Ebay Ab Wheel Total Body Exerciser

Being the fitness bunny that I am, I’m always on the lookout for fun and exciting new ways to workout and achieve the body of my dreams. So when one of my readers recommended I try out an ab wheel that he already uses my competitive streak got the better of me and I just had to give it a go. I love sharing tools and tips that make my life more convenient and healthy, as I hope that they too will benefit you if you choose to try them. Likewise I enjoy hearing your recommendations and I’m always up for a challenge for which eBay never fails to deliver on great prices and variety.

Ebay Ab Wheel Total Body Exerciser

Ebay Ab Wheel Total Body Exerciser

The ab wheel is lightweight and portable, folding flat by removing the hand bar so that it can pop into a gym bag and accompany you on holiday as well as at home. There are two wheels that roll together to provide a stable surface with a generous sponge handle grip for extra comfort. This set also comes with a knee matt to stop you from slipping, and as you roll it back and forth it slims, trims and tones your abdominal, waist, arms, back and shoulder muscles in just a few minutes each day.

The further you are able to roll the wheel away from you, the harder you have to work to bring it back. Boy oh boy does it burn! Every muscle in my arms and stomach feel tight, hard and on fire right now as you have to really focus on balance and control to smoothly roll the wheel back and forth and it certainly works up a sweat. It looks far easier than it is, but it’s proving such a valuable and effective workout that certainly knocks the socks off of the humble sit-up.

So far I can manage a slow and steady five repetitions before I have to flop onto the floor and beg my core for forgiveness, and each day I shall look to gradually increase my ability. For a minuscule £4.00 Buy It Now from eBay this is a piece of home gym equipment that you really can’t go wrong with. High five to those amazing abs!

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