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I had my teeth whitened professionally a year ago at the cost of £125.00 by a mobile beauty therapist, and even though I don’t smoke I’ve now noticed after twelve months of eating curries, drinking red wine and generally consuming staining foods that my teeth are not as white as I would like them. So I wanted to look into an at home whitening system that didn’t involve gum shields, syringes, UV lights and hassle.

Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects

Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects

Crest Whitestrips can be ordered online in various sized boxes depending on how many treatments you would like. You can purchase a seven day course for under £70.00 from Crest or shop around on auction sites and pick them up at half the price, but remember to check customer feedback to ensure they’re genuine.

So as I feel that my teeth have discoloured from not having them whitened for so long, I’ve decided to try Crest to freshen them up and lift them a few shades ready for summer. Each foil pouch contains one upper and one lower strip of teeth whitening which you peel away from the plastic and stick directly onto your teeth. First I brushed my teeth and had a glass of water to ensure they were clean. I waited ten minutes after brushing before applying the disposable whitestrips to allow the toothpaste to have properly washed away.

The shorter strip goes across the middle of your bottom teeth and you fold it over to the back, and the longer strip goes across your upper teeth and again you fold it under to the back. This specific type of strip is left on for thirty minutes, in which time you can carry on with your day and close your mouth if you wish.

I found my mouth filled quite quickly with saliva so I tend to keep my lips open whilst wearing the strip, and I swallow to the back of my mouth instead to avoid too much saliva building up and lifting off the strips. Throughout the thirty minutes of using the strip my teeth began to feel sensitive which was the same sensation as when I had my teeth whitened professionally with gel and a UV light so I wasn’t concerned. Previously I’d had to use sensitive toothpaste after having my teeth whitened and I’ve always continued to do so, so sensitivity isn’t an issue for me.

My Teeth Before, During And After Whitening With Crest Whitestrips

My Teeth Before, During And After Whitening With Crest Whitestrips

After half an hour I peeled the strips off of my teeth, put them into the bin and rinsed my mouth with water. They are now beautifully white, visibly lighter than before and they don’t feel sensitive at all. As my teeth are now a whiteness that I am happy with I have no need to use the strips again tomorrow, but the care sheet advises you can do it everyday for seven days to achieve the whiteness that you like and then use the strips less frequently or as a quick top-up to brighten them when necessary. They’re so simple to use, affordable and something anyone can do from home.

You can visit Crest’s website here!

UPDATE: 10/10/13 Discount Code

Crest have a fabulous offer on their whitestrips at the moment, if you enter the COUPON CODE EMC1013 at the checkout you will SAVE 15% on your purchase! An even better reason to smile and show off those beautiful white teeth!

My Blog Is Featured On Crest's Website

My Blog Is Featured On Crest’s Website

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