Boxers And Briefs Girls Calvin Klein Bralette Set

As my daughter approaches nine years old she’s certainly developing at a faster pace than I did as a child and with it being the start of a new school year it’s a good time to introduce her to her first bra. Whilst she doesn’t require an underwired bra yet she certainly needs to be covered, especially when getting changed infront of her peers for P.E for which bralettes are ideal.

Boxers And Briefs Girls Calvin Klein Bralette Set

Boxers And Briefs Girls Calvin Klein Bralette Set

Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane these bralettes have a gentle stretch, are breathable, incredibly comfortable and provide a generous coverage of the chest – moreso than a traditional bra. As a mother I feel that there’s a fine line when it comes to shopping for acceptable lingerie for children as I’m conscious to avoid anything too adult too soon. Ideally bralettes are much like crop tops in design and can be worn beneath her school shirt and cardigan in white without standing out.

Featuring an elasticated band with the iconic Calvin Klein logo stitched in black and grey these bralettes are beautifully well made, of the highest quality cotton and have plenty of room for growth spurts without being baggy or cumbersome. As they’re also incredibly fashionable amongst celebrities my daughter loves to wear them and doesn’t feel embarrassed at all; another great find at Boxers And Briefs that makes bridging the gap between childhood and adolescence more easy and affordable.
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