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Thanks to social media, the internet has not only become a great way to review and research products and services, but it’s also a great way to earn rewards and cash in on promotions and offers from businesses. What could be easier than browsing on your brunch break?

Instant Rewards App

Instant Rewards App

Instant Rewards is an app designed to help you to earn cash, prizes, gift cards and more instantly with, you’ve guessed it, instant rewards. You can start earning immediately by watching app trailers, liking a page on Facebook, and taking surveys. High paying offers allow you to earn over £6.00 a day, which soon adds up, with a month of browsing padding out your pocket by an extra £180 which you can spend on whatever you like.

There are just a few simple steps to follow to get started, firstly you need to download the free app and register. Next you can choose between watching a video, completing a survey or downloading an app, and from this you instantly earn credits which you can redeem as cash or gift cards.

Instant rewards is a loyalty program, where instead of advertisers paying millions a year to try to get your attention, you give them your attention to start with and so they pay you. Effectively you are allowing them to market their product to you directly, and the more offers videos and surveys you complete the more you earn. The app pays directly to your PayPal Account or by Amazon Gift Card and will never ask for any personal information like bank accounts, credit cards, age, location, sex or date of birth, and all data collected is securely stored and encrypted. So what do you have to lose? Browse around and get paid to shop, bliss!

You can download the free Instant Rewards app on itunes here!

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