JD Harris Backlife Personal Back Pain Therapy

Back pain is such an horrific feeling, as the majority of activities you do involves moving the spine. Much like a bad tooth, when pain strikes everything suddenly grinds to a halt, yet seeking treatment can be expensive and long-winded. I first experienced back pain when I was pregnant with my daughter from the added pressure put on my lower spine as a result of my increase in weight. I’ve always suffered lower back ache during my menstrual cycle, and twice when I’ve laid in bed with the children to read them books at bedtime I’ve suddenly frozen as my back locks and leaves me unable to move for several minutes at a time, and I have a feeling it will only become more frequent with age.

Backlife Personal Back Pain Therapy

JD Harris Backlife Personal Back Pain Therapy

Anything that puts pressure on your back muscles and nerves can cause pain, from bad posture to continual stress and strain, weak abdominal muscles, and excess weight. And I for one am certainly guilty of slouching, carrying my 3yr old son only on my left hip and not always bending from my knees when lifting heavy shopping bags. Back pain commonly develops through degenerative changes that occur with age, and sometimes because of medical conditions affecting the spine, bones, muscles, or joints, so you can be certain at one point in your life you will experience the side effects of an unhappy spine. Endorsed by orthopaedic physicians and back care experts, Backlife is designed to combine the most effective physiotherapies of continuous passive movement to relieve lower back pain which you can do from home whilst relaxing. The device performs a gentle and repeated circular motion to move the vertebrae of the lower back and the pelvic area into proper anatomical alignment, releasing pressure and resultantly relieving pain.

The device utilises the Semi-Folwer position of placing the knees bent up at a right angle whilst laying on your back. it then performs an Anterior-Posterior Pelvic Tilt which is a forward movement in a circular motion to level the hip arch, gently release the vertebrae, increase metabolism and blood flow to the area and enable the healthy passage of oxygen and nutritional materials while speeding up the disposal of waste products. This constant passive motion helps to restore mobility to damaged tissues which in turn soothe pain sensors by releasing endorphins. And the best part of it is that you don’t have to do a thing! Getting into position, I start by plugging the lengthy power cable into the back of the device. Once my legs and hips are square with the leg support I adjusted the ring on the trunk to raise it up to suit my height. When I was happy with my resting position I reached my left hand down to the power on button on the base, closed my eyes and let it take away my aches and pain.

The Backlife works by lifting and teasing the legs up, forwards and back down again in what feels like a very slow and minimal movement. It didn’t tug or pull me about like I was expecting, there was no clicking or cracking like a chiropractor and it wasn’t painful or tedious to do. I enjoyed a peaceful nap whilst the device got to work on my back for the recommended 12 minutes per day which I happily did in one session. Whenever I have back pain I find that laying on the floor for several minutes always seems to help, and completing these gentle movements at the same time left me pleasantly refreshed and renewed. Because the Backlife did it all for me I had no concern about overdoing it, getting it wrong or causing myself any extra pain and discomfort. The Backlife provides safe, gradual and comfortable rehabilitation to deliver long lasting back pain relief with the leg support easily detachable to fold away. And it’s now become part of my evening relaxation routine whilst I’m watching Coronation Street.

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