Aura Print Luxury Business Cards

When it comes to business cards the first impression you make on a customer or connection can make or break a deal. I remember buying a pack of print-your-own business cards years ago and running them through my printer wonky with the ink being patchy from not being flushed through properly and the edge of each flimsy card being littered with perforations. It’s incredible how far printing has come and how important branding can be for a business; it is an extension of your professional abilities and for that I put my trust wholeheartedly into Aura Print.

Aura Print Luxury Business Cards

Aura Print Luxury Business Cards

Well loved for their banner and leaflet printing, Aura Print have just released a new range of high end business cards to redefine first-impressions whenever you make a new contact. Here I have 250 Impakt colour core 800gsm uncoated business cards with double sided full colour print and intensive red colour artwork. These business cards are incredibly luxurious, thick, stiff and heavyweight to really make an impact and ooze professionalism. Available in fifteen vibrant core colours the cards can have a matte or gloss finish to suit your taste and I have opted for matte because I love the natural texture that it creates.

What sets these business cards ahead of traditional stock is their quality construction of 160gsm to the front and back and two sheets of 240gsm coloured card at the centre which makes them far more presentable and more like an official plaque than a flimsy piece of paper to lose in the bottom of your pocket. They are perfect for making a lasting impression that will stand the test of time and remind your new contact of not only your details but also of your status in the field. These business cards are an absolute work of art and capture my hardworking and driven ethos meticulously, although you may have noticed I have blanked out my telephone number for privacy purposes in this feature. I feel incredibly proud to hand my new business cards to people and upon doing so am instantly greeted with an appreciative smile and firm handshake – precisely what every reputable business needs and well worth the price tag!
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