Bombay Hair 20″ Dirty Blonde Human Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair I’m pretty lazy, as I once had naturally thick glossy dark blonde hair as a child but now I have a rather fine and fly-away mane that loves to break and frizz at the slightest contact with heat, so in a bid to restore its glory I ditched my electrical’s and let my hair dry naturally after each wash before tying it up to keep it out of the way for exercise and the kids. I guess with age, bleaching and heat trauma my hair has been damaged, and following two pregnancies it literally fell out by the handful. A luscious head of hair can really change your appearance and turn you from Cinderella to the belle of the ball in the click of a clip-in, which is why I adore the quality and convenience of Bombay Hair’s extensions.

Bombay Hair 20" Dirty Blonde Human Hair Extensions

Bombay Hair 20″ Dirty Blonde Human Hair Extensions

The hair comes sectioned, tied and rolled up in a net which is easy to store and prevents tangling or damage when not in use. Bombay Hair are world renowned for the incredible quality of their 100% Indian Remy human hair clip-in extensions, with VIRGIN tape-in extensions and professional hair styling tools also available within their online range. The hair extensions are simply perfect, impossibly soft, glossy, thick and strong whilst being far healthier than my own head of hair, as my split ends literally terrorise me as I try to grow my hair.

The luxurious presentation box contains ten individual pieces of hair extensions in total which include 1 x 8″ weft, 1 x 7″ weft, 2 x 6″ wefts, 2 x 4″ wefts and 4 x 1″. Wefts are varying lengths of hair sewn to a strip of fabric and fastened to your own hair with clips that are quick and easy to put in. The hair is 220grams in weight making the extensions an exceptional quality that can be styled and treated just as you would your own hair. Brushing them with a soft bristle brush before and after each use helps to keep them tangle free, and applying a heat spray when curling or straightening protects against damage.

Here I have the 20 inch length of extensions which are a few inches longer than my natural hair but give me so much more volume and thickness. I’ve seen some rather horrendous hair extensions disasters in my time, with exposed weaves, uneven tips, badly positioned clip-in’s and ratty cheap looking synthetic hair that stands out a mile against your natural locks. I like hair extensions to look natural, elegant and flawless so that people believe it’s your own hair and never feel the need to question if it’s fake or not. And whilst I enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle, for special occasions and events it’s nice to make that little extra effort and give your hair the va va voom to turn heads. These hair extensions can be worn daily if you require and can be washed after 15-20 wears with a gentle shampoo and lots of conditioner, making sure you lay them flat to dry before putting them away.

To fit the extensions I run my fingers from the top of my ears to the back of my head to lift up the top section on my hair and fasten it with a clip to keep it up and out of the way. I take the widest weft with four clips and position it along my hairline, clicking it into place as you would a regular hair clip. Then I let down the top of my hair, put my fingers an inch above the top of my ears and lift up the top section of my hair again, clipping it out of the way. I take the next widest weft and clip it along the hair line in the same way, sectioning my hair and using smaller widths the closer I get to the top of my head. Finally I use the single clip wefts to place hair above my ears and to the side of my fringe to ensure the front of my hair matches the same thickness and length as the back and sides.

It’s up to you how much hair you use, as by no means do you have to wear it all at once, it all depends on the look that you want to achieve and the condition and thickness of your natural hair. In spacing the wefts an inch apart in height it creates a natural blend of hair and length without a blunt line or visible difference in colour, and you should never place extensions too close to the centre parting of the hair or you risk exposing the clips. Hair extensions don’t only have to be worn straight or curly, as they look great as a ponytail, plaits or braided to add thickness and volume to your existing hair. They take all of two seconds to unclip when you’re done, and cause no irritation, damage or discomfort to my natural hair. Priced at £118 from Bombay Hair they’re a must have for every girls beauty box and make you look and feel a million dollars.
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