Log It Or Lose It Personalised Gym & Nutrition Log

When it comes to working out I use the gym as my alone time, my bubble of serenity where I can forget about my worries and work up a sweat. So it’s not surprising that I leave my phone in my gym bag so that I can concentrate on some quality me-time, and although there are plenty of apps, timers and calculators to help you with your workouts sometimes the traditional approach is the best which is why I adore my new Log It Or Lose It diaries.

Log It Or Lose It Personalised Gym & Nutrition Log

Log It Or Lose It Personalised Gym & Nutrition Log

No more lack of wifi, battery running low or social media to distract me during sets as here I have everything I need to see me through my session by logging my progress and results. These handy diaries can also be personalised to suit a gym, personal trainer or as a gift and motivation for yourself and loved ones. I think it’s a great idea to personalise a family set for a special occasion such as leading up to a wedding or holiday and they’d even be great for a slimming group to boost morale and have a healthy support network as you can log food and calories too. Once I qualify as a personal trainer I’ll be proudly providing these to my clients with my logo on them.

Here I have three workout logs which are an A6 Gym Diary, A6 Gym & Nutrition Log and A5 XL Gym Diary. The A6 diaries are the same size as a postcard and the larger A5 diary is half the size of a piece of paper which make them super compact and handy to pop into a gym bag or keep in your desk drawer. The sturdy ring binder diaries have a durable plastic cover and contain workouts with dates, exercises, weights, reps, cardio, time and a notes section. There’s a section for logging your measurements from starting weight, body fat, neck, chest, upper arms, forearms, waist, thighs, calves and goals as well as your contact information should you misplace it and a progress log at the end. The nutrition log allows you to chart your meals, calories, carbs, fat and protein to ensure that you’re always on top of your diet; they’re a great way to chart progress, to highlight any weaknesses, eliminate unnecessary calories and bring attention to areas that need improvement. If you work with a personal trainer then it’s the ideal snapshot of your health and fitness, a body C.V if you will and the motivational quotes at the bottom of each page are just what I need when I wake up at 6am for my morning workout; quitters never win and winners never quit!

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  • I know you’ve had your work out already. I hope it was really hard and made you work up a good sweat. These books that you write in must be your moment where you can see exactly all your accomplishments and your goals. There like a reality check. Anyway I just wanted to say may your worries be few and your pleasures be many. Hope your having a good day. Sincerely Frank. It’s funny writing sincerely Frank. It just took me back to a time when everybody didn’t have telephones and if you wanted to communicate with them you had to sit down and write them a letter. And at the end I always wanted to save my most precious thought for the PS. And signed it sincerely or with all my love. Times sure have changed. Back then if I wanted a date I would have had to ask the girls father. I don’t miss that but it sure made you want to be on your very best behavior and return her safely home to her loved ones. And whenever her father looked at you you knew you weren’t fooling him at all. So you tried your best to show him just how much you loved his precious daughter. Sorry I’m going on and on again. I hope you have the best day ever all the way over there in London. Bye

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