Fuelshaker Fuel For Life

I’m a total fitness bunny and love gadgets that make my diet and lifestyle as clean and convenient as possible. Supplementing a workout with protein shakes to repair muscle is essential, yet it can be a rather tedious business. Juggling powder, liquids, shakers and amounts before timing and transporting it securely on the go to mix before or after your workout is a mission in itself, which is where the Fuelshaker really comes into its own!

Fuelshaker Fuel For Life

Fuelshaker Fuel For Life

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a gym then it’s quite likely you already own a protein shaker, which is pretty cheap and in it’s basic form consists of a cup and some sort of sieve so that you can mix powder and water together by shaking it up, often swallowing goopy lumps of unmixed powder at the bottom of your shake and having to keep your scoop and ingredients stored separately in tubs and bottles until needed. The Fuelshaker is unique in that it has a built in watertight 50g powder pod at the bottom of the bottle with an agitator that you place on top to seal it shut and keep the powder dry until needed. You can then measure out the amount of water you’d like, or even top it up to 600ml and use it as a regular water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day, keeping the powder separate until you’re ready to make your shake.

There’s nothing worse than getting your belongings wet and sticky in your bag when a drink cracks or leaks destroying everything around it, so the leak-proof technology used on the screw lid shaker cup is a practical and priceless feature for me in protecting my electricals. When you’re ready to mix your shake you simply push the button built into the bottom of the cup and the agitator ball pops off of the powder pot, using it’s turbine-shaped edges to cut through the powder in the water and perfectly mix your shake like something out of a James Bond movie whilst destroying every lump. Not only does it save a fair amount of time and effort on the go but it’s great fun to use too!

The 100% BPA free Fuelshaker is suitable for use in the top rack of the dishwasher, as it opens at the top and bottom of the shaker making it super quick to clean. It also has a latchable loop for easy carrying and fits to most cup holders. Priced at a very affordable $15.00 from Fuelshaker, this is one gym gadget you can’t live without!

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