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So Luca’s 30th birthday and Father’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve been racking my brain over what to get him; he is literally the man that has everything and as we’ve been together for almost six years I’ve long since covered the obvious ideas of buying big TV’s together or new furniture and gadgets. So I took to the internet in my frantic search for something special.

The typical search engine ideas came up, a pair of socks, a beer glass, a floating remote-control blimp, and then I saw it; a personalised phone case! I’d never thought of it before, but our little Gabriele has just turned one and Luca loves so many of his pictures, we’ve got every possible shelf space filled with photos around the house so there’s nowhere to add anymore. So I thought if I put his favourite picture of our little boy on a phone case for him he could take him with him everywhere he goes! How clever I feel right now.

I Made Luca A Cool iphone5 Case On Instant Cases Today!

I Made Luca A Cool iphone5 Case On Instant Cases Today!

The site was super easy to use and let me upload my favourite pictures straight from Facebook. I have to confess I am an Instagramaholic and love making picture collages in cute frames, so I added Luca’s favourite one to the case too along with a picture of Gabriele in the bath. And after a few minutes of clicking, dragging, dropping and resizing my order was complete and the day had been saved! Super easy and super fun.

I went for the scratch and drop protection clip on gloss white case to match Luca’s iphone 5 which is also in white, and together with the free delivery it only came to £12.49. Considering a nice fancy birthday card in a box doesn’t leave you much change of £10.00 from the card shop, I think I did some pretty clever shopping for something I know he will love and use everyday because it’s so personal.

And after completing my order at the checkout I was presented with a discount code tracykiss10 to get 10% off my next order which my friends, family and lovely readers can also use until the end of June!

Ideal Cases Also Have A Free App

Ideal Cases Also Have A Free App

There’s even a free ‘IdealCases’ app which I found in the app store and it’s just as straight forward and fabulous as the site; it’s such a great idea to personalise phone cases and I know my mum will love the one I’m just designing now for her birthday present whilst I cook dinner. I’m tempted to create a whole batch of phone cases from my iphone with my discount code and use them for Christmas presents later on this year! 😉 What a life saver!

Luca's Fantastic New Phone Case Arrived Today And Gabriele Gave It His Approval!

Luca’s Fantastic New Phone Case Arrived Today And Gabriele Gave It His Approval!

You can visit Ideal Case’s website here!

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