BoyzToys Phoenix Fitness Medicine Ball

I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to medicine balls as despite having a love of fitness for a few years now since having my children I only discovered the benefits of using weighted balls whilst having a session with my personal trainer. I’ve used kettle bells, dumbbells and barbells a plenty but this BoyzToys medicine ball really takes my ab workout to the next level!

BoyzToys Phoenix Fitness Medicine Ball

BoyzToys Phoenix Fitness Medicine Ball

Here I am using a 3kg Phoenix Fitness medicine ball which features an easy-grip bright orange rubbery shell and is surprisingly small, compact and heavy. The aim of using a weighted ball during a workout is to strengthen the core muscles which is ideal for me post-pregnancy and anybody looking to tighten, tone and bring definition to the stomach area at any age from home or in the gym.

A real quick and easy abs routine is to perform a seated trunk rotation; whilst holding the ball I lean back and rotate my shoulders from left to right to take the weight to a few inches above the floor on either side of me whilst keeping my feet off of the ground so that my entire body is trembling,¬†muscles engaged and burning to hold me up. It literally takes 5mins at the start of my day and leaves me feeling rock hard and super coordinated after. You can keep your feet on the floor if you’re just starting out and need a little extra balance or why not try using the BoyzToys medicine ball to do a squat press-push, figure of 8, circle squat, half kneeling lift, tricep extension, lunge with a twist or medicine ball plank!
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