Proud & Co Silhouette Oven Gloves

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but in society a kitchen can say a lot about you. I simply adore cooking, whipping up homemade meals several times a day for the children and I and hosting dinner parties akimbo. I take great pride in my kitchenware, from my gloss black glass scales to my commercial grade blender, chrome four-slice toaster and sparkling oven. Much like a country’s army, a chefs domain should be primed and ready at all times and there are no excuses for threadbare tea towels nor stained and melted oven gloves; cue my latest culinary find from Proud & Co!

Proud & Co Silhouette Oven Gloves

Proud & Co Silhouette Oven Gloves

The statement ‘Not your Grandmother’s oven gloves!’ is a fairly bold one for Proud & Co to make, but I can see exactly what they mean when they boast of their high quality kitchenware combining innovation and elegance in every design. Their focus lies within enhancing the safety, hygiene and style of such a traditional piece as the humble oven glove in order to deliver an all round functional, fashionable and elegant high-end product that every home can be proud of.

The gloves are heat resistant, waterproof and non-slip with a separate hand and thumb section allowing you to use the opposable thumb independently thus making the grip and coordination far more secure and precise than its rag-doll predecessors. The gloves are very well made, thick, luxurious and finished to the highest standard not to mention their beautiful print which depicts graceful birds and foliage. I loved them so much that I decided to get them in all three designs; how innovatively fashionable!
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