Cheeky Baldrick Union Jack Sneaker Socks

I have a bit of an ongoing joke with my family, where my parents would always tell me to take off my shoes at the door as a child and not walk on the carpet incase I got it dirty and I would just roll my eyes and kick off my shoes in the hall. Now that I’m a mother to my two nippers I literally twitch if they attempt to step off of the door mat with their shoes still on, let alone put their feet all over the furniture. So when I spotted these cool sneaker socks from Cheeky Baldrick I couldn’t resist testing my parents reaction to causing shoegate in their lounge.

Cheeky Baldrick Union Jack Sneaker Socks

Cheeky Baldrick Union Jack Sneaker Socks

These hilarious sneaker socks are realistically printed on both sides with a sole, lace detail and built in socks that really make you do a double take because they look so real. The Union Jack design is pretty fashion forward and patriotic and would probably allow you a few trolley dashes at least around Tesco’s before anybody realises you’re in public without shoes. When I leapt onto the lounge pouffe in my sneaker socks my mothers words were “What on earth do you think you’re doing with those on in here!?” and I chuckled for a good ten minutes before going back to being a sensible and boring parent again.

Priced at an unbelieveable £4.99 from Cheeky Baldrick, these Union Jack sneaker socks make the ideal secret Santa, gift or joke for friends and family.
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