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Today it’s three weeks since my second, and hopefully final, breast reconstruction surgery following the replacement of my eight-year-old PIP implants and thankfully the pain and swelling has now gone down; so much so that I am now ready to be fitted for my new bra size hoorah! So this morning I popped along to Gorgeous Lingerie in Tring to get measured up.

Now I’m not a breast expert by any means, but before my first breast surgery I believed I was a 30/32 A/B cup, which after having my implants put in took me to a 32DD, I then had two pregnancies which saw my chest increase to a 34H and now after my third breast surgery I have no idea what to expect as I lost my natural breast tissue but the implants I have now were slightly larger than before. So would I break even? Would I possibly go down in size? Who knows! Gorgeous Lingerie does!

Gorgeous Lingerie in Tring Measured My New Cup Size

Gorgeous Lingerie in Tring Measured My New Cup Size

The last time I had my breasts measured was eight years ago after my first surgery and I was told I was a 32DD, I’d gone to my local M&S and a lady with a measure had nipped and zipped around my chest and breast and told me my size which I have religiously stuck to ever since. Having worn my normal 32DD bra since my latest surgery my breasts don’t sit right, they bulge over the top of my bra and when I lean forward they try to escape! So it’s safe to say that I know I’m wearing the wrong size and in need of a professional hand.

Walking into the traditional store in Tring I was greeted by twinkling chandeliers and racks of stunning underwear in every single shape, size and colour imaginable. The lovely owner Elle asked me what I was looking for and what I wanted from my underwear. Well doesn’t every girl love a little bit of luxury, something silky, pretty and wearable to take you from boring to bombshell as soon as you step out of your clothes at the end of the day. My new breasts are fairly heavy, round in shape and spaced from my breast bone so I wanted something that would support and hold me whilst keeping them together but not choking me from their size.

Elle started off by measuring around and down my bust with a flexible tape before handing me some lovely bras to try on in the velvet curtained changing room. As I tried on each bra Elle explained how and why the shape and size did or didn’t fit me and what I should expect when I reach my size. The middle of the bra should be as close to the breast bone as possible to make sure the width is correct, the cup should be level to the roundness of the breast and the straps should be correctly adjusted and fastened on the widest setting. And as my breast implants are round and not tear-dropped like natural breasts the way my bust would meet the cup would also be different and effect my size.

A Properly Fitted Bra Will Not Let Your Breasts Escape

A Properly Fitted Bra Will Not Let Your Breasts Escape

Elle also advised that my breasts should never be able to fall out of my bra when I lean forward or bend down, which they have always done in the past as I realise now that I’ve never worn the right size. And for a mother of two doing the housework, school runs, baby tending and working out gives my ladies plenty of opportunity to make a bid for freedom on a daily basis.

I love nude colours for underwear, soft peaches, mocha and cream with black lace because it just goes with everything and looks great with or without a tan; so I settled on two sets of beautiful underwear that I can wear both day and night and feel confident and sexy and most importantly secure thanks to the correct fit. And so the moment of truth, to discover my new bra size! Drum roll please, wait a few moments with baited breath and anticipation… I thought I was a 32DD but in actual fact I’m a 30FF! That’s two inches slighter and two cup sizes larger, well I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried. But now I know my size I can always fit my breasts correctly, and if I put on or lose weight I know that I’ll remain a size above or below what I am now and no more.

My Correctly Fitted New Underwear From Gorgeous Lingerie

My Correctly Fitted New Underwear From Gorgeous Lingerie

And so for the home-test, back in my clothes wearing a summer top and skirt and leaning forward to pick something up, no breast spillage or nipple escape, just beautiful support and a gorgeous shape and fit. And I’m surprised I can run up the stairs without having to hold my chest, I have a lovely natural looking cleavage and the gorgeous lingerie makes me feel amazing!

My Correctly Fitted Bra Won't Ever Abandon My Breasts Again!

My Correctly Fitted Bra Won’t Ever Abandon My Breasts Again!

So ladies, and gentlemen buying on their behalf, if you think you know your bra size from years ago think again! Go and take a trip to the fabulous Gorgeous Lingerie in Tring and have a free personal fitting consultation, it really is the best feeling to have a bra that is properly fitted and I can now rest safe in the knowledge that in ten years time my breasts will not be prematurely loose and down at my ankles simply from wearing the wrong sized bra. Pert and protected is the way forward.

You can visit Gorgeous Lingerie online here!

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