Jst Jodie OMG Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

One of my biggest struggles with my fitness surprisingly isn’t the physical side of taking exercise but actually having control of my diet as I can happily workout for an hour every day but then I go and stuff myself silly with naughty food and undo all of my hard work. When leading a healthy lifestyle and cutting back on bad foods it causes me to have such massive cravings for sweet treats which is why Jst Jodie’s new OMG chocolate chip protein bars are right up my street.

Jst Jodie OMG Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

Jst Jodie OMG Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

When fuelling my body and helping my muscles to repair after a workout protein is essential and I often use protein shakes to keep me on top form. I guess the satisfaction of a drink doesn’t always measure up to the taste of a treat but that’s where protein bars come in as you simply switch a shake for a nibble instead. Each 30g bar is packed with a whopping 7.4g of protein, just 0.6g of fat and a tiny 106kcal making it the perfect pre or post workout snack for all.

The bars are deliciously chewy and smooth with the succulence and density of squishy oats to really quench cravings and stop me from wanting to reach for the junk cupboard after dinner. With chocolate chips scattered throughout, the bar very much puts me in mind of vanilla ice cream, light and savoury sweet with a naughty feel to it despite the fact that I know it’s wonderfully good for me. Containing whey protein makes it suitable for vegetarians and I think 99.9% of gym bunnies will have these hopping off of the shelf in no time! High five for Jst Jodie for yet another sensational fitness food!

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