Arbonne Plant Powered Sports Nutrition System

Being the keen fitness bunny that I am I’m always on the lookout for natural, healthy ways to keep fit and up my performance levels when working out. My vegan diet keeps me feeling fresh and on my toes digestive-wise yet doesn’t always give me the nutrients that I need because of my lack of meat and dairy. I strongly believe that we should lead the lifestyle that we choose, in a way that we are comfortable and considerate to others. I teach my children to be healthy and active and make up their own minds as to what activities to do and foods to eat because a life is best lived in moderation, a little bit of what you fancy doesn’t hurt so long as you balance it with exercise.

Arbonne Plant Powered Sports Nutrition System

Arbonne Plant Powered Sports Nutrition System

Nicola Walsh kindly gave me some Arbonne sports samples to try which I think is a great idea to test them out first because stores nowadays are stocked to the brim with hundreds of brands all claiming to help with fitness and nutrition along with hefty price tags, yet sometimes they’re completely irrelevant to our needs. The three-step plant powered sports nutrition system by Arbonne works by supplementing a workout and assisting the body with energy and recovery throughout so that you can go stronger for longer in the gym and your muscles are at optimum health in order to repair and grow.

Here I have each of the three products in sample pots with instructions on how to use them which I have taken with my workout today. Number 1 is the Prepare & Endure which delivers carbohydrates, D-ribose and L-carnitine to the body to raise energy levels and get oxygen to the muscles for optimum blood flow and performance. Much like a stimulating sports drink the PhytoSport blend helps to delivers antioxidant botanicals to fight oxidation that occurs during exercise. To prepare my drink I mixed one scoop of powder with 150ml of water in my shaker and drank it twenty minutes prior to starting my cardio workout as I like to have the maximum effect of energy to begin with, but you can also drink it throughout if you wish. The Orange & Pineapple flavour that I have is still rather than fizzy, vibrant and fruity fresh with a mellow citrus pang that leaves you licking your lips and tastes very similar to a Calippo ice lolly. It’s incredibly easy to drink and tastes delicious and within several minutes I already began to feel the effects, my senses were sharper, my body more alert and my energy levels piqued.

I normally sip water from a sports bottle throughout my workouts, however Number 2 Complete Hydration is specially designed to support optimal hydration for proper muscle and cell function whilst replenishing lost electrolytes during exercise. In essence the vitamins and botanicals keep your body fuelled and functioning as it should so that you don’t lose your energy levels part way into a fitness routine. I have a 500ml sports bottle which I’ve filled with water and is the ideal amount for one sachet of Complete Hydration that I have in a Tropical Berry flavour. Again this is a still drink that tastes more like a mild fruit squash and therefore is easier to consume whilst working out, as anything stronger during exercise would make me feel more like I’m eating rather than drinking if that makes sense, I find water hydrates me yet stronger drinks make me feel hungry and distracted from what I’m doing. The Tropical Berry is a pale orange colour with a citrus pang that is refreshing, uplifting and easy to drink. If like me you’re more accustomed to water you could weaken it down even further to suit your taste so long as you consume the entire amount. I drank the entire bottle throughout my 45 minute cardio session and felt great throughout, despite staying hydrated I didn’t need the toilet and my body didn’t feel bloated as I had the energy, stamina and strength to keep going, breathing and moving deep in sequence.

Finally Number 3 is an After Workout delivering a hit of amino acids to the muscles to alleviate soreness by supporting recovery. Pomegranate as an ingredient works as an antioxidant to combat free radicals whilst carbohydrates support energy recovery to process the calories burned, repair the muscles and leave you feeling like you haven’t been hit by a train after finishing your routine. I mixed two scoops of powder in my shaker along with 500ml of water and drank it directly after my workout in my cooldown session as I stretched. The Mixed Berry flavour is not a taste that I would usually go for as I’m more accustomed to green tea or water, so for me the slightly bitter rich flavour is rather too strong, but on the other hand it certainly isn’t unpleasant and I’d imagine most people who drink fruit squash would really enjoy this. Again because it’s still it’s very easy to drink and I gulped it down in several large mouthfuls and then took to the shower to freshen up and cool off.

Despite my 45 minute intense cardio session I felt amazing for energising my workout with the Plant Powered Sports Nutrition System, the drinks were quick and easy to make up, delivered the hit of energy and hydration that I required throughout and kept me going all the way to the end. It makes the biggest difference to my stamina to take a healthy stimulating drink prior to exercise and today I felt far stronger, more capable and able to breathe because of it. I’ve really enjoyed using the Arbonne fitness samples and would certainly purchase the full size products now that I know they work for me.

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