Firetrap Rock&Rags Cat Eye Sunglasses

I’m a bit funny with sunglasses as I have a rather large forehead, beaky nose and triangular face which makes me feel unbalanced when I wear glasses. I do however hate squinting in the sun as it gives me crows feet. Oh and sunglasses always give me the irresistible urge to wear bright lipstick or pout for some reason. I always wear a statement winged liquid upper eyeliner so when I spotted these beautiful cat eye sunglasses at Firetrap I couldn’t help but break my neglectful glasses habit and snatch myself a bargain.

Firetrap Rock&Rags Cat Eye Sunglasses

Firetrap Rock&Rags Cat Eye Sunglasses

I love these quirky chunky plastic framed cat eye shades with gradient tinted lenses. They have tapered black legs with contrasting dipped grey detail on the ends and a reinforced bridge to the nose for comfort. Flicking up at the outer corners as I would an eyeliner, they help to balance the width of your face whilst adding a touch of oversized Hollywood glamour thanks to their unique shape and style.

They keep the harsh glare off of my eyes, leaving my face wrinkle free with no need to squint or strain to see in bright sunlight. Priced at an incredible £10.00 from Firetrap I have been truly converted to the dark side, and my next hangover peepers need never betray me again, hoorah!
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