Itsu Vegan Dining; Grains, Miso & Khobez

Itsu is an entirely new concept to me as I’ve never experienced the restaurant before but found myself drawn in by the funky fresh signage and greenery whilst in London so I thought I’d pop in for a spot of dinner. Their ethos is to be light, green and good for you and they certainly achieve that with their 64 dish menu packed full of fresh food high in nutrients and low in calories and saturated fat. They proudly display protein packed low carb salads, fields of crunchy vegetables, delicious hot chicken noodle soups, brown rice potsus, freshly made sushi and sashimi as well as frozen yoghurt and beauty smoothies too and I was drooling the second that I stepped in the door.

Itsu Vegan Dining; Grains, Miso & Khobez

Itsu Vegan Dining; Grains, Miso & Khobez

Itsu is set out with a chiller cabinet, drinks and healthy snacks area at the entrance opening onto a large seating area and serving counter with illuminated menus. But it’s not just vegans who can enjoy the fresh food as there are plenty of meat options and alternatives to accommodate special dietary requirements. I selected my meal from the menu boards at the serving counter along with a bottle of chilled spring water from the chillers. I asked which dishes are vegan and a polite and cheerful member of staff presented me with a menu that showed me everything I could have and I was most impressed as typical vegan food in restaurants is the pre-packed vegetarian option minus the topping but these were entire dishes made fresh daily.

I selected two hot pots and a bread for my meal which included the Green, Grains & Glory, Miso Soup and Stone Baked Khobez Bread. The Green, Grains & Glory pot features a burger made up of roast vegetables, toasted peanuts and Thai seasoning with a sesame crust on top of a bed of baby spinach, green leek, petit pois, muki beans, brown and red rice and a deliciously spiced Thai sauce. The vegetarian option includes a runny poached egg and it’s incredibly colourful and fragrant. The crunchy crumbling burger teamed with the tender rice, plump greens and sensationally spiced sauce was a party for my tastebuds and surprisingly filling without making me bloated. I followed this with my Miso Soup which was another first for me and included wakame, shaved green leek and silken tofu in a vegetable broth. I had mine without the tofu as I’m not a great fan of it and the soup was delicious, light and vibrant with juicy rich greens and I dunked my stone baked khobez bread for a nice little kick of carbs.

My evening meal left me with a pocketful of change from a £20.00 note, my thirst and appetite quenched and my skinny jeans with not so much as a bulge. I love finding new restaurants that cater to my healthy vegan lifestyle; Itsu is literally food heaven!
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