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I have many a fond childhood memory of watching The Guinness World Records on television, seeing people doing crazy, fascinating and amazing things in order to claim the world title as the best at what they do. And with todays modern technology it’s not surprising that people want to air and show their talent and earn praise from their loved ones, friends, colleagues and the wider world. Which is where FightMe excels as the new home of the worlds best 30-second challenges!

FightMe Challenge App

FightMe Challenge App

The free FightMe app allows everybody to create and share 30 second video clips of their sickest skateboarding tricks, impromptu flash of guitar inspiration, smoothest dance moves, or simply singing into a hairbrush, whatever takes your fancy. And the beauty of it all, if you can think of it then you can do it, and if you do it you can share it. FightMe is a fresh new way to create content via collaboration where you can nominate your friends to join in on challenges and compete with other like minded people worldwide.

It’s jam packed with so much amazing and awe inspiring content, from freestyling frontmen to fearless freerunners, soulful singers, blistering beatboxers and break dancing b-boys, who all showcase their skills and inspire you to learn and try new challenges daily. There are plenty of profiles to keep you perusing, including famous freerunner Tim Shieff who has literally left me ooh’ing and ahh’ing for hours. There’s also a great feature allowing you to challenge your friends to try their version of a challenge you’ve done, and you can gain and give ‘applauds’ if you like what you see. The more views and applauds you get the higher your video rises up the ranks, with top content picks and featured lists going out to thousands of users each week.

When I went indoor skydiving I took the opportunity to create a FightMe profile @tracykissdotcom, which I was able to sign up for in under a minute and quickly set my first challenge titled: ‘I Challenge You To Fly! Jump out of a plane or into a fan and give me a thumbs up!’ And within minutes I’d already received 12 applauds for the 30 second clip of me flying in a wind tunnel with a cheesy grin on my face and my two very enthusiastic thumbs up in the air. I love the adventure and challenges from FightMe users and I’m inspired and fascinated by the incredible talent so many people have. Some I’d never imagine possible and others that I think to myself ‘I could totally do that!’ And no doubt I will!

So as my challenging journey begins I too challenge you to download the free FightMe app and showcase your talents for the rest of the world to enjoy!
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