BoyzToys Phoenix Fitness Push Up Bars

My arms are by far the most weakest part of my body and resemble dainty sparrow legs for the majority of the year with only bicep curls and tricep dips making a small difference to their definition yet I always struggle to gain muscle mass. With my ample bosom I find it difficult to do push ups which is why I’m delighted to have found these bars on BoyzToys!

BoyzToys Phoenix Fitness Push Up Bars

BoyzToys Phoenix Fitness Push Up Bars

This set of two push up bars make working the upper body and arms far easier than the traditional hand to floor method. In gripping the bars slightly wider than my shoulders I am able to support my weight on the balls of my feet, engage my abdominals and lower my chest towards the floor under control. At this slightly elevated angle it gives me the clearance I require to reach my fitness goal without my bust getting in the way and I find it far more comfortable to grip the sponge handles rather than laying my palms flat on the floor.

The grips are smooth hollow tubes that are lightweight, stable and easy to pack away, with their rubber stoppers making them non-slip and ideal for every floor type as they won’t dent or mark hard floors. Push ups help to develop the muscles of the chest, arms and shoulders, an exercise perfect for tightening and toning bingo wings whilst making carrying copious amounts of shopping bags and sleepy children¬†a complete doddle!
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