Amazon Magnetic Bracelet Healing Health Benefits

I have a lifelong aversion to unnecessary medication, as I’d rather fend off a headache with a glass of water and a cool flannel, or period pain with a hot water bottle and blanket instead of popping pills. Whatever you put into your body medication wise will always have side effects, so I try to remain as pill-free as possible, which is why the use of magnetic jewellery for healing fascinates me immensely.

Amazon Magnetic Bracelet Healing Health Benefits

Amazon Magnetic Bracelet Healing Health Benefits

Magnets placed on the body help to draw blood to a specific area, creating a calming effect on muscles and the surrounding tissue whilst allowing the body to heal itself. By increasing blood flow this in turn helps to deliver more nutrients to the body, removing toxins and contaminants from surrounding tissue. The magnets work by realigning the natural magnetic fields within the body which improve our mood, muscles and performance.

Body magnets also help to reduce inflammation, lactic acid, calcium deposits and other toxins due to the increase in blood flow, helping to heal nervous tissue and bones with the migration of calcium ions. They also assist in peaceful sleep through stimulating the hormone melatonin, along with endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers. Magnets can be worn across all areas of the body, and here I have mine built into a hematite bracelet which is both fashionable and discreet and can be worn for all occasions concealed within a variety of jewellery.

I’ve already noticed a change in my energy levels since wearing my magnetic bracelet, and last night I slept like a log, feeling incredibly refreshed and energetic today. This bracelet is from my Amazon Wishlist which you can view here along with other fashion and lifestyle finds!


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