Halogen Creative eBook Graphic Design

After many years of writing, and several thousand requests from my wonderful followers I have taken the plunge to finally begin my first eBook and spill all of my experiences, thoughts and feelings into a project to release unto the world. However writing is no mean feat, and not only do I want to portray a genuine and eye-opening account of my existence through mental and emotional stimulation, albeit delivered through fiction, but I want to do justice to the the visual appeal so that people notice and want to pick it up in the first place. The wisest words in the world may sadly never be heard if nobody knows they are there. Cue Halogen Creative!

Halogen Creative eBook Graphic Design

Halogen Creative eBook Graphic Design

You know the phrase “never judge a book by its cover” well it isn’t just a cliche, it’s of paramount importance to a book, the only part without words and the most influential factor in choosing between the millions of texts online and in store. It has to be eye-catching and unusual to stand out from the crowd, whilst delivering a true representation of the ethos and meaning within. As people we are visually driven to fill our lives with attractive and desirable objects and possessions. And whilst I have every confidence in my ability to put pen to paper, I wouldn’t know the first thing about graphic design, which is why I’ve called in the experts at Halogen Creative to turn my vision into a reality and personify the essence of my first ever eBook. No pressure!

Speaking with the designers I provided a brief of what I was hoping to achieve. My eBook is entitled ‘Traces Of Me’ to portray the no holds barred transition of a meek girl into a strong woman, and the idea that no matter what you go through in life, the things that happen to you, the people you meet, love and lose, for everything you touch you make a difference to that persons life, leaving behind a trace of yourself. A footprint to alter their future be it big or small. My account of life is honest, open and raw and I speak openly about emotion and sexuality. And obviously with my surname being Kiss I’m well accustomed and associated to lips.

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Halogen are a small design agency with outstanding ideas, and the high end services they provide have the zest to make a business stand out from the crowd. They cover all design aspects of marketing and strategic design such as logos, branding, packaging, brochures and even websites to take a project from notepad to net worthy in an instant, and after viewing their impressive portfolio I knew they were the right people to entrust with my very precious first eBook. Never in a million years would I have been able to create such an impacting and thought provoking art, and with strict laws around copyright and publishing I know I’m safer using experts in the field.

Halogen Creative have exceeded my expectations and delivered a product that not only fulfils my brief precisely, but captures the soul of what I am creating, appealing to my target market without having to say a single word so that I am free to fill the pages with my life’s work. A truly remarkable creative that I couldn’t recommend more highly. I look forward to sharing my first eBook with the world shortly.

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