Bye Bra Instant Adhesive Breast Lifts

I had my breasts enlarged to a 30FF in the summer of 2013, and as much as I love my new womanly shape and plentiful chest size, I find it very difficult to dress. When I wear strapless bras the sheer weight of my chest causes the wired sides to dig into and cut the skin on my ribs and under my arms. I have to sadly avoid beautiful cut away dresses that show bra straps or the side of the cups, and can never go backless because I can’t survive the weight of an evening without wearing a bra. And with breasts as big as mine, if I did grin and bare the weight, my nipples would make a bid for freedom through my top and be blindingly obvious. Cue the Bye Bra for every wardrobe need!

Bye Bra Instant Adhesive Breast Lifts

Bye Bra Instant Adhesive Breast Lifts

The Bye Bra is an amazing concept that every girl can benefit from, it’s effectively an invisible, secure and uplifting adhesive plaster that keeps you covered and in place giving you amazing shape, support and nipple coverage so that you can wear anything your heart desires whilst defying gravity and avoiding embarrassing and unsightly bra straps or cups sticking out. Where has this been all of my life? As you can see from my pictures, attaching the Bye Bra couldn’t be easier. You start by cleaning your skin to remove any sweat or product so that the adhesive plaster can attach properly and not slip. The plaster has two peelable areas, the bottom and top, for which you attach the bottom area around the top of your nipple and smooth into place. You then peel off the top area, lift your breast up to where you’d like it to be held, and then attach it to your chest in the same way, smoothing it into place. To finish you attach a nipple shield which is a soft cotton circle with an adhesive outer edge that will stop your nipples from being visible through your clothes. The plaster bra is transparent so it doesn’t notice, it is flexible and moves with your skin and body and doesn’t pull at all. Much like wearing a normal bra, the Bye Bra keeps your assets exactly where they should be, and as you can position it however you choose, you can literally give yourself a free breast lift.

As my silicone implants are only several months old, I always wear a bra to avoid them from dropping and losing height and letting gravity get its pesky hands on them! The Bye Bra for me is essential to keep them secure and support the weight of my chest so that I can wear strapless, backless, plunging and halter style dresses and off the shoulder tops without the hassle of my large boulder-holder lingerie being on show, or unhooking one strap and my bra slipping down and not supporting me properly. The Bye Bra comes in three different sizes, A-C cup, D-F cup and F+ as my breasts are a 30FF I had the largest F+ size. The adhesive plaster is made from the same medical tape that is used in hospitals, so it is completely safe for all skin types and can be worn for up to eight hours, but you must remember to remove it when you go to sleep.

The Bye Bra comes with three disposable pairs of adhesive lifts and nipple covers and boasts that it can correct uneven cup-sizes, raise nipples by several centimetres, provide firmness to wobbly breasts whilst still having movement, and give you the confidence and ability to wear a show-stopping jaw-dropping outfit that you would have otherwise banished to the depths of your wardrobe. Every girl deserves to feel confident about her body, to look a million dollars and dance the night away in style; and thanks to the Bye Bra you can do it all and then some! This has well and truly blown open the doors to my wardrobe and made so many amazing clothes more attainable and desirable for me. From one fashion loving female to another, say bye to your bras girls and grab yourself some secret support!

For more information or to purchase a Bye Bra you can visit their website here!

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