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As it’s been the summer holidays I’ve been looking for ways to entertain the children whilst we’re at home and those tedious times when I have to cook, clean and get on with work. Aside from crafting, painting and jewellery making, I’ve asked the children to think up ideas and scenarios for picture frames around the home, creating their very own work of art straight from the heart, and today they chose an idea for the bathroom.

The Children's Bath Time Inspired Heartwork

The Children’s Bath Time Inspired Heartwork

Millie and Gabriele absolutely love bath time and I find it a struggle to convince them to get out when the water turns cold and their fingers resemble crinkly prunes. They are certainly little merbabies who are always giggling, splishing and swishing around in the bath with their toys and mountains of bubbles. We decided to hang a frame just outside the bathroom door and create a fun and light hearted family bathtime picture to capture the magic of the bath. We started with the children taking a bath and I fetched my camera. As they played I asked them what they loved most about bath time and they said their little family of rubber ducks and getting buried under mountains of bubbles.

As they played I took pictures of them both with the idea of putting them into a roll top bath and filling it with pretty coloured bubbles to brighten up the stairs and landing. I snapped and clicked and flashed for a few minutes before washing tiny toes and hair and cutting nails ready for some treats and crafting. We all gathered around the kitchen table with marshmallows and warm milk, scissors, sellotape and printouts of the pictures that we’d chosen and colourful bubbles of all sizes. It was lovely chatting away, snipping and layering up our picture, moving pieces about and making it up as we went along. Millie has the patience of a saint to have cut out hundreds of tiny bubbles to make the picture sparkle and she said the colours reminded her of marbles.

Millie And Gabriele Love To Create And Craft

Millie And Gabriele Love To Create And Craft

Our beautiful bathroom heartwork is now hanging proudly outside of the bathroom door and it makes me smile every time that I walk up the stairs and see it. Unfortunately it’s quite hard to take a photo of a picture in a glass frame without getting a reflection or glare, and our landing light has a textured effect which throws shadows everywhere, so my photo really doesn’t do it justice at all as it’s so pretty and colourful. This is a very simple and fun activity for all ages that will fill your home with sunshine and smiles.

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