blend whilst being soya free and packed with amino acid for unbeatable flavour and performance. Vegan protein is notorious for being tricky on taste but these strawberry and chocolate peanut flavours are delicious and easily mix up in a shaker. Each serving is low in fat and sugar with a kick of digestive enzymes and natural Stevia for sweetness. Providing over 21g of protein per serving it gives my muscles everything they need to recover and grow.

Quinoa is a natural source of zinc, iron and calcium with the digestive enzymes Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Lactase and Cellulase helping to break down protein, carbohydrate and fat; a perfect recovery shake and supplement to a healthy active vegan diet. Here I have the strawberry shake and it tastes out of this world, so creamy and smooth it almost puts me in mind of semolina and tastes beautifully fruity and uplifting. Normally I’d hate lumps in my protein powder but when I caught the odd clump in my shake it was a devilishly delicious treat, just like cookie dough ice cream! Bulk Powders really aren’t exaggerating when they say they have the best tasting vegan protein on the market; I literally can’t wait for my next workout just so I can have some more!

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