Fervour & Allura Multicoloured Druzy Stone Necklace

Druzy can be made from any kind of mineral found in a plate like form, typically taking millions of years to grow and creating the most incredible glittering effect of tiny crystals for fabulous and durable pieces of jewellery. Druzy is not as expensive as faceted gemstones, however it sparkles and glistens the most stunning colours and can be cut into all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Fervour & Allura Multicoloured Druzy Stone Necklace

Fervour & Allura Multicoloured Druzy Stone Necklace

Here I am wearing the multicoloured druzy stone pendant necklace from Fervour & Allura which is hung on a delicate black waxed cord and adjustable in length. Each druzy piece is entirely unique making it one of a kind, and so the shapes and colours vary widely. I love the rough earthen feel of the pendant, with polished silver and gold tones that twist, turn and crack into the surface. The stunning druzy set inside the rock glistens the most incredible rainbow of rich gold, vibrant purple, hot pinks and sapphire blues with every angle of light. Here I have the necklace loosened down to the cleavage, however you can shorten it up to a choker if you wish.

The druzy pendant is incredibly eye-catching and mesmerising to look at, held perfectly in place by the twisted wire cage, marrying together the beauty of nature and man. For an irresistible £14.00 this is the ultimate statement piece to turn heads for every occasion.

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