Harper Collins Clara Vulliamy’s Dotty Detective Book Review

My 8yr old daughter Millisent is a keen little reader, book review writer and absolute animal-lover as we’ve had quite the menagerie over the years with our trusty 11yr old pup Mr Joseph-Bones having been at her side since the day she was born. So when she heard of Clara Vulliamy’s latest offering of the Dotty Detective it was a given that she’d get her paws on a copy sooner or later!

Harper Collins Clara Vulliamy's Dotty Detective

Harper Collins Clara Vulliamy’s Dotty Detective

Dorothy Constance Mae Louise, aka Dot is a fabulously fun little girl with her sidekick Top Dog McClusky on the lookout to unravel a mystery which comes in the form of Laura, a meanie from school who is unthinkably hell-bent on sabotaging the school talent show. Packed full of quirky illustrations, photos, doodles, notes and graph paper this charming tale takes you into the mind of the mini-detective herself in a diary-esque style as she aims to foil the plot.

Millie has been captivated by the kookie layout and page-turning conversational storyline, whizzing her way through the book with a smile plastered across her face throughout and it’s wonderful to hear her giggles as she buries her nose between the pages on the garden swing. She says: “Dotty Detective is such a fun book, I really enjoyed reading it and couldn’t put it down because I really wanted to find out what would happen next. I like how it feels like I know Dot already, like she’s my actual friend or something and McClusky is just as good as my dog at sniffing out mysteries; although ours prefers gravy bones! I know children will love this book because I really did! I’d give it a 10/10” 🙂

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