A Personalised Gift Selection For My Son’s 5th Birthday

How on earth is my baby boy turning five years old!? It only feels like yesterday when I first held him in my arms, kissed his chubby cheeks and squished those adorable rubber-band wrists as he curled a whole fist around my little finger. Now I have a beautifully kind-hearted young man who is incredibly excited to be celebrating a very special big-boy birthday and I’ve been on the hunt for presents which are equally adorable.

Gabriele’s Personalised 5th Birthday Gifts

Seeing as I spell my son Gabriele’s name differently – Gabriel with an extra ‘e’ pronounced Gabri-ellie in honour of his half-Italian heritage – it makes it near on impossible for me to pop into a shop on the highstreet and pick up a named gift as they never stock his; from bookmarks to Christmas baubles, money banks and bedroom signs there’s hundreds of Gavin’s, Gary’s, Gareth’s and Greg’s but never a Gabriele. So I’ve had an online shopping spree to source some personalised big-boy birthday presents that tick all of the boxes and will leave him grinning from ear to ear.

Over the years I’ve trawled eBay for personalised gifts and it’s always been so hit-and-miss with quality, postage times and expectations. Sometimes I find exactly what I’m looking for but pay through the nose for it, other times gifts appear to be a bargain but arrive a smaller, cheaper and a poorer alternative to the attractive image displayed which is incredibly disappointing and ruins the magic of a special occasion somewhat. And other times it doesn’t arrive at all and I have to wait months for a refund from China!

Gabriele’s Personalised Counting Birthday Book

Gabriele loves everything to do with numbers and is incredibly proud to practise blending his words and reading outloud so this bright and beautifully illustrated personalised birthday counting book is sure to get a giggle and gold star for effort by helping with his reading and counting and I know that he won’t put it down for days. It’s fun, colourful and educational and can be personalised with a name, age and special message as well as being available in soft and hardback versions. Written in rhyme with his name popping up on hot air balloons and park benches throughout the book it’s a lovely touch that makes personalised gifts all the more magical.

Gabriele’s Personalised Space Clock

Seeing as Gabriele is a typical sugar-loving, dinosaur-roaring, space-explorering little boy I decided to get him a selection of gifts based on a variety of different themes as his bedroom is decorated in a jungle colour scheme of green, white and yellow with glow in the dark ceiling stars so space and zoo gifts fit pretty well and I haven’t put all of my eggs into one basket by selecting a TV character which may go out of fashion quickly.

Gabriele loves telling the time and has a fascination for clocks and analogue watches so this personalised space clock with a named planet and flaming rocket immediately caught my eye. Measuring 20cm in width and 3cm in thickness this plate sized clock takes a single AA battery and will keep him hopping out of bed every morning with enthusiasm for school. It’s beautifully made, bright, bold and just what every little boys bedroom needs.

Gabriele’s Personalised Dinosaur Jar Of Sweets

Sugar is the ultimate treat in our health-conscious household so when I saw this personalised dinosaur jar of sweets I knew he’d be jumping for joy at all of the deliciously colourful treats packed inside but equally love to use the jar to keep his pocket-money and pennies safe after he’s emptied it – which I’m sure won’t take him long! The jar contains all of his favourites from lollipops and fizzles to chewy sweets and is the perfect size for little hands to undo the lid.

Gabriele’s Personalised Zoo Lunch Bag

Us Kisses are keen picnic-goers so when I found this personalised zoo lunch bag I knew Gabriele would love it. Maybe not the most obvious birthday gift, but he gets so excited about going to the zoo to see the animals and this is perfect for his school lunches thanks to it’s spacious capacity measuring 25cm x 15cm x 14cm, generous 120cm adjustable shoulder strap and insulated wipe-clean interior he’ll never have another child pick it up by mistake or suffer a warm yogurt or soggy sandwich again.

Gabriele’s Personalised Compass

Gabriele’s final present is a personalised engraved brass compass in a mahogany box and it’s something that Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud of. I have no doubt there’ll be plenty of post-birthday pirate adventures in his play house and I’m really looking forward to taking some time out from technology and noisy toys and teaching him how to navigate when we go on long summer walks. His name is proudly engraved on the face of the compass and his initials on the brass plate of the presentation box which is beautifully crafted with a sumptuous green felt lining.

All of these gifts for Gabriele’s 5th birthday came to less than £100 including delivery and are of a beautifully high quality that we will treasure for many years to come. Personalise are a UK based company who have thousands of online gifts for all occasions with free and easy personalisation on every item, super snappy delivery times and heartfelt gifts for all ages. I literally completed all of Gabriele’s birthday shopping online in several minutes between serving out dinner and doing the dishes with him none the wiser and not a chaotic queue or traffic jam in sight – if only every aspect of parenting could be so simple!


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