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When it comes to nutrition it can be difficult at the best of times to eat a healthy, balanced and varied diet and being vegan I find it particularly hard to get the nutrients I require with the absence of meat and dairy. Rather than feeling tired, sick or lacking in energy each day I choose to use supplements to keep my body functioning at its best which Just Vitamins are fast becoming a market leader.

Just Vitamins Premium Health Supplements

Just Vitamins Premium Health Supplements

After speaking with a friendly member of staff about my dietary requirements and level of fitness I was advised about the products I could use to best suit my needs which are Vitamin B12, Iron as Citrate and Vegetarian Flaxseed Oil. With more than 100 premium health supplements to choose from it can be overwhelming knowing where to start with nutrition which is why expert advice is literally worth its weight in gold as you have instant peace of mind that you’re getting a tailored package to suit your individual needs rather than being excessive, wasteful, entirely inappropriate or loaded with preservatives as most supermarket alternatives can be.

My supplements arrived promptly through my letterbox whilst I was out thanks to its ergonomical packaging and same day dispatch with free delivery. This is my first order and I chose the Vegetarian Flaxseed Oil Capsules because they are vegan friendly, gelatine free and a rich source of fatty acids which are essential to a healthy diet with high Alpha Linolenic Acid and Omega 3; basically an alternative to fish oils which help clear up my complexion and strengthen my naturally brittle nails. I’m also growing out my bleached and dyed blonde hair to go back to my natural colour and it’s made my roots so thick and glossy. I have Iron As Citrate due to my vegan diet because I don’t eat red meat, I always become weak and dizzy around my period and shockingly like 89% of young women I have an iron deficiency which leaves my bones feeling constantly heavy and tired. The taste-free tablets are easy to swallow and are suitable for both men and women of all ages as an essential mineral in the blood.

Finally I have Vitamin B12 which is vitally lacking from my vegan diet and contributes to the production of red blood cells, converting food to energy, benefitting the nervous system and boosting the immune system all in one. I used to go through phases of feeling drained and sleepy getting coughs, colds and sneezes that lasted for weeks on end and really wore me down because my body was running on empty but B12 has made such a massive difference to my energy and prevented me from catching colds even when my children are both bed ridden with it. The supplements are all in resealable pouches with doses and directions on each package for ease and I swallow a tablet or capsule with water at meal times and have everything that I need to keep me feeling, functioning and looking great. These are my three go-to supplements for anyone on or considering a vegetarian/vegan diet and despite how healthy you are or how well you eat if you find yourself running low on energy or always getting ill then I’d highly recommend you look into supplementing your diet too.

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