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Every girl can benefit from a flawless skincare regime, from keeping hydrated to removing dead skin, moisturising and energising. Our appearance isn’t only influenced by the makeup that we wear, but also the way in which we wear it, as healthy looking skin has the ability to literally turn back time. Can I request seven years please?



We’ve all done it, had one too many glasses of wine, fallen asleep with our foundation and mascara on, sat out in the sun without sunblock or cranked up the central heating before moisturising. Our skin needs taking care of as we put it through many daily perils of not only the elements and changing environments from hot to cold, but also harsh cosmetics, hormones and dehydration.

As I have just turned twenty-seven, and as a single mother of two to my daughter Millisent 7yrs and Gabriele 2yrs, it’s time that I start looking after my skin in order to maintain a healthy and natural complexion whilst hoping to delay any premature ageing. I’m used to sleepless nights and a lack of time and energy, with my daily beauty regime consisting of a makeup wipe before bed and picking dried up mashed potatoes and lollipops out of my hair by day.

So it’s safe to say that my face deserves a nice little pamper, and the Beaut-Boutique skincare range is here to do just that. For the past week I have been using the products and love how they have left my skin and complexion. I’ve walked past many cosmetic stands and stalls in department stores and felt utterly clueless as to what each lotion and potion does, as I always thought that a moisturiser is a moisturiser and different brands all make it in a similar way. But there is a far greater science behind it than simply changing a perfume, texture or colour, and skincare ranges are specifically designed to compliment and support each other in order to create a full package for your every need.

Here I am very fortunate to have five products from Beaut-Boutique which are the A&G facewash, skin perfector, radiance moisturiser, marine collagen under-eye serum and brush on lashes, and I will talk you through each product in turn. Every beauty regime must start with a cleanser, and the A&G facewash priced at £19.99 is a wonderful product to use. A&G stands for acai and goji which are fruit extracts that aim to target the signs of ageing and dry skin. The specially formulated blend also contains aloe vera and deeply moisturises and boosts skin cell production with each use. It smells absolutely edible with a sweet and fruity scent and leaves the skin feeling fresh and free from grease, dirt and flaking skin. After washing my face with water I apply a few pumps of the A&G facewash to a cotton pad and rub it into my moist skin in a circular motion and it leaves me looking and feeling morning fresh.

Following my cleanse I can then apply the skin perfector which is a clear and smooth gel priced at £34.99 and can last up to a month depending on use. Just a few pumps are needed as it goes such a very long way, and this can be applied twice a day, in the morning before doing your makeup and in the evening after cleansing before bed. The skin perfector is designed to help fight skin imperfections and give a natural and even coverage. Again it smells absolutely divine like tutti-frutti’s and a mix between fruity and citrus, with the fruit extracts and essential oils helping to reduce blemishes, red patchy skin, imperfections and shine. In essence it clears the skin to leave behind a healthy and radiant complexion without the need of as much makeup and concealer to clog up the pores and dry out the skin. I apply the skin perfector with the pad of my middle finger and again rub it in a circular motion across my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and it glides on beautifully whilst leaving my skin plump and fresh.

The next stage is to apply the radiance moisturiser, which is a white thick and glossy cream priced at £24.99. It has been formulated to brighten and tone the skin, smooth fine lines and even out the skins complexion, and within seconds of applying it, it sinks right in and quenches my entire face. It smells like a beautiful summer day, like strawberries and sunshine and I can’t help but want to stroke my cheeks with the back of my hand because the finish is so flawless and soft. It is both cooling and soothing without being clammy or greasy, and it almost coats the skin to leave behind a very natural and light glow to the skin.

Finally I finish my regime by lightly patting on the marine collagen under-eye serum with my fingertips which aims are reducing dark bags and wrinkles under the eyes and costs £29.99. As I suffer from single-parent-syndrome, aka a lack of sleep, I have terrible dark circle and dry, hot skin around my eyes. I daydream about melting scoops of ice cream onto my burning sockets at silly o’clock in the morning and during the night feed, and I wake up looking like something out of a thriller video. I’ve also begun to notice that when I smile there are fine lines appearing under my eyes which crease up and bag out as I squint or grin. The marine collagen serum is designed to bring back the elasticity to the delicate under-eye which in turn reduces the lines and wrinkles. It is incredibly cooling on the skin and leaves the skin around my eyes feeling awake, toned, smooth and wrinkle free. It calms the look of dark circles, tones and refreshes in one go and really makes a difference by keeping the tired and worn skin hydrated and refreshed so that it looks and feels its best and responds well to makeup and concealer without cracking and caking which annoyingly emphasises fine lines and wrinkles.

And speaking of makeup, following the completion of my skincare regime I then use my liquid foundation and a large fluffy brush to sweep across my face, finishing with a touch up concealer pen under the dark circles below my eyes and around my nostrils where there are red veins. I also line my eyelids with a black liquid eyeliner, followed by a brown colour eyeshadow and peach lipbalm.

The final product that I have is the brush on lashes which is priced at £19.99 and is the holy grail of all eyelash accessories. I very rarely wear mascara for the simple fact that my eyelashes are fine, pale and clump together when coated. I always seem to manage to get waterproof mascara smudging off onto my cheeks and upper eyelids, and my lashes look more drowned-rat than fluttering butterfly when wearing mascara, so I tend to opt for the more natural look and use my liquid liner to bring definition to my eyes instead.

The brush on lashes work together with your existing mascara to build on what you naturally have whilst instantly adding length, thickness and fullness. After applying your mascara as you normally would, you use the brush on lashes wand to comb on hundreds of tiny strands of fiber which are a couple of millimetres in length each and stick to your lashes in a natural and feather-like manner. Instantly they build body, length and volume and I was amazed at how beautiful they look, I couldn’t help but want to blink and flutter them and look in the mirror from every angle. They are utterly perfect in every way.

Unlike stick on strip lashes or infills, there is no uncomfortable glue, the lashes can’t peel up, fall off or smudge and they don’t damage your natural hair during use or removal. They just look incredible and frame the eyes beautifully, staying in place for as long as you need them to. When you want to remove them you treat them in exactly the same way as you do mascara, you simply wash off your makeup and wipe over with a makeup remover until clean.

What a difference a proper skincare regime can make to your appearance, my skin has never looked or felt as healthy as it does now. I feel radiant, fresh, bright and healthy and my makeup sits so perfectly on my skin, it no longer sinks in, cracks or cakes, but glides across my face and gives such a perfect and airbrushed finish you’d be forgiven for thinking I may have changed my foundation. Alas my makeup is the same that it has been for years, but it is my new beauty regime that I have to thank for the flawless results that I have achieved here. It has shown me the importance of setting a healthy and hydrating foundation for which to built upon, to take care of my skin and give it the love and care that it deserves in order to maintain the best complexion and condition whilst holding off the signs of premature ageing.

It is certainly worth investing in a constant skincare regime from as early as you can, as with all treatments, prevention is better than cure. I plan to have many long years ahead of me with my baby-soft plump skin, and thanks to Beaut-Boutique I’ve got everything that I need to achieve that.

For more information, the full product range or to purchase these items you can visit Beaut-Boutique online here!

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