Beyond Beauty Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Consultation

Perhaps the biggest fear that people have about facial surgery is that they might not like the results and be forced to live with it forever, seeing an unsatisfactory reflection in the mirror that they simply can’t escape. Anywhere else on the body is considerably less vital for cosmetic purposes, because we put such high regard on that one oval of skin that is our face. Our faces, rightly or unrightly so, make us instantly attractive or unattractive to the opposite sex, and if you have a feature that you feel is unbalanced or out of place then correcting it can make a world of difference to your self confidence and appearance alike. But how can you know that you’ll look better after surgery and not worse? Thankfully Beyond Beauty Cosmetic have the answer!

Beyond Beauty Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Consultation

Beyond Beauty Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Consultation

It’s not every day that you get a chance to see how you could look before having surgery, but thanks to advanced digital technology, I have been shown a precise post-surgery profile of my nose should I decide to go through with my rhinoplasty. With my Hungarian heritage I understand that my features make me who I am, and changing my face too drastically or switching my nose for somebody elses will only ever leave me looking out of place, afterall, Mother Nature designed us to look how she intended.

So for me, having my nose fixed isn’t about having a different nose altogether, but moreso correcting the part of my nose that I feel uncomfortable with, and that’s the bump on my bridge. When speaking to my surgeon Mr Nick Percival he took a great deal of time and measurements to plot my current frame and shape of my nose before telling me what my options are. This involved using a right-angled measuring stick, which I’m sure has a very technical name that I’m oblivious too, as he took measurements of the length, height and width of my nose. He also looked inside my nostrils and took photographs from different angles to generate computer images of what is achievable.

As far as my nose goes I’m fairly happy with the size and placement of it, I’m not looking to become a pert little bunny rabbit nor a snorty piglet, and I certainly wouldn’t want to change the length, width or tip of my nose at all because I’d no longer look like me then. I’d literally like to take away the bump on the bridge of my nose from convex to concave, instead of it arching up and out in a masculine and dominant way I’d like it to slope gently inward and appear more feminine. And so the only difference anybody would see following surgery would be the change in the angle when I’m sideways on, but face to face nobody would suspect I’d had anything done. In my eyes facial surgery is best performed when it is made to look natural, is believable and isn’t blindingly obvious.

As I watched Nick writing up his notes in my file with diagrams and digits I perched like a hawk on the edge of my seat waiting for his thoughts on my suitability to have surgery. He began by asking me about my breathing, if I found it difficult or easy to breath through my nose, and if I ever get stuffed up or short of breath. I explained that I had breathing difficulties as a child which led to my adenoids being removed via surgery, which is lymphatic tissue between the nose and throat that hinder the airways of young children, but since then I have been fine and had no further problems. He advised that nose surgery can actually be used to improve breathing, and then asked if I’d ever broken or injured my nose, which thankfully I haven’t, before confirming that my airway is adequate enough to allow for a safe surgery.

He explained that because I’d only want the bump on the top of my nose removed this could be performed in around two hours without cutting my skin at all, and my nostrils would remain intact, as the surgery would take place inside my nose rather than outside which means no visible scarring or cuts. A controlled break would be made to my nose with special instruments, and the relevant bone or cartilage removed with fine tools to give my nose a gentle and gradual slope. My nose would then be reset and it’s advised to stay in hospital overnight, but I can go home if I need to with a cast worn to protect my nose for the first 7-10days, as the bone fuses back into position within five days of recovery. I could expect to have two black eyes for the first few weeks, and providing I’m careful I can wear sunglasses at the end of the first week, with my follow up consultation six weeks after my surgery. In all the nose heals surprisingly quickly and I was astounded to hear that I wouldn’t be cut or scarred in any way and my day to day life would return to normal very quickly. It’s advised you book two weeks off of work, the first week is most important because the cast and splint will be in place and the second week is more to allow the bruising and swelling to subside. But a pair of dark glasses on the school run should suffice for my needs and life is typically back to normal by week two.

Seeing the computer images of the exact result that Nick will achieve based upon the specification and tissue within my nose has been such a rare and worthwhile experience as I can see the difference that it makes, and although it may not seem like much, to me it is both reassuring and fascinating because I know that it’s right for me. This has excelled my expectations and has ticked all of the boxes I require, leaving me still looking like me, but softening what is a very prominent and manly feature to my face. I have always felt that my nose is quite beak like and it’s hard to imagine it ever being any other way because it’s all I’ve known. To see the before and after photo has taken away the fear of the unknown from my surgery and given me the reassurance that it will have a positive effect on my appearance. I’m not expecting surgery to make me look perfect or fix the dislikes that I have about my body, but instead it can make subtle changes to my features that have a dramatic effect on my self confidence and appearance. In looking at the after picture I don’t feel that it’s obvious my nose has been altered unless you’ve seen my nose as it is now to be able to compare it.

I’m incredibly pleased with my rhinoplasty consultation at Beyond Beauty Cosmetic and it has really opened my eyes as to the quality of care provided by a leading UK trained plastic surgeon and expert establishment. There’s no better way to share your visions and expectations before having surgery than to have a photograph of your actual results beforehand. As with all treatments and procedures you should take time and care in considering what is right for you, and be sure that you can live with the outcome as especially with rhinoplasty, corrective surgeries may not be possible if the initial surgery was performed incorrectly. Always seek a reputable surgeon and practise, and never be lured in by cheap deals and rushed appointments, the average cost of rhinoplasty in the UK is £6,000.00. Your appearance is clearly important enough to consider changing it in the first place, so take the due care and attention to assess the person who is looking to change it for you and ask to see their previous patients before and after photos. I have been to Beyond Beauty Cosmetic to have Mr Nick Percival perform my cosmetic botox and fillers already and I have every assurance and faith in his work that he is the right person to perform my rhinoplasty.
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